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Chapter Fourty One



Everyone had woke excited, despite the disappearance of George,who they were hoping to find down by the cove. Everyone had eaten their hefty breakfast and were just finishing their coco’s.

‘Right guys you’ll all need a torch for today to light the way in the coves. It is very dark and we’re going deep down inside them to see what secrets they have to hide. So are we ready to go?’

The skies darkened, the clouds covered the skies a shittie grey in colour as the rain came down, bouncing off the gravel walkway.

‘Oh well looks like we won’t be going down to the coves today. Hopefully George would’ve found shelter in them.’

They all gowned.

‘Sorry guys, but we could get stuck down there in them, and it could take days to get out of them, so we’ll head down there tomorrow when hopefully the rain will have passed.’

‘Right kids you may go into your friend’s tents till lights out as long as you tell me who you are with so we can bring your lunch and supper to you.’

‘You can come in with me and Cat Mark.’

‘Sure.’ He looked at Sass. ‘What about you Sass fancy it?’

‘If it’s okay with Joe and Cat.’

Mark looked at Joe.

‘It’s okay with me.’ Joe looked at Cat. ‘Cat?’

‘Yeah fine.’


Everyone gave Mr. Norman their names and whose tents they’d be in.

Joe pulled the zip down. ‘Right how’s about a game of strip poker?’

‘Is that wise Joe, what about Norman?’

‘It won’t take long. We’ll be dressed before lunch. So what do you say?’

‘Sure why not.’


Caitlin and Sass looked at one another then back at Joe and mark. ‘Sure.’

‘As long as you don’t cheat.’ Caitlin added.

‘Us cheat, never.’ Joe smiled.

‘I know you Joe.’

‘Cross my heart.’ He said crossing his heart. ‘Deal the cards Mark.’

Mark pulled out a pack of cards, taking the deck out of the box shuffling them before dealing them out.

Joe went first placing his card down, the deck went round till the lowest card was placed down. This happened simultaneously till they were all down to there underwear. That’s when both Caitlin and Sass refused to take anymore off.

‘Come on Cat its part of the game.’

‘No way. He’s not seeing what I’ve got.’

‘Come on Sass.’

’I’m with Cat you’re not seeing what I’ve got either.

‘We’ll bare all wont we Mark?’

‘Only if they will.’

‘What you say girls one last deal to see who looses.’

Caitlin and Sass looked at one another then back at Joe and Mark. ‘Okay.’

‘But only if you bare all too.’


Mark dealt the cards one last time. They continued playing until everyone was naked as Joe had promised. Joe and Mark smiled slyly.

‘So can we have a kiss now?’

‘I guess.’


‘Just one.’

Joe leaned forward placing his lips on Caitlin’s kissing her hungrily. Mark placed his lips on Sass’s, kissing her hungrily.

Sass pulled away. ‘Can I get dressed now its freezing?’

‘Joe are you cold?’

‘No.’ He looked at Caitlin. ‘Are you cold too Cat?’

‘A little.’

‘Shall we let the girls get dressed?’

‘Nagh. I like the view.’

‘Me too.’



They laughed. ’You girls are so easy to wind up. We best be getting dressed before Norman, or Adam comes with lunch.

The four teenagers grabbed their clothes getting dressed.

‘Its Adam guys is it safe?’


The zip went down. Adam peered in. ‘Lunch.’


Adam passed each plate individually to Joe who passed them round then the coffees.

‘Sorry about all of this guys. I was looking forward to showing you all the coves.’

‘I was looking forward to exploring them.’

‘Me too.’

‘Hopefully we’ll get that chance tomorrow.’

‘Hope so.’

‘I’ll bring your suppers about six okay.’

‘Sure Adam.’

‘Enjoy your afternoon.’

‘We will thanks.’

Adam pulled the zip down.

‘That was close.’

‘Too close.’

‘Come on Cat live a little.’

‘She’s right Joe. If we were caught then it would be straight back home.’

‘We won’t. So who’s up for another round after lunch?’

‘I don’t know Joe.’

‘Me neither.’

’Come on girls. Just one more game before supper.

Caitlin and Sass sighed knowing they’d been defeated. ‘One more game and that’s all Joe.’

He smiled evilly.

They all sat silently eating their lunch and drinking their coffees. Before playing another round of strip poker.

After supper Mark and Sass left Joe and Caitlin alone. Joe moved closer to Caitlin. ‘What’s wrong Cat?’

‘Don’t you ever make me do anything like that again!’

‘Why not?’

‘It’s embarrassing, not only for me, but for Sass too.’

‘How do you think me and Mark felt?’


‘I thought it was fun.’

Caitlin looked at Joe un-impressed, angered by his thoughtlessness. She opened her mouth to speak he placed his lips on hers to silence her kissing her hungrily, lowering her to the groundsheet kissing hungrily with tongues.

‘I’m sorry Sass. It must’ve been a little uncomfortable for you, being you know.’

‘A little, but no more than Cat.’

‘I’m sorry. It was Joe’s idea, I just went along with it.’

‘I know.’

She leaned forward placing her lips on his kissing him. He pulled her close kissing her hungrily.

Mark moved away. ‘I’ll see you in the morning.’

‘Yeah night Mark.’

Sass slipped into her tent zipping down as Mark walked away returning to his tent.

Corplan and Dawn lay on the ground sheet of his tent kissing hungrily as he got deeper having sex with her. She’d slipped in only an hour before after Spanner had left for lights out and returned to his tent. Everyone was sleeping and were assumed to be in there own tents.

Their naked bodies on show as he got deeper changing their positions several times penetrating deeper and faster , his hands on her breasts, their tongues twisting as they swapped once more at peck her body numb as he too climaxed.

Corplan pulled away lying next to her. ‘We’ll have to continue this after the dig.’


‘You can return in the hols can’t you?’

‘If you want me to.’

‘I do.’

‘Okay I will.’

He leaned forward placing his lips on hers kissing her hungrily.

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