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Chapter Fourteen - week Two



‘Right everyone we’re heading down to the devil’s cove.’

‘Where’s that?’

‘It’s the cove beneath the edge of Ghostly Hill.’

They all looked at one another unsure of this idea Adam had, how dangerous was it there? How would they get down to it?

‘Don’t worry class i’m sure Adam knows what he’s doing. Don’t you Adam?’

‘Yes indeed i do. Caitlin ands her friends visited them five years ago one of the class spotted them from the edge so we decided to go down and take a look.’

‘So how do we get down there?’

‘There’s a rocky area down to it.’

‘I don’t know. It seems a little dangerous.’

‘There’s nothing to be scared of I promise you, just follow me down steadily one by one and you’ll be fine.’

They looked at Adam unsure. ‘Just ask Cat.’

They all turned looking directly at Caitlin for answers.

‘It’ll be fine guys just do what Adam asks and we’ll get down there safely.’

‘Okay kids lets go and see what these coves have to offer.’

They all followed Adam out of the hotel through the grounds surrounding it. ‘Right when we get to the cliff follow me down one at a time, no pushing or we’ll all be in shit okay.’

‘Yes sir.’

‘Right lets go.’

They walked over the grass land to the edge of Ghostly Hill walking over to the embankment at least teen feet forward and fifteen feet across.


‘Good aint it?’

‘You like it out here?’

‘Of course. We found all animal carcasses out here.’


‘Well their bones anyway.’

‘Ignore Joe he’s a bone fanatic anything dead he’s there.’

‘Oh right.’

‘Right guys this way. Follow me.’

‘We’ve got to walk over there.’

‘He forgot to mention it was at least ten or eleven feet to the edge. But you’ll like it when you get there I promise.’

‘Thanks Joe come on guys.’

They wearily over the gassed land to the edge of Ghostly Hill. They all stood looking down at the cove bellow, a sandy cove the sea splashing against it. An opening into pure darkness.


‘It’s a long way down.’

‘Watch you don’t fall.’ Crispin said pushing Alyah.

She stumbled he grabbed her. ‘Hey!’


‘Ha Ha very funny, not!’

‘No fooling around it’s a long way down.’

‘Yeah to your death.’

They all looked round.


‘Well it’s true.’ He began.

Caitlin and Adam stared at him.

Mark leaped in. ‘What Joe is trying to say is be careful we don’t want to loose any of you.’

‘Nice save.’

He smiled evilly.

‘So did anyone die out here?’

‘A few.’


‘Well it’s the truth, accidents do happen.’

‘Indeed they do, so class no fooling around we don’t any accidents do we?’

‘No sir.’

‘Right now we’ve got that sorted where’s this rocky embankment?’

‘Just over here, follow me.’

They all followed Adam to the far end of the edge of Ghostly Hill to where the rocky cliff had once stood were steps down to the cove. ‘I don’t understand these weren’t here five years ago.’

‘A lot happens in five years.’

‘I know but.’

‘You sure that we’re in the right place?’

‘Yeah positive.’

‘So are we going down or what?’

We are. Follow me the steps may be a little jagged so watch your step.’

Everyone followed Adam down the uneven stairs onto the sand. ‘It’s just over here.’

They followed Adam across the sand to the entrance of the darkened cove. Alyah looked up a mouth rounded the entrance. A face of a ram stared back at her.

‘What is it Alyah?’

She pointed above the entrance to the head surrounding it.


‘What is it guys?’

‘There’s a face of some kind above the opening.’

‘Let’s take a look.’

They all stepped back Adam looked up at it examining it. ‘Satan.’

‘Excuse me?’

‘Satan, Lucifer, or better known as the devil.’

‘He forgot to mention that to.’


‘It’s the devil’s cove.’

‘Is this true?’

‘Yes it is. It’s where he used to perform sacrifices.’

‘Why didn’t you tell us this before we came down here?’

‘There hasn’t been any sacrifices for centuries, nothing weird happened when we came down here.’

‘Oh okay. We all okay to go in?’

The class chatted amongst each other. ‘Well if Adam says its say okay.’

‘Right follow me.’

They all followed Adam into the coves he lit the first lantern with his lighter. This triggered the other lanterns to flame simultaniasly. ‘That’s never happened before.’ He said slipping the lighter into his pocket.

‘Like I said a lot happens in five years.’

‘Right guys follow me.’

They all followed Adam deeper into the cove the walls uneven with a glazed effect like ice running down them the class looking at them in amazement.

‘Right guys we’re heading for the secret cove where the sacrifices were performed where you’ll hopefully be able to use what you find for your papers.’

’Are you sure that’s such a good idea?

‘Positive. It will give them all a chance to see where they took place first hand.’

‘Only if you’re sure.’

‘I am. Follow me.’

