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Chapter Fourty Three




Everyone was sitting round the campfire, eating their porridge oats, and drinking cocoa.

‘So how is everyone this morning?’


‘You all sure?’


‘Are we going back to the cove Adam?’

‘If you are all okay we are.’

‘We are.’

‘Okay we’ll refresh and head down there to see if we can find anything that we missed yesterday.’

They all pulled themselves up going over to the toilets refreshing themselves and all meeting outside the showers.

‘Right we all here?’

‘Yes Sir.’

‘Good lets go.’

They all walked away from the campsite walking over the gravelled walkway the Burial Ground, the Cemetery, the Police Station, the Black Magic Church, and the Dark Woods till they came up one a clearing. To the edge of Ghostly Hill.

‘Remember guys once we’re in the cove no wandering off. We don’t want a repeat of yesterday.’

Adam stepped down the cliff taking each step with caution. The year elevens following behind him one by one taking every step at a time. Mr. Norman the last. Adam helping each of them down on to the sand from the cliff. They followed Adam across the sand into the cove which held a ram’s head above it circling round it.

Lanterns upon the rough uneven walls. Adam sparked his lighter lighting a piece of oval shaped paper it caught fire. He lit the first lantern dropping the burning paper onto the ground putting it out with his trainer. ‘Right guys follow me.’

He lit the following wall lanterns as they walked through the cove. They followed Adam through the cold enclosure to where they had been digging the previous day the wall was no longer there, but another cove.

They all stared at the open spaced baffled to how it got there and how the wall was gone.

‘I don’t understand it there was a wall here yesterday.’

‘What are we going to do Adam?’ Mr. Norman asked as confused as he.

‘Explore it and see what we can find.’

They all followed Adam further into the second cove. ‘Right guys we’ll begin here looks like a good place to begin.’

‘Right class into your groups and remember there’s to be no wondering off, and in no circumstance must you leave you group understood?’

‘Yes Sir.’

‘Right let’s go.’

The groups split into two covering the left and the right of the cove. Spades echoing as they split through the surface of dirt then through the clay compound beneath. Then to the soft soil beneath that. The groups re-joined for lunch returning to their trenches after a rest to dust off the soil particles of many of the bones and artefacts that they had found in there,

‘Well done guys, but we’ve got to rap this up now.’

They all gathered their equipment and began to make their way out of the second cove into the first.

Royston fell behind.

‘Come on Mr. Marston.’

‘I’m going as fast as I can Sir. Wait for me with the others I won’t be long.’

Mr. Norman walked over to the others where they had stood the previous day, the other side of the wall as Royston finally finished gathering his utensils and zipping up his rucksack. He turned heading toward the others. The wall began to lower he ran towards it as everyone screamed telling him to get out of there.

The wall echoed as it compressed to the floor. Royston banged it repeatedly. ‘Help me!’

A shadow over cowered him. He turned, a ram’s face was staring at him, with a body of a human. He screamed as its nails ripped through him absorbing his energy and taking his soul, ripping the teenager into shreds.

His friends banged on the wall shouting out for him.

‘Come on guys there’s nothing that we can do he’s probably dead.’

‘Joe’s right.’

They turned looking at Adam. ‘What do you mean Adam?’ Spanner asked questionly.

‘It’s a secret cove. The Devils Cove, for sacrifice. The taking of souls, the taking of the innocent a life for a life.’

‘You’re shitting me right?’

‘No sorry. I am not.’

‘Right.’ Mr. Norman coughed. ‘I think we’ve all heard enough myth for one day. We best be getting back to camp and have something to eat before lights out.’

They all turned walking away walking through the cove Adam placed the fire lantern back onto the uneven wall before he stepped out of the cove onto the sand. The mouth of the Devils Cove closed. They all looked back before they made there way up the cliff.

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