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Chapter Fourty Eight



The rain had begun to come down, worse than it had a few days previous.Joe had slipped into Caitlin’s tent waking her as his wet hair dripped onto her face. She flinched a few times before finally opening her eyes. ‘Joe?’

He smiled.

‘What time is it?’


‘What are you doing here so early?’

‘Bringing you breakfast.’

‘I see that it’s raining again?’

‘Yeah. Adam said if it gets any worse we’re going to have to make a run for that hotel we found.’

‘Oh right.’

‘Come on. Eat up.’

She pulled herself up. He placed his lips on hers kissing her hungrily. He moved away. ‘Now eat up.’

She smiled before diving into her full English.

‘You decent guys?’


The zip went up. Adam peered in. ’We’re going to take one last look around whilst the weather’s okay, though it is a bit wet we’ll be okay.

‘What about Mr. Norman Adam?’

‘I’ve been to his tent, he’s not there. He must’ve gone for a walk early this morning he must’ve got caught in the rain and took shelter. I’m hoping we bump into him so if it rains again we can shelter in that hotel.’

Joe and Caitlin smiled.

‘Five minutes guys. And bring extra clothes just encase the rain begins again and we are unable to get back here.’

‘Will do.’

Adam zipped down.

‘Right I’ll leave you to it.’

‘You can stay. It’s nothing that you haven’t already seen.’

‘I know, but I may be tempted to jump and that wouldn’t be a good idea. Would it?’

‘I guess not.’

‘Don’t worry Cat. We’ll have plenty of time alone when we get back home.’

‘Do you think that you can wait till then?’

‘I’m going to have to, unless you want to go home now.’


He smiled before placing his lips on hers kissing her hungrily.

He moved away. ‘I’ll see in five Cat.’

‘Five.’ She replied as he slipped out of the tent zipping down.

Caitlin met up with Joe and the others after getting changed. There seemed very few of them left to even do anything. Their rucksacks on their backs with supplies and extra clothing in case the weather turned.


Corplan turned. ‘Oh Joe, hi.’

‘Look I was meaning to say sorry.’

‘What for?’

‘The other day. I shouldn’t’ve kept pushing you into confessing.’

‘That’s okay if I hadn’t have gone with her, and screwed her there wouldn’t be anything to confess would there?’

‘But it’s you all over Corplan, you have a high sex drive.’

‘I know.’

‘Anyway I’m sorry.’

‘Don’t worry about it Joe. Already forgotten.’

‘Well I’ll catch ya laterz.’


Joe turned jogging back over to Caitlin.

‘What did Joe want?’

Corplan looked up. ‘Span.’


‘Just an apology for the other day.’

‘What’s wrong with him?’

‘Who knows.’

‘See sorted, cool.’


Joe leaned forward placing his lips on Caitlin’s kissing her hungrily.

He moved away and smiled at her before they continued walking.

They all walked away from the bogged campsite it had only been a few days since the last time it had rained. It was holding off for now.

They walked over the once gravelled ground which was now full of puddles. They slashed rippling as each set of trainers walked through them.

They walked over to the burial ground. ‘Right we’ll begin here guys.’

They stepped over to each of the skeletons changing the water logged tags for new ones then writing down the place of each.

‘Hopefully we won’t have to return and do them all again.’ Adam said as they moved on to the next set of skeletons.

An hour passed and they’d tagged the final skeleton of the Burial Ground, and had headed through the clearing as the skies darkened.

‘Great. Guess we’ll be going back to the burial ground.’

The heavens opened and the rain came down. They continued walking, walking against the rain and wind combined together. Corplan looked over at the jagged roof of the Police Station, his remaining friends collided into him. Adam turned stopping too. ‘Why have we stopped?’

Corplan said nothing, pointing to the jagged edged roof of the Police Station. They all looked over at the Police Station directly at Mr. Norman dangling from the jagged roof of the Police Station, a noose rapped neatly round his throat, his head hung to the right, his eyes wide, glazed, dead.

‘Oh shit.’

‘What are we going to do Adam?’

‘We’re going to get him down. Any volunteers?’

‘We’ll help!’


Joe and Mark walked over to the Police Station with Adam. Sass’s arm round Caitlin who was shaking. Corplan, and Spanner placed their arms round the two girls to comfort them, but clearly they needed it too. Everyone looked up to their principle. They were all thinking the same to who would do such an horrific act; it was so un-epical. Everyone liker “The Norman” even though he was strict he was looked upon for that.

Adam cut the rope from round Mr. Norman’s snapped neck, Joe and Mark gently lowered him

Adam checked for a pulse, not finding one he shuck his head. Caitlin and Sass flipped into hysterics of tears, Corplan, and Spanner holding it back.

‘We taking him with us?’

‘That’s not really a good idea Joe.’

‘So what are we going to do?’

‘We have no choice but to leave him here. He’s dead, and there’s nothing we can do about it. It’s too late. We can’t take him with us it will freak the others.’

‘So what are we going to do?’

‘Go on. We need to find shelter.’

‘So are we going to the hotel?’

‘We are, before the weather turns and we get caught in a storm or worse and we all end up dead.’

Adam, Joe, and Mark turned walking away from the dead body over to the others, Corplan, and Spanner dropped their arms from round the girls.

‘What are we doing now Adam?’

‘We’re heading for the hotel for shelter, and so we can dry off.’

‘And Norman?’

‘Sorry it’s too late.’

Tears slipped from the girls eyes once again. Joe and Mark placed their arms around them to comfort them as they all walked away from the Police Station heading for the Hotel. Walking against the wind and the rain as the rain came down faster, and the wind like a hurricane round them. They passed the Black Magic church to the clearing and the Hotel.

Adam opened the door of the hotel everyone getting pushed in by the wind. Adam battling with the bad weather as he closed the door of the hotel. ’Right guys we’ll use the first floor, a room each. We’ll all get freshened up and meet in the lobby in an hour when you’ve changed into clean clothes.

They all walked drenched up the stairs to the first floor going into their rooms. Freshening up and getting changed before they all met downstairs in the lobby. They all sat down drinking coco. Joe’s arm placed round Caitlin.

‘So are we going back out tomorrow Adam?’

‘If the rain knocks off yes.’

‘So when are they joining us?’

‘The helicopters will be here on day fifty six so the last week will be a little boring just making sure that everything’s in the right place and everything is bagged and tagged ready for them to take away.’

‘What happens when we’ve done all of that?’

‘We share out thoughts, and comments on what we have discovered, and what we all think about Ghostly Hill.’

‘I can tell you my thoughts right now.’

‘Save your thoughts for the last day please Mr. Spanner.’

They all pulled up there weary bodies.

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