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Chapter Fifty - Week Eight



‘Come on Cat come back with me to my room.’

‘I can’t.’

‘Why not?’

‘What if we get caught?’

‘We won’t.’

‘What about Adam?’

‘He won’t say anything.’


‘Come on Cat the Norman’s dead. No one can stop us.’

She looked at Joe shocked.

‘What’s wrong Cat?’


‘Come on then.’

He led her away. She had an incline of what had been going on round there but she wasn’t sure not until now. Joe had just given himself away. She had to tell the others and get out of there. Joe and Mark had disposed of everyone else and there were only five of them left. She had to get her facts straight before confronting the others.

They both slipped into Joe’s room. He pulled Caitlin close placing his lips on Caitlin’s kissing her. She returned his kiss cautiously he could kill her there and then if he wished. Her head hit the pillow silently. He undressed them both slipping inside her making love to her, making sure this one night she’d never forget for tomorrow she would no longer be with the others that were left. He kissed down her neck sending a rush of multiple orgasms. He pulled away she lay numb, dazed on the bed. ‘I’ve missed you Cat. I know we see each other every day, but it is not the same as sleeping together, making love till day break.’ He leaned forward placing his lips on hers kissing her.

He moved away. ‘I love you.’

He guided his hand down her face. ’Sleep now for tomorrow is a busy one.

Her eyes slowly closed.

‘So you all set Joe?’

‘I am.’

‘What about Cat?’

‘She goes with the others. Pity there is no other way, but there isn’t.’

‘Are you sure Joe?’

‘I am.’

‘So what’s the plan?’

‘Get them all to the burial ground.’

‘So they’re all going together?’

‘Indeed they are. The dead will take them once they are there.’

‘And Caitlin?’

‘That pleasure will be all mine. Either she takes the devil’s side, or I’ll kill her.’

‘She won’t be pleased.’

‘I don’t care.’

‘I best be going.’

‘Sure. I’ll see you, you know where and what time.’

‘I do.’

Mark slipped out of the room un-aware that a sleeping Caitlin wasn’t sleeping and she’d heard all of their conversation.

Caitlin slowly opened her eyes, yawned, and stretched.

Joe looked at her. ‘Morning sleepy head.’

She smiled briefly.

‘You ready for the day ahead?’

‘I guess.’

‘You know there’s not much left to cover now.’

‘I know.’

‘No more skeletons to find.’

‘I know.’

‘You enjoyed it out here?’

‘It’s been event full.’

‘And us?’

‘We have always been different Joe. You’re not like the other guys your head doesn’t fit your shoulders. I always said you should be a t UNI or something.’

‘You did.’

He placed his hand on her face guiding it down. ‘I’ve enjoyed these last few months Cat. I really love you. And I never want us to part.’

‘What’s got into you Joe?’


He leaned forward placing his lips on hers kissing her hungrily.

He pulled away. ‘We best get something to eat we’ve all got a busy day ahead of us.’

‘I guess.’

‘Come on Cat we’ll be the same when we return home tonight.’

She smiled.

He took his hand off her face taking her hand. ‘Come on.’

He led her out of the room they walked down the stairs hand in hand into the lobby where the remaining five who were sitting round the blazing campfire. It seemed so quiet without any one else there. Joe and Caitlin sat down.

‘So you two begun where you left off last time?’ Corplan joked.

Joe smiled, Caitlin sat embarrassed.

‘You know you two really shouldn’t be.’

‘Why not we’re both old enough.’

‘You know the rules.’

‘Stuff the rules.’

‘You wouldn’t be saying that to your principle would you?’

‘He’s not here he’s dead.’

They all sat looking at Joe and shocked at his sudden outburst.

‘Well he is. I well just say I’m not the only one that was having sex on this trip.’

Corplan sat silent.

‘There was our history teacher and that archaeology guy. No one said shit to them.’

‘He’s got a point Adam.’

‘I know, but being discreet is always best.’


They all ate in silence.

‘Right we best be going cover the cemetery’s perimeter and the forest before you guys head home.’

