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Chapter Twenty Seven



Spanner walked down the corridor of the hotel to find Corplan.It had been raining the past few days, and he knew that Corplan was entertaining. He had left it till noon hoping that Corplan would be alone, though today was better than the last there wasn’t much to do. He had hoped to play pool or something.

He knocked the door yet there was no reply. He found this strange even for Corplan he was usually up and ready for anything by now. He was usually up with the birds. He must be still sleeping. Spanner thought as he turned the handle of the door to Corplan’s hotel room. ‘Corplan you awake?’

No reply.

‘Corplan I was just wondering.’ He said looking straight over at the bed where the three seathered blooded dead bodies lay, decapitating. ‘Holly shit.’

He turned.

Mark stood in the corridor. ‘Mark thank fuck. We need help. Something’s happened to Corplan, well him and those girls he’s been chasing after.’

Mark looked at Spanned dead, his eyes glazed, dead.

‘Come on Mark we’ve got to tell someone. He’s warped they’re all slashed to fucking pieces.’

He stared at Spanner blank not recognising his plea for help.


Mark pulled out two seethes.

‘Mark!’ Spanner said looking confused at his friend why had he pulled the seethes out on him?

‘Mark! What the fuck’s going on?’

The seethes at a ninety degree angle sliced through Spanner from his left and right slicing through him before he had any chance of escape or screaming for help. His quartered body dropped to the carpeted floor of the corridor on the fifth floor. ‘That’s for even thinking you had any chance with Sass.’

He turned walking away from the quartered dead body of Spanner blood poled on the light carpeted floor. Mark slipped the seethes into a harness under his jumper making his way down the corridor un-noticed, alone.


Elena had slipped out of Adam’s room in the early hours of the morning.

Returning to her room un-aware that there had been two murders and her and her friends were the next on the agenda before the big finally.

She’d dressed and had met her friends in the lobby. ‘We’re off now Caitlin.’

‘Sure. Just watch where you’re going.’

‘We will.’

‘We’ll be back at six.’

‘Sure enjoy yourselves, and don’t forget to do your papers.’

‘We will, and we won’t.’

Elena and her friends headed out of the hotel. Joe walked over to Caitlin placing his arms round her kissing her neck. ‘So where they gone?’

‘To take one last look around.’

‘Oh right.’

‘You okay Joe?’

‘Yeah. Just seems a shame they’re the last one’s left.’

She turned looking at him. ‘What do you mean Joe?’

‘Nothing. Me and Mark are going to get some fresh air babe.’ He said quickly kissing her taking his arms from round her. ‘I’ll see you later.’

‘Yeah okay.’ She said confused.

Joe walked away, Mark slipping out of the hotel’s rear.

‘You okay Cat?’

‘Yeah just Joe’s acting really weird.’

‘So is Mark. What do you think they’re up to?’

‘Not sure.’

Adam knocked on Corplan’s door. ‘Corplan you up?’


He pushed the door open. ‘Cor.’ He said looking over at the bed where the three seathered dead bodies lay naked under the satin sheets. Samurai’s in bedded in them. ‘Oh shit.’

He turned running down the hall toward Spanners room. The door was open. ‘Span it’s Cor.’ He looked at the wall. ‘Plan.’ His face paled.

Spanner’s body quartered pinned to the wall upside down. His eyes glazed, dead. ‘Oh fuck.’

Adam ran skidding through the corridors leaping down the many stairs of the hotel’s staircase into the lobby.

Caitlin and Sass looked at the white washed of a freaked out Adam. ‘What’s wrong Adam?’

‘You seen a ghost or something?’

‘It’s happening again.’

‘What’s happening again?’

‘Where’s Elena and her friends?’

‘Gone to take one look around.’ Caitlin looked a stressed Adam. ‘Why what’s going on?’

‘Corplan and Spanner.’

‘Yeah where are those two anyway? They’re usually up before anyone else.’


‘What don’t talk shit Adam.’

‘They are don’t you believe me?’

‘Shit its happening again isn’t it Cat?’

‘No. Just calm down, there’s got to be a reasonable explanation.’

‘Yeah the devil’s still in Joe and Mark. We’ve got to get to the others and warn them before it’s too late.’

‘It won’t be.’

‘Come on Cat. You can’t keep him hidden behind you forever. We’ve got to find them.’

‘Okay we’ll go and find them. Any ideas where they might be?’

‘Elena mentioned that they were going to the Dark Woods.’

‘So you have been seeing her?’

