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Chapter Ten




Joe looked down on Caitlin, it was about time he told her the truth.

What had really happened the day that the bone collectors had came to Ghostly Hill to collect the artefacts. The day they ran. With the torrential rain he felt it was the perfect time to.

‘Joe what’s wrong?’

‘I just wanted to talk to you.’

‘What about?’

A knock at the door disturbed his intellectual moment.


The door creaked, Adam peered in. ‘Sorry guys, I know this is a good time for you guys to catch up. So, I’ll make it short.’

‘What is it Adam?’

‘We’re doing a tour of the hotel later, after lunch if you’re interested.’

‘We’ll be there wont we Joe?’

‘Yeah tell the kids where and when, and where not to go and why.’

‘Is that wise Joe?’

‘He’s got a point Cat, it will stop them from wondering round restricted areas.’

‘Okay, but only if you’re sure.’

‘I am.’


‘I’ll see you guys later.’


‘Enjoy yourselves.’

‘Sure will.’

Adam closed the door.

Caitlin looked at Joe. ‘So what did you want to talk to me about?’

‘The truth.’

‘I already know the truth.’

‘Not all of it.’

‘Oh right.’

‘The bone collectors.’

She swallowed. ‘What about them?’

‘They came Cat and boy what a surprise they had.’

‘Tell me you didn’t.’

He started at her evilly.

‘Please tell me you didn’t.’

He smiled evilly.

‘Oh my god Joe why?’

‘To preserve Ghostly Hill’s skeletons in their right full place.’


He looked at her blank.

She lay silent as he continued to tell her every last grotesque and bloody detail.

‘He didn’t want them moved Cat. He just wanted them found. We helped to prevent it. Why do you think they all died?’

‘The book.’

‘It wasn’t all the book Cat. The skeletons were part of this place and its history with out none of it’s skeletons it would be destroyed and there would be nothing left for people to find to explain Ghostly Hill.’

I know but.’

‘No buts Cat, you should’ve seen there faces Cat just like yours is now full of disbelief, horror. There were no skeletons but us. We sliced and diced them Cat they had no fucking idea what had hit them until they were dead. The devil took their carcasses. We hid the evidence so we could return for you.’

She lay staring at him white washed, and paled skinned. She knew what he was capable of, but all of this just so they could keep the skeletons in Ghostly Hill for their preservation.

‘Say something.’

She stared at him saying nothing.

‘Say something Cat.’

‘Why now Joe?’

‘I wanted to share it with you.’

‘What if I tell someone else?’

He leaned forward talking into her ear. ‘I trust you.’


He placed his finger on her lips. ‘Forgotten.’

He removed his finger replacing it with his lips kissing her hungrily.

Everyone had met up in the lobby. Joe and Caitlin walked over to them.

‘Right now everyone’s here we’ll begin.’ Adam coughed. ’This hotel was built in the late sixteenth century for visitors that were coming into Ghostly Hill. There were shops built opposite to accommodate for this.

‘What happened to them?’

Adam coughed again. ’We’re not quite sure. They may have left. All we know is that the hotel closed in the early eighteenth century and never re-opened.

On your right is the dinning area where we will be eating over the next month and to the left is the kitchen.’

The group peered in the two spacious rooms. The dining area held a large antique gothic styled table and chandlers. The kitchen large in size with a double oven and many work surfaces, fridge, freezer, and many kitchen opponents.

‘There is a cellar, and basement, but they are locked sorry guys we can’t take a look around.’

‘Ohh.’ They all sighed.

‘So what’s with the third floor?’

‘Something tragic happened up there.’

‘Like what?’

‘A death.’

They all turned looking at Joe.

‘Sorry I should re-phrase that. One of our friends went into room 352 and a tragic accident took place.’

‘What sort of accident?’

‘Just sat it’s unrepeatable.’

‘Thanks for that information Joe.’

‘Can we go up to the penthouse?’


They all looked at Adam to question his sudden outburst. ‘Why not?’

‘It’s forbidden.’

‘What! Another out of limits room?’

‘It’s for your own safety.’


‘It’s the Devil’s room isn’t it Adam?’

They all stared at Adam for an answer. Who coughed. ‘Well.’

‘Tell them Adam, tell them why they can’t go into the penthouse suite.’

‘It is said that it is the devil’s room. The numbers read nine nine nine as you enter, turning to six six six on closure the number of the beast. Things happen in there, tragic things.’

‘Like what?’

‘Whatever he chooses to happen, bloody deaths so please don’t go in.’

They stared disappointed.

Adam coughed. ’Right we’ll continue down here, you have a recreation room, or if you prefer a games room.

‘Nice save Adam.’

‘Yeah nice save.’


‘Right kids time for supper then lights out.’

They all slothed into the dinning area for supper.

Joe closed the door behind him and Caitlin, dimming the light.

‘Adam seemed a little on edge today didn’t he?’

‘I thought he handled it quite well.’

‘With your help.’

‘They had to know Cat.’

‘Do you really think that’s going to stop them?’

‘Maybe, maybe not.’ Joe looked at Caitlin. ‘Look Cat it is up to them if they want to listen to our advice or not.’

‘I guess.’

‘Just like us Hugh?’


‘Look at us now.’


‘I love you Cat.’

‘I love you too.’

He leaned forward pressing his lips on hers kissing her hungrily undressing, making love.

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