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Chapter Thirty



Caitlin opened the book and began to read the word the devil had written.It was almost like a rulebook a set of rules which had been set for whoever found it. From his spirit entering their soul to the sacrifice to bring him back.

She read the last few pages intensely about how the chosen person had to kill a certain amount of the living leaving only one, a sacrifice someone so they could enter their body till resurrection to be able to live once again.

The wind whistled round her blowing her hair into her face. Cold breath in her ear. A human touch. ‘I have chosen you for my sacrifice.’


‘You want to be with Joe, don’t you?’


‘Well you can for eternity, all you have to do is give me your soul. Tonight. Hallows night. Will you do that for me to be re-born? For you to be with Joe?’


He kissed her neck disappearing.

‘Shit Sass.’ She thought quickly running out of the room and down the corridor of the hotel.

Joe opened the door to their room. ‘Cat. Where are you babe?’

He looked around the room and in the en-suite where was she if not in their room?

He ran into the corridor. ‘Cat where the fuck are you?’ He ran through the hall calling her with no reply. He looked at his watch. ‘Shit Mark.’

Caitlin swung the door open to Mark and Sass’s room. ‘Quick Sass we’ve got to get out of here before we’re both.’ she stood white washed staring at the bed. ‘Dead.’ She finished, just staring at the dead blooded severed body of her best friend. Her lips trembling, tears in her eyes. She was too late she had to go through what had been asked of her for the love of some psychopath who had killed everyone there but her.

What else was there left to possibly do? Sass was dead. Her best friend dead like all the others for Satan.

She turned running out of the room and down the corridor of the hotel her heart palpitating like a steam train about to burst.

Joe ran over to Mark who stood waiting on the burial ground. He’d searched Ghostly Hill and there was not sight of Caitlin where could she fucking be?

How could they fill their quota for Satan if she was not there and dead? With nowhere else to look he hoped she’d be on the burial ground with Mark as he made his way there out of breath.

‘Where’s Cat?’

‘I don’t know. The fucking bitch has done one with the fucking book.’

‘We can’t do this without her. Without killing her.’

Caitlin stood over the Burial Ground. ‘You can.’

Mark looked around, so did Joe. ‘Cat where have you been?’

She stood saying nothing.

‘Where’s the book Cat?’

She finally spoke. ‘You killed them didn’t you?’

‘Who babe?’

‘Don’t play your games with me Joe I know you killed everyone. You and him.’

‘I don’t know what you’re talking about.’

‘Bull shit. I can understand why you killed Adam, he betrayed you. At a guess Mark killed Spanner to keep him away from Sass. He killed Sass cause she was too close to the truth though he didn’t want to, yet had no choice, but why Corplan Joe? What did he ever do to you?’

‘He had you. Don’t deny it Cat he told me, every graphic detail.’

‘It was after this place, after you, we bumped into one another we talked. He loved her Joe, and you killed her.’

‘Bull shit Cat. She was just like all the others, a notch on his bedpost. A screw like you.’

‘She wasn’t he confessed all Joe, he loved her. They’d planned to meet up in the hols. He really loved her and it destroyed him when you killed her. We used one another to get over the ones we loved.’

‘But it brought you back to me. And him dead.’

‘So what is it for me Joe, death too? Just because I’m not all you hoped for, or just because I know too much?’

‘You have to go.’

‘Well kill me then!’

Joe stepped forward. Mark’s hand spread across his chest. Joe looked at him. He looked at Caitlin. ‘What’s your game Cat?’

‘There is no game.’

‘I don’t believe you.’

‘Don’t.’ She looked at Joe. ‘Well kill me then! You all let us slip away five years ago. The others are all dead which just leaves me to for fill your quota. Right.’

‘Where’s the book Cat?’

‘Right here.’ She said pulling the book out of her pocket.

‘Give me the book Cat.’

‘Yeah then we can dispose of you.’

‘You can’t kill me.’ She said her tone changing to somewhat evil.

‘Yes we can.’

‘Did you read the book?’

‘Most of it.’

‘You can’t kill me. I’m the last, the sacrifice to bring him back. Without me this place dies and so do we.’

‘Don’t talk shit Cat.’

‘I’m not. I felt him I’m giving my soul to him.’


‘Without me you can’t bring him back. I love you Joe. I don’t care about all the psycho shit you’ve been doing. I know you killed them all for him, I understand now why, and if it means us being together so be it.’

‘She’s serious Joe.’

‘You can’t.’

‘Do you love me?’

‘You know I do.’

‘Well let me do this.’

‘I can’t.’

‘Why not? You were willing to kill me for him. I’m willing to for what he needs for you.’

Joe stared at her, his eyes glazed.

He nodded.

She walked over to him handing him the book of the dead. He took it off her the skies turned black. Fires bellowed round them. The dead rose, Caitlin walked over to the centre of the Burial Ground. Joe began to recite the words of Satan.

The skeletons circled round her walking full circle.

Her arms anchored out, her head tilted back her soul rose into the dark shadow that hovered in the dark skies. It slipped into her body. Her head shot forward her eyes white pupils, glowing. Her hands dropped.

The skeletons shattered to the ground tuning to dust, the flames dying out. She dropped to the uneven dusted ground. She lay paralysed like she was dead. Her eyes glowing, fully dilated her features warped, poised, but was she dead?

The choppers could be heard for a mile in the distance, the spinning rotor blades causing a mini wind storm as it approached ghostly hill burial ground, Joe and Mark looked at the other thinking the same as the other. ‘Shit here we go again.’ The nodded and they were gone into the deep depths of Ghostly Hill. The helicopter landed the paramedics rushing over to Caitlin trying to revive her with a slight pulse they put her onto a career and were away into the sunset sky.

The police searched through the darkness of Ghostly Hill it looked so eerie in the darkness and shadows playing tricks on the mind’s eye. Mark fell crashing down in front of the devil’s house gates. ‘You’re going back to where you belong the sanitarium.’

‘I ain’t fucking crazy.’

‘Many say different.’

‘They lie.’

‘We shall see, come on.’

They dragged him into the helicopter giving him a relaxant, Joe watched as they took his sidekick away yet again and had failed in finding him, maybe he was too clever for them?

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