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Chapter Fourty Two



The remaining of the groups headed down to the devils cove,after brunch. They all followed closely behind Adam with Mr. Norman at the back of the group.

‘Right guys this is the only way down, so watch your step. Follow me down the cliff one by one.’

Adam stepped down the cliff taking each step with caution. The year elevens following behind him one by one taking every step at a time. Mr. Norman the last. Adam helping each of them down on to the sand from the cliff. ‘Right follow me. The cove’s about a hundred yards this way.’

They all followed Adam over the soft uneven sand to the coves.

‘Right guys it may be a little dark in here. I’m hoping that there will be lanterns on the walls to help light the way.’

They all stepped into the cove stepping into an arched walkway.

Lanterns upon the rough uneven walls. Adam sparked his lighter lighting a piece of oval shaped paper it caught fire. He lit the first lantern dropping the burning paper onto the ground putting it out with his trainer. ‘Right guys follow me.’

He lit the following wall lanterns as they walked through the cove.

‘How far down are we going Adam?’

‘Not far. I’m not quite sure how far this cove will take us. We’ll go about a mile in, and then if it continues we’ll return tomorrow.’

They all continued walking through the cove before they reached the mile it came to a dead end.

‘Looks like this is as far as it goes.’

‘So we won’t be returning tomorrow?’

‘Maybe, we’ll have to see how much we get done today.’

‘Right kids we’ll split into two groups half will be with me and the other half with Adam.’ Mr. Norman said before reeling the names of the two groups. ‘Right any questions?’

They all stood silent.

‘Good Adam.’

‘We’ll do the left and your group the right meeting in the centre. That okay with you Mr. Norman?’

‘Yeah fine.’

‘Good let’s get started.’

The two groups split up covering the left and the right of the cove. Spades echoing as they split through the surface of dirt then through the clay compound beneath. Then to the soft soil beneath that.

Everyone took a break for lunch.

‘Well this is going to be much harder than I first thought.’

‘So we’re coming back tomorrow?’

‘Looks that way.’

Joe and Mark smiled evilly knowing exactly what lurked in those coves and knew what was past the wall, and that it would take lives, but how many he did not know.

After lunch everyone began removing the dirt with brushed to reveal human bones.

Kay knelt down spotting a wire hidden in the dusted ground. She took it in her hand Royston turned. ‘No Kay!’


She pulled the wire it clanked everyone stopped what they were doing turning. Hooks shot through her clothes piercing through her flesh. They pulled tighter pulling her flesh away from her body. Blood sprayed across the cove, a blooded skeleton stood staring at those around her wondering what they were staring at. ‘What’s wrong guys?’

‘You’ve got no fucking skin!’

‘Yes I have.’ She looked down her insides on full view tissue and bone was all that was left of her. She screamed. Her body burst.

Everyone screamed as the remaining of her blood sprayed across the room with her guts and body parts.

‘We best get out of here.’

They all stood shaking.

‘Come on class we’ll get back to camp.’

Mr. Norman and Adam hushed the remaining year elevens out of the cove away from the splattered flesh and insides of there friend.

‘Looks like we won’t be returning.’

‘Aren’t we going back in to finish the dig?’

‘We’ll see how everyone is tomorrow, but for now the answer is no.’

They walked out of the coves. Adam placed the fire lantern back onto the uneven wall. As they made there way up the cliff the fire lantern’s in the cavern went out.

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