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Chapter Eighteen - Week Three



The rain bounced off the windows of the hotel, waking Caitlin.

Joe looked at her questionly. ‘What’s wrong Cat?’

‘It’s raining.’

‘Chill Cat. It’ll give the kids a chance to roam around the hotel, or catch up on some sleep.’

‘I guess.’

Joe pulled Caitlin close. Placing his lips on hers kissing her hungrily. Easing himself inside her making love to her.

He moved away slowly. ‘I love you Cat.’

‘I love you too.’

He placed his lips on hers kissing her hungrily.

He moved away. ‘So what are we doing today?’

‘I’m going back to sleep. I don’t know about you.’

He smiled guiding his hand down her face, her eyes slowly closing.

Downey had woke to the beating on the window pains from the heavy showers. He pulled himself up out of bed sleepily. Getting changed. Slipping his size tens into his boots before wearily opening his hotel room door to the corridors of the forth floor. He walked drowsily down the corridor turning left down the spiral stair case walking aimlessly, dazed down them to the third floor, where he turned to left passed the no entrance signs. This corridor had to be strictly off limits for a reason. Adam had made it clear that they were forbidden to go onto the third floor because of room 352. Though it had happened five years ago it could relatively happen a second time.

He continued down the long corridor not knowing why his sleepy body had taken him there. He turned to the right half way down the corridor. The door of 352 stood directly in front of him.

He placed his hand on the handle and pushed it down pushing the door open, he stepped in the door closing behind him. He flinched turning, nothing. He turned back the once empty room was no longer empty.

A boy as young as he walked through him, the sound of the door closing behind him echoed in Downey’s mind. the boy stared questionly at the two dark haired, dark eyed males so did Downy, who gasped before the samurai’s blade sliced neatly through the boy’s body peering out of his skull, the next through his back and through his mouth, his blood choking him. The blood seeping out of his blooded toothed mouth and down his chin.

Downey screamed. Turning toward the door where Joe and Mark stood once again. He turned back the standing body of the dead boy stood face to face with him samurai’s descending out of his body. Joe and Mark standing either side of the dead. Downy stood shaken, speechless as the samurai pierced through his body. ‘What were you told about entering this room?’


‘Yeah. Downey. Or should we call you dead?’

He looked at hem nervously, as to say “please don’t kill me.”

They ignored his plea. The samurai hit his jugular bursting it. Blood sprayed across the wall of room 352 as it sliced through Downey’s skull.

‘Bye Downey. Have a nice day.’

‘Yeah a dead one!’

They laughed evilly leaving the room. The door closing behind them.

Caitlin slowly opened her eyes. Joe’s coaled eyes stared into hers. ‘Joe?’

‘Enjoy your sleep?’

‘Yeah thanks.’


He leaned forward the door burst open. They both looked at a hysterical Adam. ‘What’s wrong Adam?’

‘Downey’s missing. I knocked on his door for brunch.’


‘He wasn’t there.’

‘Come on. We best go and find him.’

Caitlin pulled herself up. ‘A little privacy.’

‘Oh sorry.’ Adam said closing the door behind his embraced face.

‘Do we have to do this now Cat? I’m horny.’

‘You’re always horny Joe. Horny can wait we need to find Downy. We can’t have any more of them disappearing.’

‘Okay.’ Joe sighed defeated.

Caitlin pulled her clothes on as Joe huffed as he waited for her to get her boots on. Right lets go.’ She said taking Joe’s hand leaving their room.

Joe and Caitlin met Adam and the others in the lobby.

‘Right now were all here I’d like us all to get into groups and search each and every floor until we find Downey. We know he’s not in his room.’

‘What if he’s not in the hotel?’

‘Then we search Ghostly Hill.’

‘Right kids we’ll split up and take every level till we find him lets go.’

The year elevens all split up having two adults whit them taking each floor.

Adam and his group stopped at the third floor looking at the broken barrier tape.

‘You don’t think he’s gone down there do you?’

‘I don’t know.’

‘Wasn’t it cordoned off?’

‘Yeah it was. You don’t think?’

‘We best take a look.’

The group followed Adam the other groups re-joining them after having no luck on the other nine floors. They continued down the long corridor. They turned to the right half way down the corridor. The door of 352 stood directly in front of them. Adam placed his hand on the door handle pushing it down opening the door.

Downey turned his body seathered from his middle to his skull.

Screams of the distraught teenagers echoed through the corridor of the third floor

Downy turned to his fellow class mates samurai’s pierced through his body. His body blooded.

‘You okay Cat?’



She shock the horrific thought6s away looking at Adam. ‘Sorry what did you say?’

‘Are you okay?’

‘Yeah fine.’

‘Right guys, stay with your friends. And in any circumstances do not venture out of your rooms, or into Ghostly Hill understood?’

They groaned with their heads bowed turning walking away from room 352.

‘Are you sure you’re okay Cat?’

‘Yeah. I’m fine.’

‘I’ll take care of Cat. You guys carry on.’

‘You sure Joe?’


‘We’ll see you at supper.’

‘Sure thanks guys.’


‘Yeah okay.’

Adam and the others left Joe and Caitlin alone. Mark looked at Joe who nodded before he turned leaving them alone too.

Joe placed his arm round her. ‘Come on babe lets get out of here.’ He said. Walking away.

The door of 352 closing.

Joe and Caitlin sat on the wall around the fountain. ‘You okay Cat?’

‘Yeah. Just that room. It reminded me so much of..’

‘Yeah I know.’

He placed his hand on her face. Turning her to face him. ‘Try not to think about it Cat. The kid knew not to go in there he knew that it was restricted. He broke the rules and paid the price.’

She looked at him. He placed his lips on hers kissing her to prevent her from any further questioning.

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