They followed Adam deeper into the cove the devil’s cove was open. ‘Well this is a second. The first time that we were here it was blocked off.’

‘And the second?’

‘The wall was like gone like it is today.’

‘So what do we do?’

‘Take a look around.’

They all stepped into the devil’s cove, a squared cove with a table laid in the centre.

‘It don’t look much.’

‘The table extends as what we believe to be a large table with a large inverted pentagram drawn onto it. It is to hold the person that the devil has chosen for the sacrifice they are tied to it there head at the bottom their arms and legs on the other four points ready for their sacrifice to Satan.’

‘What sort of sacrifice is it?’

‘That depends on Satan. It could either be of a new beginning, or a death.’

‘Ewe can we get out of here.’

‘I think that’s a good idea.’

‘Hey wait.’

‘What is it Crispin?’

‘Take a look over here.’

They all walked over to Crispin.

‘So what have you found?’

‘This.’ He said pointing to a staircase.’

‘These weren’t here before.’

‘Like I said.’

‘We’ve got the point Joe.’

‘Can we go down?’

‘Sure why not.’


‘Come on Alyah it won’t take long. I haven’t seen this.’

‘We haven’t either.’

‘So are we all okay to go down?’


‘Come on then follow me, keep a hand on the wall to steady yourselves the steps look a little unstable.’

They all followed Adam down the stairs carefully and cautiously.

They stepped off the last step into another cove looking round the large surroundings.


‘This is great.’

‘Right guys five minutes then we get out of here.’

They all looked at the inscriptions following the walls round the cove looking at the drawings of Satan sacrificing the innocent in his rituals of death. The walls blooded, a rectangular table stood in the centre, alone. A pentagram drawn on it, hardly visible with a female skeleton nailed to it. Old deep red blooded stains down four of the pillars.


‘This is great. I wish we’d’ve found this five years ago.’

‘Me too.’

‘Why’s that Adam?’

Well it would’ve been another piece to the jigsaw Alyah. The past is precious it takes us one step closer to the truth.’


‘Right we best be getting back it’s getting rather hot down here.’

‘Your principles right it is getting a little stuffy in here. Let’s make our way back out of here to the surface.’

They all turned walking up the stairs.


She turned.

Nothing, she turned back continuing to make her way up the stairs.


She turned yet nothing, she turned back following the others back up to the devil’s room.

‘Well I hope you’ve all learnt something today, and hopefully you’ll use it in your papers.’

‘Come on it’s getting too hot in here even for me.’

‘Is everyone here?’

‘Yes Sir.’

‘Right let’s go.’

They all followed Adam out of the Devil’s room. The wall crashed down hitting the floor.

‘Is everyone okay?’


‘Are we all here?’

‘Alyah’s missing sir.’

‘Alyah can you hear me?’

‘Help me get out of here.’

‘We’ll try our best.’




‘Quick everyone find something to get her out.’ Joe and Mark stood back knowing she wouldn’t get out alive.


She turned a ram’s face centimetres away from hers she opened her mouth to scream the half man half beast placed his hand over her mouth to silence her. ‘They can’t hear you its sound proofed.’

She looked nervously at him it was the face that had stared at her outside the cove.

‘Do you know who I am?’

She nodded.

‘So I’m sick am I?’

Her eyes widened.

‘Do you believe in me now?’

She nodded.

‘Do you want to know what I’m going to do with you?’

She shook her head.

’He leaned to her ear. ‘Take your soul.’

She screamed into his hand as he kissed her cheek.

His eyes glowed burning in hers her head hung lifelessly, he held her limp body in his arms.

Alyah’s eyes slowly opened the oval table open with her strapped to it. She screamed.

He looked at her talking in Egyptian. His hands gliding over her body, her pupils rolling to the back of her sockets. Her soul rising out of her body into his.

The principle turned looking at Joe and Mark. ‘Why are you just standing there? Help.’

‘Where she’s going she won’t need any help.’

‘What do you mean?’

‘Satan has taken her.’

‘What’s he talking about?’ he looked at Adam. ‘Adam?’

‘He’s right. I’m sorry you can’t save her.’

‘But you said.’

‘He lied. It happened five years ago and it’s happened again hasn’t it Adam?’

‘Yes. I’m sorry.’

The wall levered up. They stared at the blooded table.

‘Where’s Alyah?’


‘But we heard her screaming.’

‘He’s taken her.’

‘Where to?’


‘Come on we best go.’

The year elevens stood confused they’d heard her screaming so where had she gone?

They all turned walking out of the devil’s cove they slothed up the uneven stairs to the edge of Ghostly Hill looking over at the cove the entrance closing the eyes of the ram glowing.

‘What now?’

‘Satan has taken her soul and taken her to hell.’


‘Sorry we must go.’

They turned walking away across the grassland as the ram’s eyes continued glowing.

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