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Chapter Four


Sass woke, Mark had gone. She pulled her sleepy body out of bed.Sherefreshed slipping into some clean clothes and trainers before leaving the flat to meet Caitlin.

Caitlin waited in the cafe in the shopping centre for Sass hoping that Mark hadn’t killed her.

He hadn’t.

She smiled relived.

Sass bounced over her long locks bouncing off her shoulders sitting opposite Caitlin. ‘Sorry I’m late.’

‘That’s okay.’

The waitress placed two mugs of coffee on the table. ‘Thanks.’

She smiled walking away.

‘I ordered us both a coffee, I wasn’t quite sure what time you’d be here.’

‘I woke late.’ Pausing.

‘What’s wrong Sass?’

‘Ghostly Hill.’

Caitlin choked, her hand and mug shaking placing it unsteadily down on the table. ‘What about it?’

‘Are you going? Only Mark said you were.’

‘I am.’

‘Why Cat? You hate that fucking place.’

‘I know.’

‘So why?’


‘He’s fucking you again isn’t he? He’s fucking with your head like he did back then.’

‘I love him.’

‘He’s in fucking sain Cat. You even said that place sent him looped and it really fucked up his head.’

‘I know.’

‘Please Cat. We can’t go back there not after last time.’

‘I said I would.’

‘You’ve got it really bad for him haven’t you?’

‘I’ve never stopped loving him Sass. I may have acted up on that Kelvin guy, but..’

‘He killed him.’

‘For me.’

‘He tried to kill us all Cat. He could again.’

‘That’s a chance I’m willing to take.’

‘You’re fucking mental Cat.’

‘Please come with me Sass. I don’t want to be on my own.’

‘I will as long as you promise me that we’ll stick together.’

‘I promise.’

‘I’m doing this for you Cat.’

‘I know.’

‘Who else is being collared into this?’

‘All who was left last time.’

‘Anyone else?’



‘I’ll let Mark fill you in.’

‘How did you?’

‘Joe mentioned it.’

‘And you never thought to call and tell me?’

‘I didn’t know till he came back to the flat I swear. I thought.’

‘Well I’m still here.’ She looked at Caitlin. ‘What have you got us into Cat?’

‘I honestly don’t know. And that’s the truth you have to believe me.’

‘I do.’

‘So how did it go with Sass?’

‘Good, but I don’t think she’s quite convinced.’

‘Maybe Cat will change her mind.’

‘Cat seeing Sass then?’

‘As we speak. We fucked and she left, seemed in an awful hurry to get out maybe she thought you’d killed Sass.’

‘No. I screwed her.’


‘She’s one hot bitch. Pity I’ve got to kill her.’

‘You know the rules.’

‘I know.’

Spanner walked out of a tallish white building lighting a cigarette.

‘Well I needn’t ask where to find Gaz.’


‘He’s standing right over there in front of that white building.’

‘That’s where he works. I wasn’t sure if he’d be there today. His colleagues told me yesterday as I walked to meet Sass. They said he worked odd hours, they weren’t too sure if he’d be in today. Just he worked shifts.’

‘Come on now’s our chance while he’s having a fag.’

Joe and Mark walked casually towards Spanner catching him off guard. ‘Spanner!’

His cigarette fell out of his grip to the ground, almost burning his trousers. ‘Shit.’

Joe laughed.

Spanner looked up and directly at Joe and Mark. ‘Guys. I thought you were..’

‘Good aye! Norman always knew how to catch you. Even when we were camping.’

‘Yeah. Old cruet.’

‘So what do you do in this place then?’

‘Haven’t you guys seen Adam?’

‘We have.’

‘Didn’t he tell you? I work with him in the paths.’

‘No. We kind of shit him.’

‘He’s a bit of a wuss.’ He paused. ‘So what are you guys doing here?’ He asked lighting another cigarette.

‘We’ve got a proposition for you.’

‘Sure what is it?’

‘Ghostly Hill.’

He choked. ‘You can’t be serious.’

‘Never more.’

‘But that place is possessed. It’s freaked.’

‘And full of bones.’

‘True.’ He admitted.

‘Cat’s coming.’

‘You must’ve done some twisting to get her to go back there.’

‘I did.’

‘Who else?’


‘Well you do need his brains.’

‘And there’s Sass.’

‘Sass. Mmmh, didn’t think she’d be up for it.’

‘There’s ways of persuasion.’


They smiled.

‘So you in?’

‘Sure. When?’

‘A few weeks. You’ll be contacted.’


‘Nice seeing you again Span.’

‘You two seen Corplan yet?’

‘He’s next on the list.’

‘He lives above the Auditorium in town with his many bitches.’

They smiled evilly. ‘We’ll have to go and pay him a visit.’

‘Well I’ll see you soon guys.’

‘Soon Span.’

Joe and Mark walked away as Spanner finished his cigarette and headed off back into the big white building.

‘So when are paying Corplan a visit?’

‘Tomorrow evening, then all is set. All we have to do is get Cat to get the heads approval.’


‘We’ll meet same place tomorrow at seven.’


‘Don’t be late.’

‘I won’t.’

Joe smiled.



They parted company.

Joe closed the door walking into the lounge. Cat.’

‘In here.’

He walked onto the bedroom placing his arms round her kissing her neck, sending cold shivers down her spine. ‘So how did your day go?’


‘So, did you see Sass?’


‘Is she coming?’


‘I knew you’d make her see sense.’ He said kissing her neck.

‘She’s only going because I am.’

He turned facing her. ‘I love you.’

She looked at him stunned, unable to reply.

‘I’m meeting Mark tomorrow night.’

‘So you saw Gaz?’

‘Yeah. He’s tagging along.’

‘He will if he knows Sass is going to be there.’

‘Why’s that?’

