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Chapter Fifty One


A loud chopper noise alerted Joe and Mark.They looked up into the skies four maybe five helicopters hovered above Ghostly Hill.

‘Shit Joe what are we going to do?’

‘Quiet I’m thinking.’

‘We’ve got you surrounded. Give yourselves up.’

‘Hurry Joe.’




‘But they’ll follow us.’


Mark looked at Joe with a confused expression upon his face. ‘Wha!’

‘We know this place they don’t. Kill as many as you can.’


‘We’ll meet up in the Dark Woods. We can kill most of them through its darkness. They won’t expect anything in there.’

They departed running in separate directions towards the Dark Woods.

The helicopters landed, their crews jumping down onto the dirt and gravel land. ’Right tred carefully they’re dangerous they need to

be sectioned.’

‘Right teams split up and cover all the ground. This will give us a better chance of finding them.’

The four teams split up to cover to four points of Ghostly hill.

They ran through the dusted ground of the city across onto the burial ground, and towards the edge of Ghostly Hill.

Trip wires were spread un-noticed in the dusted ground of Ghostly Hill. They tripped falling the wires slicing through their throats decapitating the head from neck, blood spraying across the ground. The bodies deterslising turning to bone.

Mark ran into the north side of the Dark Woods and Joe to the south, hiding in the darkness.

Many ran through the Dark Woods blades slashing through their throats and stomach.

Joe and Mark headed toward the centre of the Dark Woods as many more were sliced to death with fine wire, others fell fate to the blades they held.

Two grabbed Mark off guard cuffing him. ‘Where’s your friend?’

He looked at them saying nothing.

‘We know you’re not alone. Where’s your friend?’

He chose to stay silent as a needle was insisioned into his arm. He looked up trying to scan for any sign of Joe. The serum rushed through his veins, his eyes fuzzed as he fell lifelessly to the ground. His eyes dilated as they dragged him away.

‘Is this the only one?’

‘Yes. He wouldn’t co-operate in telling us where the other one was so we dosed him.’

‘Good work’

‘Where are the others?’

‘They haven’t answered the radio so at a guess they’re all dead.’

‘So we’re going?’

‘We are. Get the patient aboard.’

‘Yes sir.’

They pulled Mark into the helicopter. The engines started. And lifted off after the last of them boarded.

Joe watched from the darkness of the Dark woods ads they flew away.

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