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Chapter Three


Joe slipped back into Caitlin’s flat, closing the door behind him.Walking into the bedroom where Caitlin stood, he wrapped his arms round her kissing her neck sending shivers down her spine, neck to her jaw. ‘So you’re back?’

‘Yeah. Me and Mark are meeting up in the morning babe. The sooner everything is sorted the sooner you can grovel to the head okay.’


‘Not to worry I wont be gone that long.’

‘That’s okay me and Sass are meeting up tomorrow. She rang earlier when I was on my lunch break.’

‘Well if Mark hasn’t twisted her arm by then I’m sure you can.’

‘You sure about this Joe?’

‘I am. He needs souls to re-generate. And we can only do it by the innocent dying.’

‘Like me you mean?’

‘Don’t think about that now. We’ve got five years to catch up on.’ He said kissing her neck turning her on. Unbuttoning her blouse touching her body caressing her breasts. Kissing her neck.

‘Please don’t Joe.’

‘What are you scared of Cat? Enjoying me fucking you?’

‘Scared I won’t wake.’

‘You will. I can promise you that.’

‘And when we get to Ghostly Hill?’

He turned facing her their eyes fixed. ‘Let’s not think about that right now. Just think about now.’ He said kissing her neck slipping her clothes off individually.

‘Please Joe.’

‘Just let me fuck you.’

He placed his lips on hers kissing her silencing her before she objected even more his and her clothes dropping to the floor their naked bodies onto the bed indulging in each other.

Sass turned the corner Mark stood watching her, waiting for her to approach him.

She got closer her black hair glistened under the lights which lit her big blue eyes sparkling the French in her was all he could see. So sexy even her English still contained a little fluency of the French accent. She had joined them in year nine and he had fancied her through those last few final years. She had a perspired effect on him, even her perfume still hit him before she had reached him, Jean Paul Gaultier as he recalled she had always worn it.

She stared at him through her perfect blue eyes unsure if the darkness was playing tricks on her perfect 50/50 vision. ‘Mark is that you?’

‘It is.’

‘It’s been five years.’

‘Yeah five years too long.’

‘Where have you been?’

‘Same place you ran from.’

‘But it was searched.’

‘Guess they didn’t look hard enough, either that or we were just too clever.’

‘Why are you here?’

‘I was waiting for you.’


‘Can we talk?’

‘I guess.’

‘Not here.’

‘You can come back to my flat. It’s not much, but its home.’


He placed his arm around her ignoring her uneasiness. Walking away. ‘So where’s your place?’

‘Not far from here. The next turning.’

He smiled.

‘So Joe with you?’

‘Not at this moment no.’

‘I mean are you here with him, or are you alone?’

‘I believe he’s fucking Caitlin right now.’

‘She loves him deeply you know. She never got over Ghostly Hill and how weird it sent him.’

‘We all do weird things for love.’

‘Do you?’

‘I might. I’ve never been in love so I can’t answer that.’

They turned the corner stepping into “High Ridge” a multi storey block of flats. Sass making him walk up three flights of stairs to her flat. She made this a no option on the lift they were regularly breaking down finding it hard to trust their reliability she took the stairs. He smiled agreeing to take the stairs, but out of breath when they reached her door, he was seriously out of condition. She opened the door to her flat walking in, Mark following. She turned on the light closing and locking the door. They stood in the living space Mark panting heavily. ‘Unfit?’

‘Just a little.’ He smiled.

‘I’ll get you a juice sit down. Make yourself at home.’


Sass walked through to the kitchen as Mark fell into her soft sofa. She returned with two juices placing one to him sitting beside him. He gulped it down placing it down on the coffee table. ‘That’s better thanks.’

‘No problem.’ She said sipping hers nervously, watching him, remembering he and Joe had tried to kill her and the remaining of their group only five years ago. She placed the half empty glass on the floor looking nervously at him.

‘What’s wrong Sass? Why are you so nervous?’

‘Why are you here Mark?’

‘To see you.’


‘And nothing.’

‘There’s something else Mark. There has to be a reason why you are here. And now.’

‘Ghostly Hill.’

She stared at him through her white washed completion.

‘I want you to come back with me.’

‘No way. I’m not going back there.’

‘Cat’s going.’

‘Don’t talk shit, she’d never go back there that place gave her nightmares.’

‘Joe’s taking her there. So I’d like you to join us.’

‘I don’t know Mark.’

‘Look I really like you, and I’d like you and me to get it on.’

‘What! You tried to.’

He placed his lips on hers kissing her holding her tightly against him. She foolishly returned his kiss kissing hungrily.

He moved away taking her hand leading her out of the living area into the bedroom kissing her hungrily undressing. He pulled her down onto the bed making love to her.

He pulled away lying by her side closing his eyes. She scanned the room for reasons she had let it happen. Giving up on trying to find the answer she slowly closed her eyes, giving in.

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