‘She took me by surprise.’

‘I bet she did.’

‘Come on lets go.’

Adam opened the hotel doors and they stepped out, the doors closing behind them. They looked around where had Joe and Mark gone?

‘Come on.’

They walked away heading for the Dark Woods.

Elena and her friends had walked into the Dark Woods un-aware that Joe and Mark weren’t far behind.

Elena sat down.

‘Come on El.’

‘I’ll sit here you carry on.’

‘All together remember.’

‘I’m knackered. I’ll sit and do my paper here.’

‘Are you sure?’

‘Yeah carry on. I’ll still be here.’

‘Okay we’ll back in an hour.’


Elena’s friends walked away. She pulled out her pens and paper beginning to compose her paper about Ghostly Hill.

Her friends walked deeper into the Dark Woods they split separating them. ‘Jody!’

Eleanor turned a masked male stood over her. She screamed the samurai came down cutting through her flesh effortlessly.

Jody turned. ‘Eleanor?’


The samurai came down gliding across her body.

Catharine turned having no time to scream the samurai plunged down seathering her.


She looked up looking around, still all alone. She bowed her head.


Boots were in her eye line. She looked up trying to scream. The leather glove went over her mouth.

She mumbled as the masked male dragged her across the uneven dead grass and dirt of the Dark Woods. Broken branches cut her face, arms, and legs.

The masked male loosed her in the centre of the dark woods. She pulled herself up the roots twisted round her wrists and ankles. She looked at the masked males. ‘What’s going on?’

‘You’re an offering.’

‘To who? Satan?’

‘Got it in one sweetheart.’

‘Who the fuck are you?’

They pulled their masks off.

‘Joe, Mark. NO!’

The samurai’s sliced effortlessly through her flesh. Her blood dripping on to the devil’s star purifying it.

Flames circling it as she screamed.

Adam, Caitlin, and Sass skidded.

‘What was that?’

‘A sacrifice. Shit. We’ve got to find them.’

‘What if they’re already dead?’

‘Come on. It’s the only way of knowing if we go in.’

They ran into the Dark woods where papers were scattered over the dead land.

‘They were here come on.’

Caitlin and Sass followed Adam though the Dark Woods. ‘We’ll split up Cat take the left, Sass the right, and I’ll take the centre.’


The remaining alive split up to find the last of the four girls, but would they be still alive? Would they all make it out alive?

Caitlin walked further into the Dark Woods a girl’s body hung from a noose tied to a dead tree. She walked over to it nervously. The body sliced the throat slit. ‘Oh shit.’ She walked quickly away from the dead body she knew who had done it and feared the worst for the last three friends, one of them would be next but which one?

Sass screamed as she collided with the next of the girls. Her face pale drawn in slashed. She ran on.

Caitlin turned alerted by her friends scream. Straight into the next, she turned face to face with the bloody body hanging slashed, eyes glazed dead.

Adam walked into the centre of the Dark Woods skidding this was the first and only time he’d ever come across Satan’s Star. He now knew that it wasn’t a myth, it was what had brought many of youngsters to their deaths including those on the trip five years ago.

A burnt body stood with bindings round its black wrists and ankles.

He walked cautiously over to it placing his hand on the black face lifting it. Her green eyes were the one thing that stood perfect on the frazzled teenager. Dried blood upon her body. ‘EL.’

He swallowed moving forward placing his lips on hers kissing her.

‘Well well I see you’ve found her?’

Adam turned his hand falling off her face. He turned looking at Joe. ‘You done this? You killed her?’

‘Like all the others.’

‘You bastard!’ He said running at him.

Mark swung from behind the plank cracking the back of his skull. He fell weightlessly to the ground.

Joe knelt down grabbing Adam’s hair looking blank into his eyes. ‘Now you’ll be joining her.’

Adam’s fuzzy eyes rolled back closing.

Caitlin and Sass bounced off one another. ‘They’re dead.’

‘And Elena?’

They turned looked at the burnt slashed dry blooded body.

‘Oh shit.’

‘Poor Adam.’

‘Where is he?’

‘I don’t know he said to meet him here.’

‘How do we get back?’

‘I don’t know.’

‘Great we’re fucking lost.’

‘Come on I for one am not staying here there’s got to be a straight dirt path out of here.’

‘I’m with you we’ll just keep going straight.’

They walked away from the centre of the Dark woods.



‘Promise me one thing.’


‘Don’t let on to Joe and Mark we know anything about this okay.’

‘I won’t.’


‘I promise.’

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