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Chapter Twenty Five



It wasn’t.

Everyone had met up in the lobby after brunch and were ready to take one last look around before they went back to their rooms to pack their belongings.

‘Sorry kids looks like another shitty day. I know there’s not many of us left now, but I was hoping to take you round again before you took time alone to write up your reports on Ghostly Hill.’

‘Never mind Adam. We can always go tomorrow.’

‘I guess.’ He sighed. ‘Anyway you’re free to wander round the grounds.’

‘Right everyone you heard Adam. We’ll continue looking round Ghostly Hill tomorrow. We’ll meet for lunch and supper in the dining hall. Okay, you’re free to do as you please for the rest of the day.’

The last of the year elevens pulled themselves up going into the recreation room for a game of pool.

‘Right guys I’m heading off to my room to finish my papers.’

‘Sure Adam. We’ll see you later.’


‘Lunch it is.’

Adam walked away.

‘So what are we all going to do today?’

‘Might as well join the others and thrash them at a game of pool.’

’Come on then.

They all pulled themselves up heading out of the lobby into the recreation room.

‘Do you guys mind if we join you?’

‘Not at all. You in for a thrashing?’

‘You maybe.’

‘Ooh harsh words.’

’Set ‘em up.’

Elena walked over to Joe as the pool table was set up. ‘Where’s Adam?’

‘In his room.’


‘Don’t get disturbing him, he’s doing some sort of paperwork. Must’ve been important, or he’d’ve been here.’

‘Oh okay. I won’t.’

Joe walked over to the others. Elena looked round before leaving the recreation room. Joe and Mark smiled evilly they both knew now who had come on to who, they knew it would be a big risk killing them both together. Separate would be best.

They looked back at Corplan and at the two girls he’d been flirting with these three would go together.

Elena knocked on Adam’s door. He opened it looking surprised at her. ‘El what are you doing here?’

‘I came to see you.’

‘I’m kinda busy.’

‘I know Joe said.’

He looked at her.’ ‘Okay come in.’

She smiled stepping in Adam closed the door behind her checking the corridor for any sign of any of the others. He looked at her. ‘You’re going to get caught.’

‘I don’t care.’

She placed her hands on his face pulling him toward her. ‘I like danger, if it’s with you.’

His eyes sparkled in hers.

She placed her lips on his kissing him. He kissed her without hesitation using tongue. Slipping his hand under her top onto her breast caressing it kissing harder and harder.

She pulled away looking at him. ‘Take me.’

He looked at her. ‘I can’t.’

‘Please Adam. I’ve waited and waited. I want you to make love to me.’


‘Take me.’

She placed her lips on his kissing him hungrily their clothes falling to the floor their naked bodies to the bed indulging in one another.

He moved away, her legs fell numb to the bed. He looked at her unsure of what to say.

‘What’s wrong? I didn’t do anything wrong did I?’

‘No not at all.’

‘Now are you going to join us?’

‘I cant I have paperwork.’

‘Surely you can do that later. Enjoy yourself.’

‘Sure why not.’

She smiled.

They scrambled into their clothes and boots. Adam opened the door, they stepped into the corridor and Adam closed the door. They walked down the corridor and the stairs into the lobby into the recreation room.

Joe looked up. ‘So she got your head out of your paperwork?’

‘Yeah, twisted my arm.’

‘So you joining us all for a game of pool?’

‘Sure why not.’

Joe smiled. He knew exactly what had gone in that room, but chose not to comment.

Everyone ate their lunch returning to finish their game of pool before supper.

‘So how she twist your arm?’

‘Yeah Adam. What’s her secret? You never pass on paper work.’

‘Twisted my arm.’

‘You bone her?’

He sat flushed.

‘You dirty dog.’

‘I’m off to bed.’

‘What you scared of? Getting into a conversation that you can’t get yourself out of?’

‘No. Just tired.’

‘Yeah right Adam.’

He nodded walking away.

‘Any bets he’ll be banging her again tonight?’



‘I do.’


‘And me.’

‘I’m in.’


‘Well it’s so obvious he’s giving her some.’

‘Yeah Cat look at how they are together.’

Caitlin sat defeated.

A knock startled Adam, who was deep in his paperwork. He pulled himself up of the chair walking over to the door opening it. She smiled. ‘Elena. What are you doing here?’

‘I wanted to spend tonight with you.’

‘I’m kinda busy.’

‘Please Adam.’

‘Sure come in.’

She stepped into the room, Adam took one last look down the empty corridor before closing the door.’

He looked at her. ‘So why you out after lights out?’

‘I want to spend tonight with you?’

‘Oh. May I ask why?’

‘Me and my friends are going into the dark woods in a few days.’

‘You sure El? It’s not safe in there.’

‘We thought we’d get its ora and fill in the blanks for our papers.’

‘Good idea.’

She pulled him close. ‘Besides this is the only chance I’m going to get before we head home.’

‘We’ll still see each other.’

‘Will we?’


She pressed her lips on his kissing him. He returned her kiss with tongue kissing passionately. Touching, their clothes fell to the floor their bodies to the bed. Making mad passionate love.

Hopefully for the remaining year elevens tomorrow would be a brighter day.

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