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Chapter Twenty Three



‘Come on Charley.’

‘I don’t know.’

‘You trust me don’t you?’

‘You know I do.’

‘Come on then. I promise me and my friend’s wont do anything bad. Cross my heart hope to die.’ He said drawing a cross over his heart.

‘Oh okay.’ She sighed, defeated.

He smiled placing his lips on hers kissing her hungrily. He moved away taking her hand. ‘Come on the others are waiting.’

He pulled her out of the hotel where four other males were waiting. ‘We ready?’

‘We are now.’

‘Come on lets go.’

They all walked away heading through the clearing towards the dark woods. They walked towards the church. ‘Hey what’s that?’

They all peered in looking at the upside down body cuffed with nails piercing through the body.

‘Oh my god it’s Christine. We’ve got to go back and tell Caitlin.’



‘We’ll tell them when we come back. Come on.’ Harley said pulling Charley away from the scene.

They entered the Dark Woods Charley remembering what had happened there and was still unsure of going deeper into them. Whatever the guys had planned she wasn’t sure they should go through with it right now. ‘I’m not sure about this guys.’

‘It’s okay you’ll be fine I promise.’

‘Okay.’ She said still unsure.

They reached the centre of the Dark Woods. ‘Well here we are babe.’

‘Are you sure.’

‘Everything’s going to be fine. Trust me.’

He leaned forward placing his lips on hers kissing her hungrily. He moved away. ‘Trust me Charley.’

She smiled nervously he stepped back into position.

They began to chant her eyes rolled back.

Two lovers walked into the Dark Woods into its centre where red candles were lit.

She kissed him.

He watched as she unbuttoned her blouse slipping out of it revealing her breasts as it fell to the ground.

He smiled placing his lips on hers kissing her, undressing, stumbling into the centre of the inverted pentagram. He pulled her down on top of him making love.

The flames rose igniting the devil’s star their souls emerging out of their bodies.

Their bodies tearing their blood spraying over the centre of the devil’s star. Their flesh falling to the ground burning, their bones shattering tuning to ash disappearing. Their souls being pulled into the centre of the star for the devils taking.

The flames died down the candles still burning.

Her clothes ripped, everyone stared. ‘Is this supposed to happen?’

‘No.’ Harley looked at Charley. ‘Charley snap out of it.’

They stepped forward her naked body stood in the centre of the star.


Fire circled round her naked body, mist armoured round the five friends pulling them into the star their blood spraying across the star.

The fires died down the mist evaporating. The blood melting into each of the points. The skies darkened the rain poured.

‘Sorry guys guess you won’t be venturing out today.’


Caitlin looked over. ‘Carter.’

‘Charley, Harley and the crew are missing they’re not in their rooms.’


‘Christine’s missing too.’

‘You don’t recon they’ve gone for an orgy in the woods do you?’

‘Sorry guys it’s too bad to take a look round. We’ll look for them tomorrow.’

As night fell they all returned to their rooms.

Joe looked at Caitlin. ‘Look I’m sorry about yesterday. I just lost it.’

‘You killed Christine didn’t you?’

‘She was a bitch Cat.’

‘And the others?’

‘No I didn’t nor did Mark. Maybe they went for that orgy?’ He joked.

She looked at him dead.

‘Come on Cat I swear I didn’t kill them okay.’

She looked into his eyes were they the ones of truth or the ones that held lies yet she melted into them. ‘Okay.’

He smiled placing his lips on hers kissing her.

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