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Chapter Eight



Everyone had woke to the gleaming sun rays.Hoping that it would be the first of many to go exploring around Ghostly Hill. They all met round the campfire eating full English and a hot drink before they began the day ahead.

‘Right guys we’ll be covering the Burial Ground and the Cemetery today, and continue to the Police Station tomorrow. So are we ready to go?’


‘Good lets go.’

They all pulled themselves up heading away from the campsite across the cobbled, dusted track.

‘So how far is it?’

‘Not far, we had some good times didn’t we Joe?’

‘We did. It holds many secrets, but I guess all of this place does.’

‘What do you mean?’

‘Swiftly moving on.’ Adam said getting out of that question. ‘Anyway the Burial Ground holds many skeletons from the past, what era we are not quiet sure.’


‘Because we didn’t get chance last time we were here.’


‘Maybe another time.’

‘Why not tell them now?’

They all looked at Adam.

He opened his mouth to try and explain the best way that he could with out bringing anyone’s names into it. The skies darkened and so did the clouds. The rain poured.


‘Great, shows we’re back.’

‘What do you mean?’

‘Either this place hates us, or the weather does. We just say had plenty of bad weather whilst we were here prolonging our search for its history. Well we best take cover.’

‘What about the Burial Ground?’

‘We’ll try again tomorrow, and hope for the best.’

They all turned walking back to camp.

‘Right guys we’ll have to sit this one out in our tents. We’ll bring your suppers round.’

‘Sorry about this guys, but there’s nothing we can do till it knocks off.’

They all groaned slumping into their tents as the rain became heavier.

‘Shows we’re back don’t it Joe?’

‘Sure does. But, I never expected it to be on the second day.’

‘I know.’

He leaned forward. ‘Anyway it will give us a chance to have a little time alone.’

He pressed his lips on hers kissing her hungrily her head hitting the pillow silently as they made love.

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