‘He’s got a thing for her, always had. But she doesn’t see him that way.’

‘Good. Cause that won’t go down too well with Mark.’


‘He’s fucking her. Didn’t she tell you?’


‘Well he is. He won’t be too pleased to know he’s got competition.’

He placed his lips on hers kissing her before she continued the conversation he no longer wanted to be part of.

She returned his kiss as they undressed slipping under the covers making love.

Sass closed the door, Mark pinned her to it. ‘Mark how did you?’

‘Have you thought about what I asked you? About going back to Ghostly Hill with me?/’


‘And are you joining me?’

‘Yes, but only because Cat’s going.’

He placed his lips on hers kissing her hungrily before she finished her sentence. Kissing with tongues. Their clothes dropping to the floor their naked bodies to the bed as they indulged in one another.

‘I’m so glad you decided to join me. I really like you.’

‘I like you too.’

‘I’ve always liked you.’

Mark pulled Sass close kissing her shoulder closing their eyes.

Joe and Mark met up at seven pm on the dot.Walking into town. ‘So you know where this club is then?’

‘I have a pretty good idea. I think it’s on the outskirts of town.’

‘Right let’s get down there.’


They walked through the town on this dark and decelet night, all the local’s were in the public houses drinking. They followed the high street out of town coming upon a dark side street where the abandoned club stood. Alone.

‘We’ll take the side entrance up the stairs.’


Joe and Mark walked cautiously checking their surroundings before taking the staircase to the flats. They entered a second door they pushed it open going through to the corridor of doors. Where “number 13” stood directly in front of them. ‘This must be it.’

‘He must be the most unluckiest person alive.’

‘He will be if he doesn’t agree.’

Joe pushed the handle down, pushing the door of the flat open. They stepped in closing the door behind them.

Laughter and sounds of pleasure echoed through the dull looking flat. They looked at each other. ‘The bedroom.’

‘Come on.’

They stepped carefully and cautiously across the hall to the bedroom door where the sounds were escalating from. They nodded and opened the door stepping into the room, closing the door silently behind them. ‘Sorry to spoil your fun.’

Corplan looked up, so did the three girls. ‘Guys I thought.’

‘Well you thought wrong.’

‘Come to join?’

‘Geese Corplan, I know you fantasised about this shit, and we were told you had many bitches. But, three at a time.’

‘You’re more than welcome to have one.’

‘We have our bitches, and we’re quiet happy in screwing them.’

‘So what brings you guys back?’

‘Ghostly Hill.’

He stared fearful at the two friends. ‘You guys are kidding. Right?’


‘You never left there did you?’


‘So why are you here now?’

‘To ask you to join us in Ghostly Hill.’

‘No fucking way. That place either screwed with your fucking head, or had it on a fucking stick. Dead.’

‘Spanner’s going.’

‘You sure?’

‘Yep. We had words, he was only too happy to tag along.’

‘And Sass is she going to be there?’

‘Yeah. We, just let’s say persuaded her and Cat.’

‘You’d have to do a lot they hate that fucking place.’

‘Well they don’t hate us.’

‘You screwed them?’

‘Off course.’

‘Don’t tell Span that. He’s wanted to bone Sass since she begun Lowestoft.’


‘Yeah. Do anything to get it too.’

‘Well you in or not?’ Mark said angrily.

‘Yeah if Span’s going. I aint missing it for nought.’


‘Well we’ll bid you good night.’

‘Have fun with your bitches.’

‘I will.’

‘We’ll contact you when it’s time.’

‘Sure guys.’

They turned walking out of the bedroom and the flat closing the door behind them. Sounds of erotic pleasure slipped through their ears as they left.

‘Why didn’t you tell me?’

‘I hoped Sass would.’

‘He’s dead.’

‘They all are.’

They laughed evilly.

‘I’ll have to sort her out.’

‘Wait till we’re there.’

‘Oh I will.’

They walked through the town’s dead streets. ‘Well I’ll see you soon Joe.’

‘I’ll contact you when it’s complete.’


They headed off in different directions.

Mark closed the door of Sass’s flat behind him, she jumped looking directly into his angered eyes. ‘Mark what’s wrong?’


‘Oh.’ Were her only words.

‘Why didn’t you tell me?’

‘I would’ve e, but I didn’t think it was a good idea we’d just had sex.’

‘Has he ever?’

‘No. He’s tried in on a few times. I’m not interested in him Mark. I never have been, I always liked you.’

‘You telling me the truth?’

‘Yes. I hoped you’d’ve realised that when we were At Ghostly Hill, but you and Joe were always pre- occupied with other stuff to even notice me.’

‘I always noticed you Sass, since the day you started high school. I just reckoned a girl like you wouldn’t think twice about looking at a guy like me the way I looked at you.’

‘Well I did. I’m not interested in Spanner, just you.’

He pulled her close placing his lips on hers kissing her hungrily.

‘What’s wrong Joe?’

‘Mark knows about Spanner.’


‘Just say Corplan let it slip.’

‘She’s not interested in Spanner. He knows that, she’s always had a thing for Mark.’ She looked at Joe. ‘He’s dead isn’t he?’

‘He will be.’

Mark pulled Sass into the bedroom as they undressed pulling her down onto the bed where they made love.

Joe turned looking at Caitlin. ‘Did you ever not like me?’

‘What sort of question is that?’


‘I always liked you Joe. Just cause I came out with stuff about other guys don’t mean to say that I never liked you. We were best friends you saw things differently than the other guys in our year. I admired you for your admiration, your drive, none of the others had that. I didn’t think you saw me like I saw you.’

‘I did. We were close then, and we got closer and I’m so glad we did. I love you Cat and not just as a friend as a lover too.’

‘I love you too.’

He pressed his lips on hers kissing her hungrily making love to her.

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