The Beast Calls

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The growl echos in the head of its victims...

Horror / Other
River Shannon
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The Beast Calls

The Beast Calls

In a dark cold room sits a young 15 year old, a detective enters.

“Jax West, you wanna talk to us now?”

Jax looked at the detective, and he responded quietly.

“You wouldn’t believe me.”

The detective presses record on a tape recorder, he leans forward.

“What’s your story kid?”


Jax lays in bed, it’s a dark stormy night, everyone in the house is asleep. Suddenly Jax hears a noise from his closest. He turns over and tries to forget it, then it happens again. A low growling sound travels from the closet, to the young boy. Jax stands out of bed and, slowly steps towards his closest. He opens the closest door and, the sound stops. After a second or two, Jax began to wonder where the sound came from, he wonders if he had heard it at all.

After laying back in bed for a while, he hears the sound again. Listening he could make out what it was saying,


It was a scratchy voice, with an unpleasant tone. Before he knows it, Jax is standing in front of his closest, although he doesn’t remember moving. A bad feeling fills Jax, he reaches for his closest, and opens it. Looking forward, he sees the wall in his closest.


Looking down, Jax saw something horrifying. A mouth full of razor sharp teeth, was in his floor! Jax stepped back in fear, and said.

“W-what are you?!”

The mouth gave no response, so he asked again.

“What are you?” Followed by, “how do you know my name?”

Jax then noticed a small light in the back of the mouth, he stared at it for a second. He began to feel himself lose connection to reality, then blackness.


The detective speaks with an almost sarcastic tone.

“You expect me to believe that?”

Jax looks at the detective in hopes of sympathy, but doesn’t receive any. The detective lets out a sigh, and leans back in his chair.


Jax looks at the detective,

“Do you hear that?”

The detective looks around confused.

“No, nothing except for lies apparently.”

The detective leaves the room, Jax hears the scratchy voice again.


He looks at the wall and sees the mouth, he stands up and steps closer. A light in the back of the mouth, shines bright, and tempts Jax to come closer. Step after step, Jax inches closer to the mouth.

The detective enters the room, and looks around.

“Jax? Wh- what the hell?”

The empty room leaves the detective with more questions than answers. Jax West, age 15, disappeared after being suspected of murdering his mother and father. Ten years later, and the mystery still hasn’t been solved.

Legend has it, that any family that enters the West house, is never seen again.

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