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Chapter Ten



Joe and Mark had met dead on midnight, after they had made sure that everyone was sleeping before they headed off to the Police Station and cell thirteen.

‘Are you sure about this Joe?’


‘What if there’s nothing else in there?’

‘There is trust me.’

‘Okay. Only if you’re sure.’

‘I Am. Now let’s go.’

Joe and Mark walked away from the camp site, through the forest until they reached the Police Station.

‘Come on Mark.’


‘Stop being a wuss. No one’s going to know that we’ve come out here. We’ll be back before sunrise.’


They walked over to the police station where the skeletons still lay. Sitting predominately outside the station where they had been placed the afternoon before.

‘Come on Mark lets go and get this over and done with, before sunrise.’

Mark swallowed, following Joe into the Police Station.

It was dark all but the moons rays shining in on the Station. Joe opened the cell door, it clanked loudly making Mark’s heart palpitated louder. ‘Shit.’

‘Chill Mark. Let’s just look and get out of here and back to camp before anyone notices us missing.’

‘I’ll second that.’

Joe stepped in first followed by Mark. ‘Right you try over there. I’ll try here.’


They both knelt down removing dirt with their hands digging deeper.

‘Mark come over here and give us a hand.’

‘You found something?’

‘Yeah. Now get your ass over here.’


Mark slid across the floor to Joe. ‘What have you found Joe?’

‘Not sure help me get it out.’

Mark and Joe took each end of the rectangular shaped object pulling it gradually out of the hole. They placed it on the floor of cell thirteen wiping the dust away. They stared at the leather cased box.

‘What is it?’

‘Not sure. Let’s take it back to the tent.’


‘We’ll kick this over first so that no one realises that we’ve been back.’


Joe and Mark pulled themselves up kicking the dirt over the areas that they had searched. Joe picked up the box. ‘Come on lets go.’

They walked out of the cell, closing the door behind them. The door clanked locking.

Joe and Mark walked out of the station making their way through the forest and back to camp.

They trod carefully through camp to Joe’s tent. Pulling the zip down sitting down. Mark flicked his torch on, shining the light on to the box.

‘So what do you think is inside it?’

‘Not sure. We’ll have to open it, and see if there’s anything inside it.’

They both stared at the box not quite sure of what it held.

‘Open it Joe after all you found it.’


They swallowed. Joe turned the key it clanked and clunked as it opened.

Joe lifted the lid. A book lay at the bottom of the box. It was a sheep skin book with an Inverted Pentagram on its cover an Egyptian eye embossed over the top of it.

‘Get it out Joe.’

Joe placed his hands either side of the book lifting it out of the box placing it on the floor. It bared teeth as a clamp, almost vampire like.

Joe stared at it thinking whether to open it or not. He stretched out to open the clasp. Placing his hands round the mouth of the book. Mark grabbed his arm. ‘Wait Joe.’

Joe looked at Mark. ‘Why?’

‘There’s and inscription on it.’


‘Don’t you think that you should read it first?’

‘I guess.’

Joe took his hands off the mouth of the book. Mark brought the torch closer so that Joe could read the inscription. They leaned forward.

‘The book says do not read if you do it is at your own risk. Darkness will cast over the world and evil will return and will take the soul of the person who reads it. They will be immortal, and will spread evil.’



Joe placed his hands either side of the sharp tooth clasp.

‘No Joe.’

‘Why not?’

‘You read it.’

‘Yeah so.’

‘Come on Joe leave the book.’

‘You don’t seriously believe that shit do you?’

‘Don’t you?’


‘Please Joe. It was written for a reason.’

‘Yeah to make you think it’s going to be something bad when it’s not. To make you choose not to open the book.’

‘Sounds a good idea to me.’

Stop being a wuss Mark.’

‘I’m not it’s just a bad idea, a really bad idea to open the book.’

Joe pulled on the clasp the teeth opened simutainasly one by one till the last opened. The pages of the book flew open to the centre. A green light embarked out of the book lighting up the sky, and the evil sub-merged, flowing through in to the both of them.

Now Holy Shit is going to break loose.


Everyone had eaten, and was heading back to the police station. Joe and Mark half asleep.

‘What’s wrong with you two?’ Caitlin asked. She knew Joe and Mark only too well, they were usually so enthusiastic. Not today.

‘Just tired.’


‘I’ll show you lights out.’

She looked at him slightly disgusted.

‘Not that Cat. Me and Mark we found something and I’d like to show it to you.’

‘Oh okay.’

Mark looked at Joe concerned, unsure that showing Caitlin the book was such a good idea.

They finally arrived at the Police Station, the final four groups ventured into the Police Station whilst the groups that were in there the previous day circled the outer area.

‘You sure about this Joe?’

‘Yeah. I can trust her.’

They dug all day, stopping for lunch, before continuing their search for the un-known.

The group had found virtually nothing apart from a few old bones, and the other groups had had worse luck than them. The remaining cells were all locked which meant that they couldn’t enter them to search them for and remaining artefacts or skeletons.

They all headed off back to camp disappointed.

Joe and Mark slipped into Joe’s tent, Caitlin slipping in five minutes later. They all sat on the ground sheet. Pulling the zip of the tent down for privacy.

‘So what is it Joe? What’s so important that you had to tell me at lights out?’

‘Promise me this will go no further than this tent. It will not pass your lips to another.’

‘I promise.’ She looked at Joe. ‘What’s going on Joe?’

Joe slipped his hand under the pillow sliding out the book that they had found that morning.

‘What is it Joe?’

‘Not quite sure. All we know it wasn’t supposed to be opened.’

‘So you did.’

‘We all fall curious Cat.’

‘What if it’s dangerous? What if it’s a book of the ancients full of shit that kills people?’

‘There’s nothing in it all we saw were blank pages.’

She looked at them confused. ‘There’s got to be something in it. Can I have a look?’

‘Sorry no can do. It stays here with me at all times. Only us three know of this book and no one else must ever know understood?’



‘I just hope you two know what you’re doing and what you’re holding on to.’

‘We do. It’s just for keepsake, a memento. They’re not having this one Cat.’

‘I best be going guys before Norman cops me in here.’’

‘Me too Joe.’

‘I’ll walk you back.’

Joe pulled the zip of the tent up and they all crawled out of the tent, standing up. Mark slipped into his tent and Joe walked next to Caitlin as he walked her back to her tent.

‘Are you sure about this Joe?’

‘Yes. This piece is not going back with them. It’s ours.’


Joe placed his hand on her face. Staring at her through the darkness of his eyes into her eyes which illuminated under the moon. ‘You will promise me not to tell anyone?’

‘I said didn’t I?’

‘Promise me Caitlin.’

‘I promise. I promise I’ll never tell a living soul.’

He smiled kissing her quickly.

She looked at him shocked, as he dropped his hand off her face. ‘I’ll see you in the morning.’

‘Sure night Joe.’

Joe walked away as she slipped into her tent pulling the zip down.

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