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Chapter Fourty Five - Week Seven



Everyone had ventured out to the south of the five mile radios.They had tried to wake Dawn thinking that she’d been sleeping in her tent. Having no luck in waking her they decided to go on without her.

They’d been digging for three hours before they had stopped for lunch. They all ate their lunch in silence, many thinking if they would be next, many wondering how many more would die before the dig was over.

They pulled themselves up continuing to dig up the sanded ground under clay, and then dirt.

Mark and Joe slipped away, unnoticed.

They stood over Grainger, shadowing him.

He turned a spade came crashing down him. Joe and Mark repeatedly battered his head, and face with the spades, blood gushing from his nose and mouth. They continued until his flesh began to peel away from the skeleton structure of his face. Bearing his skull.

They turned walking away.

The group had found a few skeletons whilst Joe and Mark had done their disappearing act.

‘You missed this one Joe, Mark.’


‘We’ve found four skeletons. Adam recons they were in the same army as the others we found with battered skulls.’


‘Come on I’ll show you.’

They followed Crispin he had to be next, jumped up git.

They stood inches away from the four skeletons.

‘Where were you two?’

‘Yeah you’re usually the great grave diggers!’ Monty joked.

He’d be next after Crispin.

‘We needed a slash.’

‘What the both of you?’

‘When you’ve got to go you’ve got to go.’

‘Well we best be going back to camp we all need a shower. Girls first, boys last.’

‘We’re missing one.’




They all walked away to where Grainger was digging. They looked at his decapitated face, and his crushed skull.

‘Cool. It’s just like the skeleton we found.’


‘Sorry Sir.’

‘This place is jinxed.’

‘I couldn’t agree more. The sooner these two months are over the better.’

‘Come on lets get back to camp. I’m sure you all need to get refreshed before supper.’

They turned walking away from the skeleton. Joe placed his arm round Caitlin as they walked away.

The camp fire was burning the boys, archaeologists, and their head teacher were sitting around it waiting till they could shower. The last of the girls walked into the shower room towels round d them. Water pooled across the tiled floor.

‘What the..’

‘Why’s the floor wet?’

‘One of the showers is on. Listen.’

They all stood silent as the water rushed down in one of the cubicles.

‘Over there the third one.’

‘Do you think that there’s someone in it?’

‘Let’s take a look.’

They all walked through the water top the third cubical.

They all looked at one another. ‘Open it Cat.’

Caitlin pushed the door open their eyes focussing on the dead body of Dawn, dried blood all over the body.

They screamed.

Every one pulled themselves up from round the burning fire and ran towards the showers wondering where the echoed screams were coming from.

They all entered the shower room sliding across the watered floor. Halting at the cubical where the girls stood shaking.

‘What’s wrong?’

The girls pointed.


Adam knelt down turning the body. ‘Oh my god.’

‘It’s Dawn.’

‘She must’ve came in for a shower early this morning and slipped.’

‘She was one of our up and coming archaeologists. She was so clever. Her life has been wasted, taken away.’

Adam pulled himself up. ‘Right guys. This place is off bounds until its cleaned out.’

They all turned walking out of the shower room. Adam turned the shower off. ‘Such a shame you were a good asset to us.’ He turned walking out.

Joe zipped down. Sitting next to Caitlin who was still shaking after her find.

He moved forward.

‘Don’t Joe.’

‘Why not?’

‘You screwed her didn’t you?’

‘No. What ever gave you that idea?’

‘This morning, you being horny. She wasn’t good enough, so you came back to me.’

‘Don’t talk shit Caitlin.’

‘Is it?’

He placed his hand on her face. ‘I love you Cat. I won’t deceive you okay.’


‘I’d be horny with you both night and day, twenty four seven if I could okay, I love you.’

He placed his lips on hers lowering her to the ground undressing, making love.

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