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Chapter Nineteen



Charlotte met Manny at the end of the hall.‘You sure about this Manny?’

‘Positive. Come on.’

‘What if we get caught?’

‘We won’t. Now come on.’ He said grabbing her hand pulling her away before she through any more objections his way,

They walked up three flights of stairs to the top of the hotel, to the pent house. ‘It’s just down here.’

‘And you’re sure we should after what Adam said?’

‘Its all bull shit babe. He’s just putting the creeps up all of us that’s all. I mean how can a bed kill you? Let alone a room.’

‘You saw..’

He looked at her opening the door of the penthouse. He led her in looking round the spacious clean room. It was immaculate the bedding fresh, on the cantered four poster bed. ‘See it’s just a normal room.’

The door creaked closing. They turned alerted by its closure.

‘How did..’

‘Old I guess. Come on Charlotte we aint got long before day break.’

‘Okay.’ She said still unsure that they were completely save, and alone in the room. After everything that Adam had told them about.

He led her over to the bed pulling her down on to it. He looked down on her. ‘Lets make this a night to remember.’

She smiled pulling him toward her.

‘I’m liking this already.’

‘Shut up and kiss me.’

He smiled placing his lips on hers kissing her hungrily, passionately with tongues as they teared each others clothes off. They indulged in pure pleasure as she rode him, he turned her over he now was indulged in her sexually. Ropes entwined round her wrists. ’Mmmh kinky.’

He smiled penetrating deeper into sexual orgasm. ’turn over.’

She tried to move. ‘I can’t.’


His body peeled open. Hands that were not his emerged out of his opened organed body she lay paralysed with fear, unable to scream as his blood sprayed over her naked flesh. The hands sliding into her naked flesh she jolted. Her eyes open wide, glazed, dead.

Clarisa knocked on the door of room 666. ‘Guys you best get your asses down to the lobby before you’re banished from the rest of the excursion.’


‘Guys.’ she said opening the door. She stepped in and screamed. She turned blades diced across her throat and abdominals. Her blooded seathered body collapsed top the floor of room 666 the door closing, but who had killed her?

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