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Chapter Twenty Six



It was.

The remaining of the year elevens and the adults that were left reconciled in the lobby after brunch. ‘Right we’re all going to take one last look around, we won’t get much sightseeing in after today as you’ll all be working on your papers before you return home.’

‘Right guys lets go.’

They all walked out of the hotel for their round trip of Ghostly Hill though it didn’t feel the same with very few of them left.

Corplan placed his arms round two of the remaining girls. Two he’d had his wandering eye on since day one. And they’d all been sneaking around ever since un-noticed. ‘So you up for it tonight girls?’

‘Why what’s happening tonight?’

‘All of us in the same bed.’

‘No way.’

‘Be serious Corplan we’ll get caught for sure.’

‘No we won’t we’re all of age of consent they cant say jack. So what you say you ready to live a little, have some fun?’



‘Yeah okay.’

‘Superb. You won’t regret this, I promise.’ he said kissing them both. His arms dropping from round them placing his hands firmly on their asses.

‘Looks like Corplan’s up to his old tricks.’

‘Not for long my friend.’


‘He’s the first.’

‘Why what’s he done?’

‘The same as the other. Blagged.’

‘So Cat, and Sass?’

‘No. They were the only ones who stood by us. Pity we have to get rid.’

‘Are you sure that we’ve got to get rid of all of them?’


‘Oh well. Corplan it is.’ Mark sighed. An evil sigh.

They walked round Ghostly Hill for the next few hours taking photos of the place that they had stayed over the last month and its picturesque surroundings.

They all arrived back at the hotel a little after six for their supper at the dining table which wasn’t even half full they had filled it at the beginning of their trip and it seemed that it had grew less and less over that month. They all went into the lobby sitting around the coal fire. ‘So have you enjoyed your stay?’

‘I guess.’

‘You don’t seem so sure Jess.’

‘It’s just there are very few of us left now, and you’ve got to admit there’s been some pretty weird shit happening since we arrived.’

‘Yeah. Like cell 13, the devils cove, what was all that about?’

‘We understand that cell 13 was the devil’s cell and it was where he.’ Adam coughed. ’The devil came to his death. And as for the cove it was a place of sacrifice many of love, most of hate, and revenge.’

‘So this whole place is cursed?’

‘We believe so. It’s what happened when we visited five years ago wasn’t it Joe?’

Joe looked at Adam hesitant. Then the remainder of the coach load. ’yeah it was.’

‘So what happened whilst you were here?’

‘All kinds of weird shit. People disappearing. Many found dead. Dying from unnatural causes, people taking their own lives.’


‘Interesting Hugh?’

‘Yeah. Could say that. Could even write a book.’

‘Strange enough Spanner suggested a movie.’

‘Not a bad idea.’

‘No one would ever believe it.’

‘I guess not.’

‘Right guys lights out.’

They all pulled themselves up. ‘We’ll see you in the morning.’


They all walked away heading up the winding staircase to their rooms.

‘I’m going to bed.’

‘I’ll see you up there.’


Caitlin placed her lips on Joe’s kissing him. She moved way. ‘Night guys.’


‘I’ll walk with you.’


‘I’ll see you up there Sass.’

‘Sure.’ She said kissing Mark. He pulled her toward him kissing her hungrily staring at Spanner blank making his point that Sass was his, and he’d never have her.

She pulled away. ‘Come on Cat we’ll leave the guys to talk.’


‘Night girls.’


They walked away going up the stairs.’

‘Right I’m off.’

‘Come on Span stay up chat.’

‘I’m bushed.’

‘What about you Adam?’

‘Best go. Busy, busy.’

‘Yeah sure.’

Spanner and Adam pulled themselves up walking away. Sleepily up the stairs.

‘You going to bail on us to Corplan?’

‘Nagh. Not just yet anyway.’

‘Cool, anyone for a drink?’

‘Yeah sure.’


‘No thanks. I want to keep sober.’

‘Big night planned?’

‘Damn right.’

Mark smiled evilly walking away.

‘So Corplan.’


‘How have things been the last five years? Without us being around.’


‘Anything happen?’

‘No why.’

‘You would tell me if here had wouldn’t you?’

‘Yeah sure.’

Mark walked back in with the drinks. ‘Here.’

‘I didn’t want one.’

‘Its juice Corplan don’t want you dehydrating do we?’

‘I guess not. Thanks Mark.’ He said taking the glass of him.

Mark passed Joe a whisky chaser sitting down amazed as Corplan downed it in one placing the empty glass down on the coffee table.

‘So what were you guys talking about?’ Mark asked curiously.

‘About what happened whilst we weren’t here.’

‘And had anything?’


‘Do you believe that Mark gone all that time and nothing interesting happened can you believe that?’

