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Chapter Nine



Everyone had woke at seven on the dot.They had eaten and were looking forward to actually learning why Adam and the others hadn’t found out what era the skeletons that they had found were from. But were they going to get a chance?’

Thunder rolled, lightning struck. The heavens opened.

‘Right guys there’s no easy way to say this, but.’

‘No burial ground?’

‘Yes, but we’re all going to have to make a run for the hotel till this knocks off, or we’ll be flooded in.’

‘There’s a hotel?’

‘Weren’t they informed?’


They all looked at Caitlin for answers. Why weren’t they told about the hotel and allowed to stay there instead of outdoors.

‘That would be me I...well thought it would be more adventurous in the big outdoors.’

‘With weather like this I prefer to be inside.’

‘We all do.’

‘Right everyone collect your belongings.’

Everyone collected their belongings before meeting up with Adam. Rucksacks on their backs.

‘We’ll come back for the coach at the end of your stay, if the rain hasn’t cleared by then.’

‘Right class stay together. No wondering off.’

They all followed Adam away from the camp site. Heading over the puddled walkway, the Burial Ground, Cemetery, passed the Police Station, and the Black Magic Church.

‘Are we nearly there?’

‘Yeah it’s just through this clearing.’

They followed on through the clearing looking around at the shops, water fall, and finally the old Gothic styled hotel.

‘Follow me.’

They followed Adam over to the large building with “GHOSTLY HILL HOTEL” in scripted in gothic scripture above the doors. Adam opened the door on the left, everyone followed him into a large lobby. The door creaked closing. Everyone jumped, turning.

‘It’s just a door guys.’

‘Yeah. It done that last time we were here daint it?’

‘Yeah half the class shit’um.’

‘Right we’ll take the first five floors. Leave out the third.’


‘You’d see if you were staying there.’

‘Why what happened?’

Joe looked at Adam. ‘I..I.. I’ll tell you on the tour.’


‘Tomorrow, day after maybe.’ He paused. ‘Right we’ll show you all to your rooms. You’ll have an adult with you on each level so there’ll be no hanky panky.’

‘As if we would.’

‘I’ll be on the first with Mr. Clulits, Corplan and Spanner on the second, Mark and Sass on the forth, Joe and Caitlin on the fifth. Any questions?’

They stood silent.

‘Right let’s go.’

They all made their way up the stairs. Seven teenagers on each level accompanied by two adults.

They all went into their rooms to un pack.

‘Looks like we’re here again.’

‘Sure does.’

Joe wrapped his arms round Caitlin kissing her neck. ‘Remember the last time we were here?’

‘How can I forget?’

Joe turned her to face him, placing his hand on her face. ‘I never stopped loving you Cat.’

‘I know.’

He leaned forward placing his lips on hers kissing her hungrily.

The door knocked. ‘Yo!’

‘Everyone’s meeting in the dining room for lunch. You guys coming?’


Joe dropped his hand off her face taking her hand opening the door, they stepped into the corridor closing the door behind them. They walked down four flights of stairs turning into the dinning area where everyone was sitting. Joe dropping her hand out of his sitting down.

‘How come they got to share a room?’

‘That would be because we’re adults.’ Joe pointed out.

‘So are we.’

‘Not quite. Can’t do anything till your twenty one like the states. They’re bringing in leaving school at eighteen.’

‘How do you know?’

‘I can read you know.’

‘Right guys dig in.’ Adam said placing the plates of full roast down on the table.

‘Where did you find this?’

‘Freezer. Well, it was already out so I cooked it.’

‘Dav hand in the kitchen?’

‘I guess. My bro was a chef. Taught me all he knew.’

Adam walked round the table. Elena looked at him and smiled. He returned he smile placing the plate down. Finally sitting down. ‘Right tuck in.’

They all picked up their cutlery eating their supper like they were starved and like they hadn’t eaten since day break. They’d snaked when they had arrived, but this was their first proper meal since they had arrived two hours ago. After the two hour track across Ghostly Hill.

All the plates, glasses, and cutlery were collected. ‘So who’s up for a spot of washing up?’

Everyone looked at Adam baffled, but one. ‘I’ll help.’


Joe and Mark looked at the other evilly knowing something was going to happen between the pair. And something horrific was going to take place like it had five years ago, but who was it going to be?

Everyone pulled themselves up. ‘Right it’s lights out guys we’ve had a busy day and no doubt you need your beauty sleep.’

They all groaned walking wearily out of the dining room up the staircase to their rooms. Elena went into the kitchen with Adam carrying the dirty plates, cutlery, and glasses.

He looked at her. ‘So why offer?’

‘Can’t do it on your own can you?’

‘Guess not.’ He paused. ‘I’ll wash you dry.’


Adam washed as Elena dried. ‘So what are your plans for when you leave high school?’

‘Not sure. Mom wants me to go to Oxford to do some kind of degree.’

‘Is that what you want?’

‘Maybe.’ She paused. ‘So did you want to become an archaeologist?’

‘Yes. From the age of ten, I had an admiration of the human body and its structure. I knew every bone, every working part. I graduated not long ago after five years of hard work.’

‘So you went to UNI?’

‘Yeah in L.A. for four years after college. It gave me such a buzz.’

‘And when you came out here did that give you a buzz too?’

’Yeah it gave everyone a buzz. Even the year eleven’s found some of the artefacts and skeletons.

Spanner works alongside me in the paths though he’s just a junior and has a lot of hard work ahead of him to get to where I am now. Joe always wanted to be one of us too a budding young enthusiast like I once was.’

‘So what happened?’

‘This place did.’

‘What do you mean?’

He looked at her. ‘Look just say this place is not all it is hyped up to be. I’ll give you as much info I can. But the truth you’ll have to work out for yourself.’ He paused. ‘Here.’

She took the last plate off him their hands touching, their eyes meeting.

‘Right well that’s it.’ He coughed.

‘Oh right.’ She said pulling her hand away drying the last plate placing it in the cupboard closing the door.

‘Right you best be going up to bed. It’s lights out.’

She sprung up kissing him, taking him by surprise. ‘W-w-what was that for?’

‘I like you okay. You’re inspirational.’

‘I wouldn’t go that far. Wimping out of the truth yes.’

‘You don’t want to freak any of us out. I respect that.’

‘Well at least one of you understands.’

‘I do.’

He placed his hand on her face. ‘Pity you aren’t ten years older.’

‘Age don’t matter it’s just a number. If you’re attracted to one another that’s all that counts right?’

He leaned forward pressing his lips on hers kissing her. She returned his kiss, kissing hungrily. He moved away suddenly. ‘I’m so sorry I can’t. I don’t want to hurt you.’

‘We don’t have to go all the way Adam. Just take it slow.’

‘And when we return home?’

‘That is up to you.’

She pulled him close pressing her lips on his kissing him with tongue. He lowered her onto the centre of the work surface. Her leg at a ninety degree angle as he glided his hand down it continuing to kiss her his hand anchoring under her blouse on to her breast. Kissing her harder, and harder.

He moved away. ‘We best be going to bed.’

‘Yours or mine?’

‘Our own.’


‘I don’t mean anything by it, but the rules are there for a reason.’

‘Okay.’ She sighed.

He took her hand leading her out of the kitchen and up the stairs.

‘Promise me you’ll stay in your own room.’

‘I will.’

‘Promise me Elena.’

‘I promise.’

He smiled kissing her. ‘I’ll see you tomorrow.’

‘Night Adam.’

He smiled walking away.

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