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Chapter Four



Everyone had risen, and had a fry up and a mug of coffee for their breakfast to warm up before the busy day that lay ahead of them. They had a hefty breakfast so that they could concentrate on the day ahead and they would only be having sandwiches and

juice for lunch.

Everyone had been split into groups of five with two adults to a group, but two of the groups had three. They all were given a specific area to begin the dig. Metal detectors scoured the waste land, many bleeping frantically. Spades crunched as they hit the ground, hitting the dirt, then the clay beneath, pulling up old pots, pans, and coins.

‘Right we’ll break for lunch.’

Every one placed down their shovels and metal detectors re-grouping with the other sitting down opening their packed lunches.

‘Don’t be dismayed guys.’

‘Things always like this?’

‘For the first few days then that’s when things start to pick up.’

‘So do you find many old bones and remains?’

‘We do.’


‘You’re enthusiastic Joe.’

‘I like the dead they’ve always got a tale to tell.’

‘That’s gross.’

‘But also true. Every skeleton has its own tale and its own date. We can find these out by examining the skeleton and whatever is left of its remains.’


‘Right let’s get back to it.’

They all pulled themselves up and continued to search in their specific areas, as day turned to night they all packed away and headed back to camp and sat round the burning log fire eating their supper.

‘So how did you find your first day?’


‘I can’t wait till we find more than just old pottery.’

‘We will Joe. We’ve got a five mile radius to discover.’

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