‘Are you staying here?’

‘I am. The team will be coming tomorrow from L.A. later on today to take the skeletons, and memorabilia back.’

‘Seems a shame.’

‘Haven’t you enjoyed it Joe?’

‘Yeah. Pity we can’t keep any of it.’

‘I know. But, those are the rules.’ Adam paused. ‘So are we ready to go?’


‘Sorry guys but we’ve got to do this now, we need to get everything set for later.’

‘Will we be here when they pick it all up?’

‘I hope so. They’re arriving late this afternoon, and the coach home is booked for five pm.’


‘Not looking forward to going home?’

‘Yeah, but.’

‘I am, just to get this place out of sight out of mind it’s cursed.’

‘It’s the devil’s ground Cat.’

‘Yeah. And it’s cursed everything that walks its path dies.’

‘No need to think like that, just think you’re lucky to be still alive.’ Joe said rapping his arm round her. As she slipped him a dead eyed look.

‘Well we all are Cat’ Joe added.

‘Come on guys let’s get started the quicker we begin the quicker it will get done.’ Adam said before an argument aroused through the final six friends.

They all pulled themselves up and walked out of the lobby, going out of the hotel stepping onto the fountain place. Joe draped his arm round Caitlin, as he and Mark looked evilly at one another.

The last of the group followed Adam onto the sqwelchy bogged road outside the Hotel.

‘Right guys I know that there aren’t a lot of us left, but we’ll start here and work our way back to the burial ground. Hopefully we’ll be finished by three and have you all ready for your coach trip home.’

Adam gave each of the teenager’s tags so they could change those tags that had got damaged in the bad weather. Writing down where they were and what was to be picked up.

The group had reached the Police Station where Mr. Norman’s frailed skeleton lay in a

suit outside the Police Station besides the others hey had found there near the

beginning of their excursion.

’Right kids I know this is hard on you all, but we have to do this, so keep yourselves

together while we do this okay. ’

The group tagged the three skeletons outside of the Police Station trying to keep

themselves together knowing that their principles dead decapitation skeleton was

inches away from them.

’Right guys we’ll do the dark woods before lunch then continue across the cemetery to

the Burial ground to finish off.’

‘Okay.’ They all sighed.

‘Don’t worry kids only three more hours and you’ll be home.’


’Come on guys cheer up, lets get this over and done with so we can get back to camp

and get you all packed away ready for your journey home.’

They all walked wearily behind Adam the day had already dragged and would’ve felt

even longer by the time they got on the coach home.

They circled the Dark Woods which felt so much darker today and unlike any other


They tagged up and were finished by one when they finally sat down for lunch.

‘Right not long now guys only a few more places to cover before you all go home.’

‘Will we be told what the out come of this expedition is?’

’We will inform you yes. You have been part of our team for the last two months and

a great help you have been. Without you here helping us we would’ve been out here

a lot longer. I’d like to thank you on behalf of all that were here and a thanks from me

too even though I’m only thanking a handful of you it has been much appreciated


‘Do you think any of that shit would’ve happened if we weren’t out here with you?’

’Possibly. It is the land of the devil after all so who knows what would’ve gone here

if we were out here alone.’



‘Well it is. We could’ve made this into a movie “The Curse of Ghostly Hill.” So cool.’

‘No one would’ve believed it was true Span.’

‘But we know it is.’

They all nodded in agreement.

‘Right we best get refreshed.’

They all refreshed before they continued the rest of the bagging and tagging.

They walked across the cemetery tagging the skeleton that they had found the day that

they entered, remembering two that they had lost. Everywhere held bad memories of

those that they had lost to the curse of Ghostly Hill. They all felt drained, and weak

Adam could see it in their eyes and could sense the strain the teenagers were under,

and told them to rest.

‘Can we go on Adam? We’ll finish tagging up. You can meet us up there.’

‘Are you sure Joe?’

‘We’re sure. Aren’t we Mark?’


‘Okay. We’ll be with you in ten okay.’


Joe and Mark turned walking away.

