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Chapter Fifteen


CELL 13:


‘Right everyone now you have the information you have to use it well. We will go over every inch of Ghostly Hill over the next twenty eight days, so no wondering off okay.’

‘Right are we ready to go?’

‘We sure are.’

‘Okay let’s go.’

They all walked out of the lobby of the hotel, at least it had stopped raining for today anyway.

‘We’re heading over towards the Police Station, so no running of for a quick pash okay.’

‘Sure.’ They all laughed.

They group walked passed the waterfall and through the clearing, passing the Black Magic Church heading towards the Police Station. Two girls slipped away from the rest of the group thinking they’d been unnoticed, but two had.

‘You sure about this Cammy?’

‘Yeah positive.’

‘Okay then.’

Sarah held tightly onto Cammy’s hand as they walked through the empty Police Station. ‘Where are we going Cam?’

‘Cell thirteen.’

‘You sure? You heard Adam.’

‘It’s all just a myth a load of bull shit.’

‘How can you be sure? You heard him. At least six people died four in here two in their tents.’

‘Chill Sarah we’re okay no one knows we’re here. We’ll be out of here before they even notice that we’re gone.’

‘Only if you’re sure.’

‘I am now come on.’

The cell door opened.

They looked at each other.

‘I don’t know Cam.’

‘Come on.’

‘How did it open?’

‘I don’t know, now come on their probably not locked, the wind could’ve opened it.’

‘So why are all the others closed?’

‘Quit the questions and come on.’

She pulled Sarah into the cell. The door closed Sarah jumped turning. “Just the wind” she reminded herself.

‘Come on Sarah we’re all alone.’

Cammy pulled Sarah close turning her to face her, pressing her lips on hers kissing her before she objected, before she came up with more excuses not to be there. They kissed hungrily the wind blew round them.

Cammy flew back hitting the wall.

‘Cam what’s going on?’

‘I don’t know.’

She edged forward being thrown back up against the wall.

Sarah edged forward being thrown up against the ajaincent wall. The cell door opened Joe and Mark stepped in.

‘Joe, Mark help.’

They stared at them blank saying nothing.

‘Joe! Mark!’

They finally spoke. ‘Take them.’



‘NO!’ They screamed.

Cammy’s clothes ripped open, Sarah screamed as nails scored down Cammy’s body.

‘Please guys help.’


Mark walked over to her placing his hand on her chin squeezing her lips together. ‘Do you see what you’re missing?’

Joe touched Cammy licking up her body.’

‘Do you see?’

‘Yes.’ She cried.

‘Good cause you’re never going to get it again.’ He kissed her check felling her breast before snapping it. ‘Take her.’

Her clothes shredded nails slashing her body.

‘New age lesbo’s aye think they can escape death. But they die just like every other fucker does.’

‘Well they won’t be les-bean anymore.’

Joe and Mark turned walking out of cell thirteen and the Police Station returning to the others.

‘We all here?’

‘We’re missing Sarah and Cammy.’

‘Has anyone seen them?’

‘Probably found somewhere to get it on.’


‘Sorry Miss, but they’re so gay. You can’t miss it.’

‘I saw them heading for the Police Station.’

‘Great. I wish you kids would listen.’

They all walked over to the Police Station walking in. ‘Cammy? Sarah?’

No reply.

They walked down the walk shouting their names into each of the cells. ‘Cammy? Sarah?’

Caitlin came to a halt causing a pile up. The teenagers almost falling over the other,

‘What is it Cat?’

‘T-T-T-Take a look.’

They turned looking in cell thirteen at the two mutilated teenage girl’s bodies clothes ripped to shreds, breasts hanging out blooded. The girls screamed.

‘Oh gross.’

‘We best be getting back.’


‘Come on I think we’ve all seen enough for one day.’

‘Yes Miss.’

They all turned walking out of the Police Station. Joe placed his arm round Caitlin as they headed back.

They slumped into the hotel dragging their weary bodies up the stairs to their rooms.

Joe pulled Caitlin close. ‘You okay babe?’

‘Did you kill them Joe?’

‘I believe cell thirteen killed them.’


‘No I didn’t. Cell thirteen did.’

He leaned forward placing his lips on hers kissing her.

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