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Chapter Twenty Three




Clare snuck into Emily’s room making sure that no one was watching, but someone had spotted them but who?

They slipped out of their clothes into the shower after turning it on.

‘You sure about this Clare?’

‘Yeah positive.’

‘But what if we get caught.’

‘We won’t now kiss me.’

They edged forward their lips pressing against each others, they indulged in a long tongued kiss touching pleasuring one another. Joe placed his finger on his lips as the two girls came to sexual ecstasy. ‘Shh.’ He removed his finger going into the shower room mark following behind.

They tiptoed across the bed room rooms. Joe opening the bathroom door to the indulged teenagers. Tongues gliding up and down their bodies in arousement. The swords cut through their flesh through the centre of their bodies gelling them in blood. The next through the back of their heads through their mouths through the back of the next, the last through the back of their skulls through their eye sockets and brains, killing them.

The two bodies stood congealed blood swimming in the running water. ‘Guess they’re les- beans now!’

Joe and Mark smiled evilly.

‘Teach them to go for it thinking no one would ever notice.’ He paused. ‘Come on before anyone notice we’re gone too.’

Joe and Mark walked out of Emily’s room turning down into the lobby where everyone was searching for Clare and Emily

‘You two haven’t seen Clare and Emily have you?’

‘No have you tried their rooms?’

‘Good thinking come on you lot we’ll take a look upstairs, they might still be sleeping.’

They all jogged up the stairs following Adam up the first two flights of stairs. Caitlin looking at Joe angrily.

Adam pushed the door open after getting no response. ‘Clare you in here?’

They searched the room and bathroom.

‘Nothing Miss.’

‘Try Emily’s.’

‘It’s across the hall Miss.’

‘Come on then.’

They all walked across the room closing the door of Clare’s room. They turned to the next room Caitlin knocked. Emily.’


Caitlin opened the door to yet another un-occupied room. ‘Great.’

‘Search the room.’

Si opened the door to the bathroom Jess screamed alerting the others,

Everyone turned.

‘What is it Jess?’

She said nothing.


‘I think we found them Miss.’

Caitlin, Adam and the teenagers looked into the bathroom. Looking at the congealed bodies with swords through their bodies.

‘Ew gross.’

‘I know, but I never knew they were you know.’

‘Well they ain’t anymore.’

‘Cavener! That’s enough.’ Caitlin said angrily. ‘Sorry guys the look around is cancelled till tomorrow.’

They all groaned.

‘Come on there’s plenty to do play pool or something.’

They all turned disappointedly.

‘I’m sorry but what else was I to do?’

‘You done the right thing Caitlin.’ Adam said closing the door behind them.

‘So why doesn’t it feel that way?’

‘They’ll forget it. Trust me. You and the others did. Everyday we had up here five years ago. Had its setbacks.’

‘You’re right.’ She sighed.

‘I know I am. You and Joe have time out I’ll take care of things.’

‘Are you sure?’



Caitlin took Joe’s hand. ‘Can I have a word?’

‘Yeah sure.’

‘In private.’


They walked away walking up to the next floor going into their room closing the door behind them. Joe pulled her close kissing her, kissing down her neck.

‘Where were you this morning?’

‘With you.’

‘And Mark?’

‘With Sass. I guess.’ He said kissing her.

‘And after?’

‘What’s with the twenty questions Cat? I thought you wanted time alone with me.’

‘I do, but..’

‘But what?’ He said kissing her neck.

‘Listen to me Joe!’

He pulled away looking directly at her.

‘Was it you and Mark that killed those girls?’

‘Maybe it was maybe it wasn’t. Guess we’ll never know will we?’ He said edging forward.

‘Joe listen to me. If they catch on.’

‘They won’t now relax and let me fuck you.’


He pressed his lips on hers kissing her undressing, her head hit the pillow as he made love to her.

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