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Chapter Five


Caitlin knocked on Mr. Clunlits door.“Head Teacher” on a gold background, and black writing. His name in graved the same.


Caitlin opened the door entering the large pronounced room cluttered, yet no memorabilia of a family. Or otherwise. ‘You wanted to see me sir.’

‘Please call me David. Sit down.’

She sat down nervously hoping he wasn’t going to sack her.

‘No need to look so nervous Caitlin. We have decided to send the year eleven’s on a field trip for a whole month to Ghostly Hill for their in term project and I’d like it if you were to join us?’

‘Are you sure?’

‘Positive. You’ve been there before haven’t you?’


‘Good. You’ll know all about its history then. All we need is some one with experience to go along with you to talk the group through the history of Ghostly Hill.’

‘I know someone.’

‘Excellent who?’

‘Adam, he works with an old friend of mine in the paths.’

‘Have you got his number?’

‘Yeah.’ She said delving into her pocket retrieving it. ‘Here.’

‘Thanks.’ He said taking it out of her hand. ‘So has your friend been out there before?’


‘What’s his name?’

‘Gareth Spanner.’

‘I’ll make a note of that. Thanks Caitlin we shall sort this within the next week and get your friends to visit and give a talk on Ghostly Hill and it’s surroundings, plus it’s history.’

‘No probs.’

‘Is there anyone else?’

‘Corplan, but I don’t know if he’s still interested in the ancients.’

‘Have you got his number?’

‘No, but Spanner will have.’


‘No problem.’

‘I’ll give you the dates before the end of the week.’

‘Okay David.’

He smiled, Caitlin walked out of his room closing the door behind her knowing that Joe would be pleased. But was she right to give him that much info, was it in her job description? Would Joe be mad at her for doing so?

Joe waited patiently outside the high school for Caitlin. She turned the corner he smiled as she approached him hoping that she had some good news for him. He placed his arm around her kissing her. ‘So how’s your day been?’


‘Did you talk to the head?’

‘I had no need. He called me in.’

‘What for?’

‘The exact thing you asked me to talk to him about. He’s putting up a trip for the year eleven’s to Ghostly Hill for a month. He wanted me to take them.’

‘You did say yes didn’t you?’


He kissed her neck. ‘Good girl.’

‘You sure about this Joe?’

‘Yes. All we’ve got to do is tell the others.’

‘Sorry Joe, but I gave him Adam’s number he’s contacting him, Spanner and Corplan. I’m sorry I didn’t think.’

‘That’s no problem babe, saves me doing it. That just leaves Sass.’

‘Shit I didn’t mention her.’

‘Not to worry just bring her name up. Just tell him you got talking and she wanted to tag along or something.’

‘Are you sure Joe? I’m not intruding on your plans.’

He stopped turning toward her, placing his hand on her face. ‘No babe this way things get done faster. The old gang back together.’

‘But how long for?’

‘That depends on everyone there to who goes first and who goes last.’

She stared at him. ‘Don’t worry babe you’re not the first. You’re an asset in all of this.’

‘So you’re using me?’

‘No. I love you okay. Don’t ever think any different.’

He placed his lips on hers kissing her hungrily.

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