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Chapter Eleven



‘Right guys it’s a bright and sunny day today, so we’ll be starting our tour of Ghostly Hill by going to the Black Magic Church, and its Graveyard.’

They all walked out of the hotel. The Principle talking to Caitlin. An angered Joe watching. His eyes blank with rage.

‘Chill Joe she won’t deceive you.’

‘He’s dead.’

‘Give it time Joe they work together. They can talk shop.’

‘Maybe, but I’m keeping my eye on him.’

‘You really don’t like him do you?’

‘I don’t trust him.’

Everyone walked through the clearing over to the Black Magic Church.

‘Right a little history for you before we continue.’

‘Make sure you remember this guy’s pop quiz on it later.’

‘Ohh.’ They groaned.

‘Just kidding! Just keep a mental note of it for your papers.’ Caitlin looked at Adam. ‘Adam.’

‘Thanks Cat.’ He coughed. ‘Well we’re not quiet sure of the date the Church was built, but we are sure that it was use for Black Magic and the Black Arts, and worship.’

‘Like devil worship?’

‘That’s good. You’ve been doing your homework.’

Jade smiled.

‘Many Satanic rituals took place in here by its followers. This is one of two structures still standing, the other is the Police Station which will visit later.’

Adam pushed the oval door inverted pentagram in dented upon them. ‘Come on we’ll take a look around to see if you can see anything that interest you.’

They followed Adam into the church looking around the large building it looked like a normal church apart from its Gothic presence and the stained glass windows of death.

‘Do you notice anything different between this church and ours?’

‘The windows they’re of sacrifice and not of Jesus.’


‘It’s cool, gothic.’

‘Good.’ Adam paused. ‘This was once believed to be the church of Satan where he sacrificed those that had betrayed him, as well as laying his followers to rest. Come on I’ll show you the church yard where they were buried.’

They followed Adam out of the church to its rear a grave yard stood almost a mile long.


‘Good hugh.’

‘Not really it’s like any other grave yard.’

‘Not really. This is one of two we will be walking over the burial ground at a later date. Though there are no stones there is plenty of history behind it, unlike here where there are stones of their sacrifices or his followers. Take a look for yourselves.’

They all split up covering the grave yard.

‘Come on guys lets give them the slip and go back into the church.’

‘You sure Jade?’

‘Yeah. Come on.’

Jade and her friends slipped away from the rest of the group slipping back into the church, the door closing behind them.

‘So what are we doing in here?’

‘Taking a look round.’


They all walked down the isle looking around.

‘There’s nothing in here we haven’t seen already.’

‘There is look.’

They turned back looking at the back wall where a six foot inverted cross stood upon the wall.

‘Where did that come from?’

‘Yeah it wasn’t there before.’

‘Come on let’s take a closer look.’

‘I don’t know Jade.’

‘I’ll do it okay.’

She protested forward.

‘Right is everyone here?’

‘Jade, Jordan, Clarisa, and Charlotte are missing.’

‘Great where are they?’

Screams echoed out of the church.

‘The church.’

’Why is it no one ever listens?

‘Kids aye.’

‘I remember you at their age Joe you were the same.’

‘But, I knew what I was doing they don’t.’

The doors of the church flew open.

‘Girls where’s Jade?’

They pointed.

Everyone looked into the church over at the large inverted pentagram which held her body with daggers pierced into her body holding her to the point of the pentagram.

‘She only wanted to take a closer look, they came out of nowhere flying towards her pushing her against it.’

‘It’s okay.’

Caitlin looked at the Principle. ‘We best be getting them back.’

He nodded.

She looked at Adam. ‘Is that okay with you?’


‘Come on kids we’re heading back, we’re all a little shaken up.’

They all turned walking away from the church heading beck to the hotel. They all slumped up to their rooms still shaken.

Joe closed the door pulling Caitlin close. ‘You okay?’

‘Was it you Joe?’

‘How could it be? I was with you.’

‘And Mark?’

‘No Cat, you know all about that place as does Adam. The cult chose her.’

‘Are you sure?’

‘I’m positive.’

He leaned forward. ‘When have you ever known me to lie to you Cat?’


‘Well then.’

He placed his lips on hers kissing her hungrily.

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