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Chapter Two


It was getting on for three thirty in the afternoon. Caitlin was in the middle of tidying up the classroom after another hectic afternoon with the year elevens, she hadn’t even noticed the dark clothed male walk into the classroom.

The door closed.

Caitlin turned, dropping her book on the floor. Her face turning a white shade of ghost.

‘You that happy to see me?’

She stood speechless looking at a face she’d hoped to have forgotten.

‘I take that as a yes.’

She starred saying nothing, just staring.

He smiled.

‘Say something then.’

‘Joe?! But I thought.’


‘What are you doing here? It’s been five years. Everyone thinks that you’re dead.’

‘As you can see I am not.’

‘Why are you here Joe?’

‘To see you.’

‘Where’s Mark?’

‘He’s here too.’


‘He thought it would be best it would be best if I saw you alone.’


‘So I could say sorry. So we could make up.’

‘I don’t know Joe it’s been five years.’

‘Five years too long. Now I’m back and I want to make it up to you.’

‘I don’t know Joe.’ She said unsure after what had happened during their time at Ghostly Hill.’

He walked over to her. ‘Come on Cat I never stopped thinking about you. Not once.’

He put his hand out. His eyes hypnotising her.

She took his hand, he pulled her close placing his lips on hers kissing her. The hairs on the back of her neck standing on edge as he kissed her hungrily. A coldness passing through her body.

He pulled away. ‘Come on let’s go back to yours.’

‘I don’t know Joe.’

He stared at her. She looked at him, transfixed in his dark deceiving eyes. ‘Okay.’ She sighed. He smiled leading her out of the classroom and the school.

She closed the flat door behind them, Joe pulled her close placing his lips on hers kissing her. He moved away. ‘So can we start again?’

‘I don’t know Joe. Especially after the last time.’

‘Just remember who ran the last time.’ He said leading her into the bedroom. Gliding his hand down her face. ‘Remember the first time we made out?’

‘How can I forget?’

‘We can have that once again.’

‘So you can leave?’

‘I won’t. Just remember the last time and who it was that ran.’

He placed his lips on hers before she responded. They kissed hungrily, undressing.

Her head hitting the pillow as he kissed down her body goose bumps tingled through her body. He kissed her numb body making love to her.

Their nails piercing through each others skin dragging down their naked bleeding flesh, as he continued making love to her.

Caitlin opened her eyes. Joe stared down into them. ‘Why are you here Joe?’

‘To see you. I’ve already told you.’

‘Bull shit Joe. You’re talking to me, not those that are dead. I know you remember, you’ve always got a hidden agenda.’

‘Okay. I came to you for your help.’

‘Why now?’

‘Ghostly Hill needs new recruits.’

‘Oh no not this shit again Joe. Everyone died last time.’

‘All but five I recall.’

‘So you’re going to kill us all?’

‘Four of you anyway.’

‘What do you mean?’

‘I want you in on this. You’re an English teacher right?’

‘I’m filling in.’

‘So you can swing it for your class to get an excursion out to Ghostly Hill for a paper?’

’I guess they will be covering it next term.

‘Good that gives us time to prepare.’

‘For what?’

‘You have to have permission right?’


‘Right we’ll start planning. First the archaeologist.’

‘Are you sure he’ll help you Joe after all.’

‘Just say with death hanging over you head you wont say no.’

‘And the others?’

‘That depends on them doesn’t it?’

‘So we’re all going back to Ghostly Hill?’

‘Maybe. Like I said it depends on them. I’m sure Sass will knowing that you’ll be there. But as for the other two.’

‘Well isn’t it best to get every one there if you’re doing it for him?’

‘Good thinking. You’ll be one of us before you know it.’

She smiled inadequately. She didn’t want to be any part of this conspiracy, nor did she want to return to a place that they’d ran from. Because she knew when the time finally came he would kill her too. This in itself made her feel nauseous with fear that she would be dead before she woke.

‘Me and you babe back together a team once again.’

He pressed his lips on hers kissing her hungrily.

He moved away.

‘Look Joe I’ve really got to go. I’ve got class in less than an hour.’

‘Call in sick, so we can spend today together.’

‘I can’t. Maybe tomorrow.’

Tomorrow sounded more appealing a whole weekend with her seemed very appealing. . He smiled. ‘Sure I’ll walk you.’

‘Is that wise?’

‘No one knows me do they?’


‘Well then.’

‘Okay.’ She sighed.

He smiled. Pulling himself up from under the covers dressing, slipping his feet into his boots. ‘I’ll be in the lounge okay.’

She smiled.

Joe walked out of the bedroom leaving Caitlin to dress. She walked out of the bedroom into the lounge looking at him, unable to believe she’d been roped into his dubious plans. He placed his arm round her kissing her hungrily before they left the flat.

‘I’ll see you tonight babe.’


He placed his lips kissing her.

He moved away dropping her hand from his.

They parted company at the high school gates. He watched her walk into the high school where they’d once studied together.

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