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Chapter Twenty Two



Christine opened her eyes. Two dark figures stood over her bed. She screamed.

A hand spread across her mouth a blindfold was rapped and tied round her eyes.

A gag over her mouth, tied. She kicked out as they carried her out of the room. She mumbled into the assailants hand for help. Not realising that Joe and Mark had slipped sleeping pills into everyone’s coco before bed.

They struggled. Joe’s fist shot across her face knocking her out cold. ‘Always wanted to do that.’

‘She was a little bit of a show off.’ Mark admitted.

‘A little she was more like a constant headache.’

‘So you have any trouble with Cat last night?’

‘Only a little. Nothing I couldn’t handle. She saw sense in the end.’

‘Good. I told Sass we went fishing.’

‘And she brought that?’

‘Like she had a choice.’

‘Come on it’ll be getting light soon lets get this bitch to the church and get her to show some respect.’

They walked out of the hotel, the door closing behind them. They walked across the clearing slowly towards the Black Magic Church carrying the dead weight of the knocked out body.

The doors opened of the church they walked in carrying her over to the back wall. ‘Help me will you.’

They placed the weighted body upside down cuffing her wrists and ankles taking her blindfold off.

Her eye slowly adjusted after opening.

‘Nice to see you with us Christine.’

‘What are you pair of freaks doing?’

‘Gaining respect.’

‘Who off?’

Joe edged forward. Straight into her face he said plainly. ‘Your sweetheart.’

‘You’ll never get it.’

‘I think we will, and if we don’t.’


‘You’re dead.’

She spat out at him. It landed on his face, he wiped it away. The back of his hand thrashed across her face splitting her lip. ‘A little harsh even for you.’

‘Go to hell freak! ’

‘You’re already in hell babe. All of you.’ He laughed evilly.

‘Let me go.’


The nails pierced into the palms of her hands, she screamed.

‘So are you going to respect me and my friend?’


More nails pierced through her ankles. She screamed again.

‘We can continue, or you can show us some respect.’


The nails impaled into the rest of her body. She screamed out in pain. The next through her throat, the last into her heart. The nails inched out of her bleeding dead body, her eyes wide, dead.

‘Another good one Joe wouldn’t you agree?’

‘Indeed I would.’

Joe and Mark walked away from the dead the doors of the church opened. They stepped out, the doors closing behind them one last time.

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