‘No I can’t.’ He looked at Corplan. ‘You absolutely sure that nothing happened in our absence?’

‘There was one thing.’

‘Oh yeah what would that be.’

‘I bumped into Cat.’

‘Oh yeah.’

‘She’s one hot bitch Joe. You should never have let her go.’


‘We got chatting she came back to mine, and well one thing led to another you know how it is.’

‘Yeah I do.’

‘She was so different than I expected. No wonder you wanted her in that tent all alone. You dirty dog. She’s one fit bird I’ll give her that. She aint bad in bed either.’

Joe’s eyes glazed angered was he hearing correctly, or was it the truth or all bull shit?

‘Anyway I best be going I’ve got two birds who are up for a night of pleasure.’ Corplan pulled himself up ‘I’ll see you guys in the morning.’



‘Night Corplan.’

Corplan looked at Mark who gave him a look to say go now before he pounds you. ‘Right I’ll see you guys in the morning.’ He walked out of the lobby and up the stairs to his room.

‘Joe you okay?’

Joe tightened his fist. The glass shattered in it falling to the wooden floor cutting through his palm.

‘Shall I get you another?’

‘No. He must die.’

‘Some shock Hugh? Didn’t think Cat went for guys like him.’

‘He’s dead.’

‘Chill Joe. Calm down get your hand bandaged up before you go racing off and attempt to kill him.’

Corplan opened the door to his room. He looked round stepping in. He flicked the light switch lighting the room. The door was knocked. He turned and smiled. Looking around before pulling the two girls into his room closing the door behind them.

‘What’s up Corplan?’

‘Yeah, I thought you said it would be okay?’

‘Precautions girls, precautions.’

‘Oh right.’

‘No need to be alarmed. Take your shoes off.’

They both slipped out of their shoes. So did he.

He pulled them close. ‘Tonight’s going to be fun.’ He pulled them both down onto the bed kissing them undressing them touching them having sex with them.

‘You sure about this Joe? Your hand.’

‘He’s fucking dead so fucking dead.’

‘I take that as a yes then?’

‘Keep quiet we’ll kill all three birds with one stone.’


They walked over to Corplan’s room picking the lock slipping in closing the door silently behind them as the three were indulged in one another. Joe stood at the foot of the bed Mark in the darkness. His glare burning g through them.

Corplan suddenly pulled away from the two girls looking directly at Joe. ‘Joe. What are you doing in here? Shouldn’t you be with Cat?’

He stood staring at him saying nothing.


‘Remember five years ago?’ He said finally breaking the ice from round his anger.

‘Yeah. How could I forget.’

‘You were supposed to die then.’

‘What’s going on Corplan?’

He placed his hands up they fell silent.

‘I see you’ve got them well trained. Just like the others.’

‘What you talking about Joe? You’re making no sense.’

‘You never did either. First Dawn. Mind you she was a good screw weren’t she Mark?’

‘Yeah she was.’

‘You killed her?’

‘I can not lie. I did.’


‘She was a nice girl, the only one that did believe in us, we didn’t want to, but we had no choice unlike some she was honest and on our side, but all good things have to come to an end.’ He paused his tone changed angered. ‘Then there was Cat. You know what I can’t understand Corplan is why you? She dumped you in high school because you were too full on then she goes and jumps in bed with you the moment my back is turned.’

‘It wasn’t like that.’

‘So how was it Hugh?’

‘Two friends just getting a little carried away.’

‘And as for those slags at your flat.’

‘You know me Joe.’

‘Only too well.’ He altered his tone again. ‘It’s these two whore’s I feel sorry for because they’ll be dying with you, alongside you.’

‘You killed everyone else here?’

‘Got it on one.’

Joe pulled out two samurai’s one held in his bandaged hand the other in the other.

Corplan looked feared at him. ‘Come on Joe we can sort this.’

‘You will die twice. Once by me, and once in hell for screwing my bitch.’

Corplan looked at Joe speechless.

The samurai’s came crashing down slicing effortlessly through the three body’s blood spraying across the sheets and wall.

‘See you in hell Corplan.’

Joe turned looking at Mark who followed him out of the room. The door closing behind them.

‘So is Cat next?’

‘After Adam. I can’t believe she screwed him of all people. She knew Corplan better than anybody.’

‘So when is it her turn?’

‘The eve. When we bring him back. So you do what you have to do.’

‘You mean Sass and Spanner?’

‘I do.’

‘I’ll have great pleasure in killing the little prick. He deceived us both.’

‘And Sass?’

‘It’s going to be hard.’

‘But can you, and will you be able to kill her? I know that you two have become close, really close.’

‘So have you and Cat. There’s no big diff.’

‘I guess not.’

They stepped into their rooms the doors closing behind them.

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