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Chapter Thirty Nine



(The Death in the Devil’s Star Pt 2)

Everyone was up at six am; they had all had a full English breakfast with coffee before getting their back packs ready.Adam had decided that he wanted to start at first light. Dawn and Corplan had slipped back into camp un-noticed an hour previous. Before anyone had woke, and had already planned to meet that night even though they were both tired. All the teenagers felt drained this morning and waking an hour earlier than usual showed it upon their white washed faces.

‘Sorry guys, but we really have to finish this today so we can continue to the edge of Ghostly hill, to see what there is out there. We need to do this while there is plenty of light on our side, as it gets darker so do the Dark Woods.’

‘Why’s that Adam?’

’Good question Joe. We believe that the devil thought it was the creepiest place on Ghostly Hill and he made it darker than the rest so his rituals were more powerful. And it also makes the Dark Woods look more evil. It is believed that near the centre or on the centre they performed many sactrimonial rituals and sacrifices. Many of those that tried to destroy his land and his followers were slaughtered there. We may, or may not see the inverted pentagram. He lets those who he wants to see it see it so let’s go before there isn’t much light left to work with.

They followed Adam, Dawn, and Mr. Norman drearily away from the campsite, over the gravel walkway. Passed the Burial Ground, the Police Station, the Black Magic Church.

They finally reached the Dark Woods a little after nine.

‘Right guys stick together, no wondering off we’ve got to go through the centre of the woods where we’ll hopefully see that inverted pentagram.’

They walked into the Dark Woods. Caitlin’s hand clenched tightly onto Joe’s. Sass’s hand in Mark’s that too tightly in his. Joe and Mark looking at one another. Smiling evilly, slyly. They turned quickly so the girls wouldn’t notice the evil presence upon their faces.

They walked through the centre of the Dark Woods. Connery looked over into the centre of the dark woods where the inverted pentagram lay. On the dead crumbled ground, a glint appeared in his eye. He placed his arm around Killeen. Whispering in her ear. ‘We’re coming back out here tonight. Midnight. You, and me for you know what.’

He kissed her cheek before looking ahead. The inverted pentagram disappearing now it had found its next victim.

They all stopped a little after the centre of the Dark Woods. ‘Right guys we’ll spread across this area till it begins to get dark around four pm. Then we’ll head back to camp.’

The groups spread across the last mile of the Dark Woods. Many shovels crunched as they hit the clay and dirt compound. Many trenches lay three foot down and twelve feet across. Adam had decided to dig down another two feet after accomplishing very little at three feet.

They all stopped for lunch and were uncovering remains and bricked divisions. And finding many unknown remains, others human. Some of them decapitated skulls, ribs, and vertebrae spread across the grounds.

‘Right guys I’m pleased with what we have found, but we best be getting back to camp now before we can’t find our way out of these woods till light.’

All the equipment had been packed away and they began to head back to camp.

‘So Adam did you see that inverted pentagram you were talking about on the way here?’

‘Unfortunately no I didn’t, but like I said it chooses who it wants to see it. Maybe someone did, on maybe no one did we’ll never know.’

They all returned to camp with aching limbs. They all sat round the camp fire in discomfort as they ate their supper and drinking a mug of hot coco before they all returned to their tents for lights out.

Connery and Killeen had met on the stroke of midnight and had ventured down to the Dark Woods un-aware that they weren’t alone. And weren’t the only ones that were down there for pleasure and they would be the only ones that wouldn’t be returning to camp.

`So what did you see Connery?’

‘It’s over here.’

Connery led Killeen into the centre of the Dark Woods where black and red candles were placed round the devils star on every point.

‘Its beautiful, you didn’t have to.’

‘I didn’t.’

‘Come on.’ She said pulling him into the centre of the inverted pentagram.

She pulled him close their black lipsticked lips touching each others kissing hungrily with tongues twisting. She moved away. ‘Take me.’

‘Are you sure?’

‘Yes. Take me to your world.’

He smiled placing his lips back on hers kissing her hungrily.

His black painted nailed fingers gliding down her black blouse unbuttoning it, touching her breasts. Their clothes dropping to the ground he pulled her down her sitting on top of him riding him as they made love their nails ripping each others flesh in this hour of pleasure he kissed down her body sending sensations through her whole body turning her on as he penetrated deeper and faster every touch every kiss making them deeper engaged in one anther orgasming. Arrows flying through the Dark Woods straight through the centre of her back, the next through his.

Many more arrows flew through the Dark Woods simutainasly piercing through the two lovers they sat in the centre of the pentagram still in their upright position blooded, eyes glazed dead. Their flesh ripping away from their bodies before they too were pulled into the devils star. Before it disappeared one last time.

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