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Chapter Five



Everyone had woken with painful ligaments.

‘Don’t worry guys you’ll get used to it.’


‘Let’s all eat then we’ll go and cover the next stretch of Ghostly Hill. Where we believe you will be pleased.’


‘You’ll see. Now dig in.’

They all ate their breakfasts and drank their coffee’s. Refreshing before they left the camp sight for another exciting day on the dig.

‘We’re going a little far aren’t we?’ Joe asked as they passed through the tall grass passing where they were digging yesterday.

‘It’s not far from here.’

‘Where are we going?’


Joe and Mark looked up at the fleur de leys fencing and gates that laid in front of them, with a bowed arch above the gates: Ghostly Hill Cemetery.

They smiled.

‘So we going in there?’

‘We are. Today and tomorrow. It covers a whole mile of this place.’


‘Oh gross Joe it’s full of the dead.’


‘Right get into your groups and we’ll cover the first half a mile today and the other half tomorrow.’

The groups split covering the first half a mile radius of the cemetery which consisted of many gravestones.

The groups had found very little again, only coins and memorabilia of two centuries past.

Then Joe and Mark walked over to small bricked building. ‘Yo! Kelvin.’

‘What is it guys?’ He asked walking over to them.

‘What’s this place?’

‘It’s the crypt we’ll be going down there tomorrow.’`


‘Come on we’ve got to get back to the others.’

They all walked away meeting up with their other class mate, their two teachers, and the archaeologists before returning to camp.

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