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Chapter Twenty Four - Week Four



Caitlin woke at the hammering on the window.She slipped out of bed walking over to the window looking at the rain bounce off the window ledge and the pavement outside.

Joe looked up and over at her. ‘What’s wrong babe?’

‘Guess one last look around is cancelled.’

‘Why babe?’

‘It’s pissing down.’

A banging shook the room.


The door creaked as it opened. Adam peered round the door. ‘Sorry guys, but we’ll have to postpone going anywhere today. The weather’s traitorous out there.’


‘Brunch will be ready in ten okay.’

‘Sure. Thanks Adam.’

He slipped out closing the door. Joe looked at Caitlin. ‘Come back to bed.’

‘What about brunch?’

‘I’m not hungry. Are you?’

‘Not really.’

‘Well come back to bed.’

Caitlin walked away from the window to the four poster bed lying down, Joe pulled the satin covers over her. Her cold body touching his.

‘You cod?’

‘You would be too. It’s like winter out there.’

He placed his arms around her pulling her close. ‘You’ll be warm soon Cat.’

She laid her head on his chest, he glided his hand down her face. ‘Can I ask you something Cat?’

‘Yeah sure.’

‘Who told the Pshyc’s where to find us?’

Caitlin pulled herself up her blue eyes directly in his dark deceiving ones.

‘Well! I know someone did. Someone told them we were here. Who was it?’

She sat silent. Replying quietly. ‘Adam.’

‘What did you say?’

‘Adam.’ She replied bowing her head in shame.

He placed his hand under her chin lifting it. Her eyes solemn in his. ‘Did you say Adam?’

’I tried to stop him Joe. Me and Sass told him to leave Ghostly Hill with you in it. He wouldn’t listen Joe he insisted that you had to be stopped and it was the only way.

We begged him to reconsider, and to just leave you here and not to bring anyone else into it Joe. I promise.’

‘No wonder he almost shit his undies when he saw us.’ He paused. ‘What about the guys?’

‘Corplan and Spanner?’


She fell silent.

‘Cat tell me.’

‘They were on his side Joe. They thought it was for the best. We tried to talk them out of it, but they thought you needed help too.’

‘Thanks babe.’

‘What for?’

‘You’ve made this so much easier.’

‘What easier.’

He leaned forward. ‘You’ll see.’ He pressed his lips on hers to prevent any more questioning, kissing her hungrily making love to her.

He pulled away. ‘Come on let’s grab something to eat. I’m starved.’


He smiled kissing her quickly. They pulled themselves up getting dressed going down stairs to join the others.

‘Nice to see you’ve joined us.’

‘Yeah. Lucky some get it easy and can have people in their room.’

‘Well we’ve already seen you don’t stick to the rules haven’t we?!’ Joe said sarcastically pulling Caitlin down.

They ate their croissants and drank their coffees. Joe watching Adam’s every move and those he thought were his friends. Knowing they’d be dead soon enough, and shortly after the final year elevens.

He was hopeful for him and Mark that tomorrow would be a better day.

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