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Chapter Twenty Nine




The final four friends sat in the lobby. It seemed so quiet today none of them had seen Spanner, Corplan, or Adam.

‘What’s going on girls?’

‘Where is everyone Joe? It’s so quiet.’


‘Come off it Joe. We haven’t seen Corplan, or Spanner in days since you and Mark stopped up late.’

‘Well he told us he was having an orgy.’


‘Well not in so many words.’

‘Yeah it was his lucky night, according to him. Maybe they’re still at it!’

‘Maybe but Spanner.’

‘Maybe he’s joining in!’

Caitlin looked at Joe disgusted.

‘Only a thought.’

‘But what about Adam?’

They all turned looking at Sass.

‘Well what about Adam?’

‘What about him?’

‘He’s usually up at daybreak. I haven’t seen him since yesterday. Don’t you find that weird?’

‘Not really no. He might be sleeping in.’

‘But we’ve got to go home tomorrow.’

‘Maybe one of the year eleven’s wore him out.’

‘Yeah one had the hots for him as I recall.’

‘Yeah but.’

‘Come on Sass lets just enjoy our final last few days without threating about who’s here and who’s not.’


All fell silent. Joe and Mark looked at one another, was Sass getting too close to the truth? Would she realise the truth that they’d killed Adam, Corplan, and Spanner? And many of the others that had been staying their.

They played pool and ate their meals in silence till dark.’

‘We’ll see you in the morning.’

‘Sure night.’


Mark closed the door behind him and Sass placing his lips on hers kissing her hungrily.

Joe pulled Caitlin close. ‘You okay babe?’



‘You sure everything’s okay between Mark and Sass?’

‘Yeah why, shouldn’t there be?’

‘Just they seemed a bit distant that’s all. They had a falling out.’

‘I don’t think so.’

Joe leaned forward. ‘Don’t worry Cat they’re cool.’

‘I hope so.’

‘We’re okay aren’t we?’

‘Yeah we are.’


He placed his lips on hers kissing her. She returned his kiss hungrily as he lowered her to the bed undressing.

Her head hit the pillow as he made love to her.

Mark pulled away gliding his hand down Sass’s face.

‘What’s wrong Mark?’

‘Nothing just thinking how lucky I am.’

‘What’s brought this on?’

‘I love you.’

‘I love you too.’

He smiled placing his lips back on hers kissing her hungrily. Their clothes dropping to the floor, they dropped to the bed kissing with tongues.


Sass lay under Mark as he penetrated deeper as he made love to her. It would be his last he knew that, he had to prove Joe wrong. And prove to Gollum he could kill someone he loved to be one of his disciples. He continued going deeper as she showed great pleasure. He placed his lips on hers kissing her hungrily and passionately with tongues.

He pulled away after they climaxed looking at her, deep into her eyes knowing what he was about to do wasn’t what he wanted and he would loose her forever.

‘What’s wrong Mark?’ She asked studying his unclear eyes why was he staring at her like he was? Was he turning psycho on her?

‘I’m sorry Sass.’

‘What for?’

‘I really like you. But it is time.’

‘What for?’

‘To say goodbye.’

‘Why Mark what’s going on?’

‘I love you.’


The knife pierced through her body.

‘Love you.’

‘Sorry Sass.’

Mark pulled the knife up her body crunching every last bone of her spine.

Her face drained, blood seeping down her face and bleaching her naked body. He pulled the knife out of her dead body, leaning over placing his lips on hers kissing her one last time. ‘Bye Sass.’

He pulled himself up off the bed slipping into his clothes, and trainers. He lifted the body gently taking out of the church walking across the waste land to the burial ground placing it down by all the others that they had collected over the last month. He loved her deeply, but knew he had to do it. The devil was telling him too, and he couldn’t stop it no matter how he tried.

‘So you disposed of her?’

Mark looked at Joe, drained. ‘Yeah.’


‘So Caitlin?’

‘She’s next. Now everyone’s dead there’s only us left. We need to kill her too if we are to complete the devils work.’

‘You sure Joe? We all know how you two are. Close too close. Some might have said.’

‘Yeah well you proved me wrong with Sass. I thought you hadn’t got the balls to do it. I was wrong. Now it’s my chance to prove to you and him I can, and I am.’

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