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Chapter Thirteen



Dray looked at Harmony. ’So you coming?

‘I don’t know.’

‘Please for me babe.’

‘I don’t know Dray, what if it goes wrong?’

‘It won’t. I promise.’


‘You coming?’

She looked into his eyes the ones she’d melted into so many times before. ‘Okay.’ She sighed.

He smiled, quickly kissing her. ‘Come on the others are waiting.’ He said taking her hand, pulling her out of the lobby before she changed her mind again. Something she was good at. But, tonight he had something big planned.

They walked over to the water fall where their friends were waiting impatiently. ‘About time guys.’

‘Sorry. Harmony got cold feet.’

‘Can we go now before we get caught?’

‘Sure.’ He looked at her. ‘Come on babe.’

She smiled nervously at him.

‘Don’t worry babe everything’s going to be okay.’

They all walked away passing the church which looked even more spooked than it did in the daylight.

‘I’m not so sure about this Dray. I’m going back.’

He pulled her back. ‘Come on. It’ll be fine. You do trust me don’t you?’


‘Good. Come on.’ He smiled.

‘Come on we’re almost there.’

Trees taller than houses bowed over them forming an arch the opening to the Dark Woods.

‘I don’t know Dray.’

‘Come on babe once it’s over we can get close okay.’


‘Chill Harmony it’s not like the star’s going to take you!’ He joked.

She looked at him unimpressed.

‘Come on babe it’ll be okay. You’ll be fine.’

They all walked through the entrance to the Dark Woods. It was darker than the rest of Ghostly Hill, the trees cowering over them cutting out the moon. Garish faces upon each and every one. Harmony looked round nervously clinching onto Dray’s hand. ‘I don’t like this place. I want to go back.’

‘We’re nearly there babe. You can’t back out now.’

He pulled her forward ignoring her wishes.

The six friends stood in the centre of the Dark Woods where an inverted pentagram lay, lit with red candles.

‘You’ve already been here?’

‘Had to make it just right. Places everyone.’

They all stood on a point of the star. ‘Come on babe.’ He led her over to the centre of the star.’ ‘You okay?’

‘I don’t know about this Dray.’

‘You’ll be fine. I promise.’

He quickly kissed her dropping her hand out of his standing on the last point. They all spread their arms beginning the chant.

Her eyes rolled.

‘That’s not supposed to happen.’

‘No its not.’

‘You got the right chant?’


Her eyes glowed.


A white smoke rose constituting out of the centre holding onto her pulling away her flesh.

‘No Harmony!’

A skeleton stood frailing falling to the dusted ground of the Dark Woods turning to ash. The star blazed.

‘What’s going on?’

‘I don’t know.’

Smoke filled each of the points grabbing onto the five final friends ripping them apart as they screamed.

Their skeletons fell to the dusted ground turning to ash. The star blazing brightly. The flames dying down the devils star condensing their blood for evil.

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