Caitlin turned looking at Adam,after making sure that Joe and Mark had gone. ‘We’ve gotta get out of here.’


‘I shouldn’t be telling you. I promised.’

‘Promised what Caitlin?’

‘I can’t.’

‘Please Caitlin who are you protecting?’

‘Joe and Mark.’


‘Do you remember when we found those skeletons in the Police Station?’


‘Well they went back after dark and found a book.’


‘It’s the Devils book Adam. They’re freaked.’

‘We’ve got to find them and get that book.’

‘Are you not listening? We’ve got to get out of here before they kill us too.’


‘Come on guys. How do you think most of us came to our death?’

‘No way.’

‘Yes way Corplan. The book done something to them both. They’re doing the devils work.’

‘The ritual. Shit.’

‘What ritual?’

‘I didn’t think it was true, but it is.’

‘What ritual Adam?’

‘The devil chooses one or maybe two humans to fill a quota to bring souls to him so he can be re-born, bringing him back to life so he can rule once again. Shit come on your coach should be here by now.’

‘What about Joe and Mark?’

‘Are you not listening Span? If we stay we’ll be dead. They’ll kill every last one of us just to bring him back.’

‘Come on let’s get out of here.’

‘We better move fast they won’t wait long till Mark comes for us.’

‘What are you talking about Cat?’

‘I overheard them early this morning now come on.’

They all pulled themselves up running away from the Police Station in the direction of the edge of Ghostly Hill.

Mark walked back down to the Police Station, but everyone had gone. ‘Shit!’

He turned running back through the clearing over the burial ground to where Joe was waiting.

Joe turned looking at Mark wondering why he was alone. ‘Where are they?’

‘They’ve gone.’

‘Shit Caitlin.’

‘What! She couldn’t’ve known could she? Wasn’t she sleeping?’

‘Come on we’ve got to find them and quick and get them back here.’

They jogged away from the Burial Ground through the clearing. ’Cat where the fuck are you? Joe shouted. ‘Cat come on this aint funny! We can do this the easy way or the fucking hard way, what’s it going to be?’

‘She aint out here Joe. You don’t think they’ve headed back for the coach do you?’

‘They won’t get very far, I slit his fucking throat.’ He shouted once again. ‘Cat show your fucking face. I promise I won’t kill you.’

The four teenagers and archaeologist reached the coach out of breath. Adam pressed a button which opened the door. The driver sat up right in his chair his eyes glazed, his throat slit.

The girls screamed hysterically.

‘What are we going to do?’

‘Help me get him out.’

‘Then what? None of us can drive.’

‘I can, now help me get him out before our two friends catch up with us.’

Adam, Corplan, and Spanner pulled themselves up into the coach. Adam held the driver under his armpits as the two boys too his legs lifting the dead body gently lowering it out of the coach and gently laying it down on the road besides the coach..

‘Right come on girls.’

They all pulled themselves up the stairs into the coach. Adam sat on the driver’s seat closing the door, looking for the keys. ‘Shit where are the keys.’

‘Hot wire it Adam.’

‘No need.’ Corplan said, pulling down the sun shield the keys dropping his hand.

‘How did you.’

‘My bro keeps his there. Here.’ He said passing them to Adam.

‘Thanks.’ He said taking the keys off Corplan putting them into the ignition, putting his foot down on the accelerator, turning them. It spurted. ‘Shit!’


‘Nothing just teething problems.’ Adam said trying again. ‘Shit!’

‘No please, don’t say the engine’s dead too?’

‘Or it’s out of juice.’


‘Please stay calm Caitlin.’

‘I can’t. If they find us we’ll all be dead!’

Adam turned the key in his nervous hand the engine ticked over. ‘Sit down guys.’

They all took their seats as Adam put his foot down, the wheels spinning as they shot off.

Joe and Mark come to a grinding halt.


‘I thought you said.’

‘I thought he was going back on the helicopter shit.’

The coach turned out of Ghostly Hill, leaving Joe and Mark planning how they would get the last of the group, and the archaeologist back to Ghostly Hill to complete their quota for the devils return.

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