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Chapter Twenty One



Mr. Cluntlis walked out of his room. Hands covered his mouth, he mumbled into the drugged hankie. Falling limp as he was hauled away.

He woke his eyes strained a little fuzzy as he tried to make out the two dark figures that were staring at his hanging body. His eyes slowly focused. ‘Joe! Mark! What’s going on? Why am I here, and more important why are you?’

‘Did you not do your homework Sir?’

He hung speechless.

Joe looked at Mark. ‘Mr. Cluntlis didn’t do his homework.’

‘Tut tut, we can’t that Joe can we?’

‘No we can’t.’ Joe said, he looked at the principle. ‘Do you want to know why you are here Sir?’

‘Call me David.’

‘Why? You’re no friend of mine.’


‘I saw you. You dirty old perv. Pity Caitlin didn’t. All the remarks, the gestures at her tits. She may have missed it, but I did not.’

‘I didn’t I swear.’

‘Don’t lie to me! You wanted a piece of her didn’t you? Didn’t you Mr. Cluntlis?’ He said getting closer his face in the principles.

‘Yes!’ He cried.

‘Sorry, but you aint going to get it she’s mine. Always has been, always will be.’

‘But I, she.’

‘We lost touch, but now I’m back for good.’ He looked at Mark. ‘Shall we give him a lesson in the art of deception?’

‘Yes. I think we should.’

‘What are you guys talking about?’

‘This.’ Joe said swinging the samurai out.

It sliced through the air quicker than the principle screamed. Cutting effortlessly, perfectly through the principle four times. Blood sprayed, the rope was cut joltinting, breaking the principles neck.

Joe and Mark turned walking away leaving a surprise for the remainder of the group, and their old friends, especially Caitlin.

‘So are we all ready?’

‘Where’s Mr. Cluntlis?’

‘I don’t know. I knocked on his door there was no reply. Maybe he’s sleeping in.’

‘So are we all ready to go?’

‘We can’t leave without him.’

‘I’m sure he won’t mind just this once.’

‘Okay we all ready?’

‘Where are we going?’

‘The Dark Woods.’

They all looked at Caitlin and Adam threatened. ‘Nothing to be scared of kids we’re just finishing off where we ended last time before the tragic accident yesterday.’


‘Right let’s go.’

They all followed Adam and Caitlin out of the hotel.

‘Where are Joe and Mark this morning?’

’Not sure Joe wasn’t there when I woke at a guess they both went for a walk?

They all followed Adam and Caitlin through the city passing the church. Heading towards the end of the city where the Dark Woods lay. ‘Right guys don’t be alarmed you know the drill it’s very dark so be careful where you step okay. And stick together no matter what.’

They walked through the Dark Woods hopping that none of them would be pulled into the devil’s star. They followed suit through the centre of the woods where the star had once laid and was no longer. This confused many of them.

‘Where’s the star Adam?’

‘Like I said yesterday it was there to be seen, and it chooses who sees it.’

‘Well we all saw it yesterday, why not today?’

‘Good question.’ He paused thinking for a while. ‘It is the first that I know of that it has let everyone see it, maybe it wanted everyone to see it. Now it’s gone.’


‘Good save.’


They continued through the Dark Woods passing the centre screams echoed through the woods. Caitlin and Adam looked over at the distressed teenagers. ‘What’s wrong?’

They pointed saying nothing.

Adam and Caitlin looked up at the trees Caitlin screamed at the quartered body, and the snapped neck of Mr. Cluntis. Each body part hanging individually on the trees branch.

‘Oh shit.’

‘Come on kids we best be getting back to the hotel this is not a good place to be right now.’

‘How did it happen?’

‘It looks like voodoo.’

‘Who do you think done it?’

‘Who knows. Come on.’

They all turned walking away making their way back thorough the Dark Woods. Adam placed his arm round Caitlin’s shaken body trying to comfort her.

She’d seen it so many times before, but was not used to seeing the gruesome deaths of those she knew.

Adam closed the door of the hotel behind them taking his arm from round Caitlin. ‘You okay now?’

‘I’m going to lye down.’


She walked away still a little shaken walking jelly legged up the stairs.

‘Is she going to b e okay?’

‘I hope so. I knew this was a bad idea returning here.’

‘We all did, but we all got roped into it just like Cat did.’

Mark walked into the lobby. ‘Did I miss something?’

‘Yeah a dead body.’


‘Yeah their principles.’

‘Oh. I’m sorry.’ He paused. ‘So I guess they won’t want anything to eat?’

‘Not now Mark.’

‘They can reheat it. You coming Sass?’

‘Yeah sure.’

He smiled taking her hand leading her up the stairs.

‘He gets all the perks.’

‘Yeah I know.’

‘But where was he? He wasn’t here when we left.’

Corplan and Spanner looked at Adam. He had a good point, yet a question no one could answer.

Mark closed the door. Sass looked at him. ‘What’s wrong babe?’

‘Where were you this morning?’


‘You weren’t here when we left.’

‘Me and Joe went out.’


‘Down by the cove. Fishing why?’

‘No reason.’

‘Come here.’ He pulled her close. ‘I love you.’

‘I love you too.’

He pressed his lips on hers kissing her hungrily.

Joe looked at Caitlin after closing the door of the bathroom. ‘Cat how long have you been here?’

‘A while.’

‘What’s wrong babe?’

‘Mr. Cluntlis.’

‘What about him?’

‘He’s dead Joe.’


She looked at him. ‘Did you kill him Joe?’

‘Whatever gave you that idea?’

‘I know you Joe and I know this place.’

‘He had a thing for you Cat only a fool couldn’t see it.’

‘So your jealousy got the better of you?’

‘I’m not sharing you with anyone. Especially not an old git like him.’

She stared at him.

‘He would’ve done anything to get you Cat and you missed all of the signs. He had to go.’


‘We agreed Cat.’

‘I can’t lie anymore. You killed the principle, again. Someone everyone trusts.’

He placed his hand round her throat. ‘And I’ll kill you too if you don’t keep it quiet.’ His grip tightening.

‘Please Joe you’re hurting me.’ She said, her breath shortening.

‘You going to keep to your part of the bargain? You going to keep your fucking mouth shut?’

‘Yes. Just let go before you kill me.’

He loosed her throat. ‘Glad we understand one another, cause I really don’t want to kill you Cat you mean too much to me.’

He leaned forward she turned, his head hit the pillow she leaped off the bed. He grabbed her pulling her back down. His hands tightly round hers. ‘You’re not running out on me now Cat.’


‘We’re in this together till the end.’

‘Please Joe.’

‘Let me make love to you.’

‘No you’ll kill me.’

‘I won’t. I promise.’


He pressed his lips on hers to silence her kissing her hungrily making love to her.

He pulled away. ‘Don’t forget whose side you’re on Cat.’ He loosed her wrists lying besides her closing his eyes. She laid paralyzed, tears rolling down her face onto the pillow.

What else could she do? Live a lie and get everyone killed, or tell everyone what was going on and die?

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