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Chapter Twelve



‘Right everyone we’re heading off down to the underground tombs which I now believe are open.’

‘Why what happened there?’

‘Just say we upset it by moving one of its skeletons and the entrance collapsed.’

‘Is it safe?’

‘Perfectly. As long as you don’t touch or take anything sacred from it.’

‘Okay’ Caitlin turned to the class she remembered so much of what had happened that day when they had gone down there to discover its secrets. How Joe prevented what had happened from happening again. ‘Just do as Adam asks okay, and we’ll all be fine. Follow us.’

They followed Adam and Caitlin. ‘You okay Cat?’

‘Yeah, just remembering what happened down there last time.’

‘You mean Kelvin?’


Joe whispered in her ear. ‘I done it for you remember.’

She looked at Joe and smiled. She knew that only too well and wished he hadn’t. He winked at her, she smiled nervously, what was he planning for this trip down the tombs?

They group walked passed the Police Station, the Black Magic Church to the Underground Tombs. ‘Right everyone you’ll nee a torch.’

‘No need Adam its well lit.’

Adam looked at Joe with A confused expression upon his face. ‘Are you sure Joe?’

He nodded.

‘Okay guys lets go.’

They all followed Adam into the cove, fire lanterns led the way down the long winding damp pathway into the tombs. ‘This has changed in the last five years.’ He coughed. ‘Come on follow me. No straying.’

They followed Adam down into the tombs a foul stench of death arose.

‘Sorry about this guys the smell is a little rancid so feel free to put your hands over your mouths.’

Everyone placed their hands over their mouths to prevent them from vomiting. They continued to walk through the potent pong of corpses. ‘This place is believed to be Egyptian though we are not sure, we have not found any artefacts to determine this information. We believe that the tombs were build for their right to bury them away from the “Commoner person” there are inscriptions on each and every one of the tombs down here, so write them down and see if you can translate them.’

They turned walking into the tomb where caskets lay on the floor and in the walls. ‘Right guys feel welcome to look around, but no touching. Don’t take anything we don’t wish anything bad to happen, a repeat of the past.’

Hands dropped off mouths as they stood speechless looking around the thousands of tombs, with scriptures of old written upon them many they couldn’t read, or reach.

Daniel walked over to an open casket standing almost six feet tall. He inched forward to take a closer look, the casket began to close he turned it pushed him in as it closed. He banged on the closed casket he banged it hysterically. ‘Hel..’ He screamed as bandages rapped round him. The nails pushing through his clothes into his flesh as his screams dying, his eyes hollowed.

‘Right is everyone here?’

‘Daniel’s missing sir.’


‘Hey Sir.’

‘What is it Madison?’

‘Take a look at this.’

They all walked over to Madison. ‘What is it Madison?’

He pointed.

‘Wow it’s an Egyptian casket this wasn’t here last time. Well done.’

The head coughed. ‘Yes well done Madison. It still doesn’t explain where Daniel is.’

The casket opened, a mummy stood inside, blood stained bandages where the nails had pierced through.

‘Holly shit.’

Many screamed. Lips trembled with sickness and tears.

‘What, or who was it?’

‘I believe it’s a live mummy.’ Adam coughed. ‘I’m sorry, but Daniel has been mummified.’

‘How do you know?’

‘Take a closer look, the blood is fresh.’

‘Oh my god.’

‘Sorry guys we best get out of here.’

They all turned shocked heading out of the tomb.

The earth shook the rocks covered the Underground Tombs once again.

‘Looks like someone wanted us to find the casket before it finally closed. Come on.’

They all turned walking away. How many more would die? How much longer would the horror last?

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