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Chapter Three


‘So she agreed?’

Joe turned looking directly at Mark. Smiled evilly. ‘Of course. She loves me, she always has.’

‘So who’s next?’

‘The archaeologist.’

‘Let’s go.’

‘So you found him?’

‘Yep. He’s working in one of the labs downtown.’

‘Lead the way.’

Mark and Joe walked away from the high school heading for the town centre. They took the slide streets to save time, until they finally reached a large ten storey building. ‘In here.’ Mark said pushing the door open.

Joe following suit, the door swinging shut behind them. They walked through the masses of corridors and through a security door leading to the basement. ‘It’s just through here.’ Mark said swiping the I.D card.

‘Where do you get that?’

‘It just happened to be lying around.’

The bolts cranked opening the door.

‘Yeah right. You’re such a good liar.’

‘I know.’ He laughed evilly. ‘I strangled the janitor acquiring the pin. Poor bugger chocked to his death.’


‘Come on.’

Joe followed Mark through the sixth and final door a three inch thick metal door to the labs. With “strictly forbidden” embossed upon it.

A male stood a little taller than they. With black hair with reddish tint the youngest, and the last of the archaeologists. Joe closed the door, he turned. White washed. ‘Joe, Mark, but I thought..’

‘Well you thought wrong, and yet you were stupid enough to stay on here. Did it ever cross your tiny little mind we’d be back? And find you. Did you Adam?’

‘I transferred here a few years ago. What are you doing here?’

‘We want your help.’

‘With what exactly?’

‘Ghostly Hill ring a bell!’

‘Oh no not that place, it’s freaked.’

Joe and Mark strode toward Adam making him even more nerved than he was through seeing them. ‘All you’ve got to do is supervise the trip and give the kids a little info on the place that’s all.’

‘I’m not going back there.’

Mark pushed Adam against the filling cabinet. Joe stared blank at him. ‘You’ll do it or you shall die!’

‘No way. I’m not going back there.’

Joe dug his nails into his pupils. He screamed. ‘You shall go.’

‘No you’ll kill me.’

‘We shall spare you if you do this for us.’ He said twisting his nails into the iris.

‘Okay okay. Stop! I’ll come. I’ll give the kids all the info they need. Keep me out of the rest.’

‘Glad we finally came to an understanding.’ Joe said removing his nails from the blooded sockets.

Bloodshot and painful to see through Adam spoke. ‘When is all this going down?’

‘We’ll call you. Some time in the next few weeks okay.’


‘Oh. And Adam don’t try anything, because we shall find you and we will kill you.’

‘I won’t. I promise.’

Mark took his hand from round his throat imprints stained Adams jugular. ‘Come on lets get out of here.’


They turned walking away and out of the labs slipping un-noticed out of the building.

‘So who’s next?’

‘You can do Sass, and we’ll do the others together.’

‘Sure. We’ll meet tomorrow.’

‘Okay first thing.’

‘What about Cat?’

‘She’ll be glad of me being out of her hair for a while.’

‘If you’re sure.’

‘I am.’

‘High school ten am.’

‘Okay tomorrow.’

‘Enjoy yourself.’

‘Oh I intend to.’ He smiled.

Joe smiled evilly. ‘Tomorrow.’


They parted company.

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