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Joe returns home after five years of being alone in Ghostly Hill to break out his best friend mark from jail and a new agenda to return to Ghostly,Hill with those who had escaped,from death only five years ago w0th a new proposal to Caitlin to get a group,of teenagers out their mot give the9r souls to the devil, Will they finally succeed this time around so Set can finally,be released and Continue their journey to find the remaining books to set all evil free?

Horror / Thriller
Emma Louise
Age Rating:

Chapter One



Joe had grown up since they had taken Mark.He now knew that it was time to return for his partner in crime. To the psychiatric unit, he was being observed at. Mark had not spoken since the day that they had taken him from Ghostly Hill for five long years. Were things about to change, was his silence about to be broken now that Joe had returned?

Joe’s facial expression had changed. He was back, and back with a plan. His hair scruffy, and a little longer than it was five years ago. Dressed in black head to toe he may stick out in the asylum. As he entered he slipped into a white cloak covering his dark clothing. A badge on the left acquiring a name that was not his, .a clipboard in his left hand. He looked the part as he walked down the corridor. To the computer typing in “Mark Morrison.” He acquired the information taking the keys and the security card to enter the wing Mark was on.

He walked down many of the corridors using the security card for access to the different levels. The door opened. Joe stepped in closing the door behind him.

Mark looked up at him.

‘Mark what the fuck have you done to yourself?’

‘Joe that you?’

‘Well der!’

‘Your sense of humour aint changed a bit.’

‘Come on we’re getting you out of here.’

‘About time. Took you long enough.’

‘Had to lye low for awhile. Had to make them, think I were dead daint I?’

‘Guess you did.’

‘Come on.’

‘How are we going to get out of here?’

‘Just slip out.’

‘They’ll stop you.’

‘Mmh.’ He looked at Mark. ‘So you coming or what?’

‘No need to ask twice.’ He said pulling himself up off the bed.

Joe opened the door. They stepped out into the corridor, Joe closing the door locking it.

They walked down the corridor.

‘Hey he’s not supposed to be out of his room.’

‘Really.’ Joe said slicing his abdominal and throat.

Screams echoed through the corridors through the blood fest as Joe and Mark made their way out of the Asylum.

Joe pulled two miniature samurai’s out of his cloak slicing the doctor’s and nurses throats.

‘I see that you’ve still got it.’

‘What’s the quickest way out of here?’

‘Down there the back door.’

They took a sharp left down the corridor towards the back door.

‘Hey what are you doing down here?’

Joe turned his clipboard round the nails sliced across their face ripping the flesh open. They fell to the hard surface; Joe impounded them with the nails. ‘Got to make sure their dead.’


‘Come on lets go.’

They walked away, the blood pooling the newly cleaned floor.

Joe opened the back door with a crowbar.’

‘You’ve really thought of everything.’

Joe opened the back door. ‘Come on the car’s waiting.’

They walked out of the back door jumping the hedge. Jumping into the open top BMW. The roof closed as he turned the key. Wheel spinning away the dark coloured car with tinted out windows.

‘Something you not telling me?’

‘Ghostly Hill.’

‘What about it?’

‘We need to find those that slipped away and take them back.’

‘Sure that’s all?’

‘And much much more.’

‘How are we going to pull it off Joe?’

‘Cat. I believe that she works at our old high school.’

‘Do you think that she’ll be up for it?’

’She loves me.What more can I say.’He said turning the corner. Start writing here…

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