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Chapter Six


It was late afternoon and the last class of the day, and all the year elevens had grow weary and by now just all wanted to go home. They had entered their history lesson and were restless this lesson was so cliché they all just wanted to pack up and go home. But this term would be different for these students things were going to go from dull and very boring to very interesting.

They all sat down talking.

Caitlin entered the room. ‘Right guys settle down have a special guest. One I’m sure that all of you will be interested in. He’s all the way from America.’

They all turned sitting silently.

A male with short hair, and facial hair walked in.

‘Class this Adam he’s an archaeologist who originated from America, but now works here in the path labs.’

Caitlin stepped back so that he could stand centre stage.

‘Right I’m Adam Whiners, I’m originally from New Jersey, but now I work in the path labs. I have been asked top tell you all about Ghostly Hill and what I used to do. I was an archaeologist working for the U.S. government. I have under gone many explorations and digs over the world finding different artefacts. Many bones from different eras. Whilst we were at Ghostly Hill we found many different artefacts and skeletons those human, animal, and un- explained. Your school came very high recommended for this expedition. You will learn all about the history of Ghostly Hill whilst we are there. You will visit all the sites of Ghostly Hill including the police station, church, and burial ground. You will find everything for your projects which I believe you will be doing whilst we are out there. This expedition will last the duration of one month so we will need permission off your parents first before we all go. The letters will be handed to you after the lesson. This excursion is for a duration of one month and we’ll be camping on sight so make sure you pack plenty. The dig will take place on Ghostly Hill the other side of London. We will be travelling a week from today.’

‘Thanks Adam.’ Caitlin looked at the class. ‘We will need these permission slips in by the end of the week.’

The bell rang for end of the day.

‘Right class on your way out Adam will pass you all a letter. Bring them back signed to our next class.’

They all pulled themselves up out of their chairs swinging their bags over their backs taking a letter as they left the room.


They all walked into their English class sitting down, listening to Caitlin go on.

The bell rang for the end of class, a sigh of relief echoed across the room. And their faces as they pulled themselves up throwing their bags onto their backs.

‘Right class hand in your acceptance slips on the way out.’

They all passed Caitlin their acceptance slips. ‘Right thanks guys we’re leaving first thing Monday morning. So have your bags packed, tents, and sleeping bags.’

‘So we’re doing this out doors?’

‘We are.’

‘Great rain, rain, and more rain.’

‘Well it’s forecast sun for the first week.’

‘You know the forecast Miss don’t ever go by it.’

‘True.’ She admitted. ‘Well I’ll see you all Monday.’

‘Sure will.’

‘Enjoy your weekend.’

‘Will do.’

They all walked out of the class room at the end of another long Friday afternoon. Caitlin closed the door locking it heading down to the principles office knocking on the door. ‘Entre.’

She opened the door walking in closing it behind her. ‘I have all the permission slip completed Sir.’

‘What did I say about calling me Sir? We’re all on first terms here Caitlin.’

‘Sorry David. I’ve brought the permission slips.’

‘All present?’


‘Place them on my desk.’

She leaned forward placing the permission slips on his desk. He smiled. She stepped back. ‘Oh I forgot to mention I bumped into a friend and mentioned about the trip to Ghostly Hill, and she said that she’d like to join us. If that’s okay?’

‘The more the merrier.’

‘Okay. I’ll see you Monday then.’

‘You will. The coach leaves at ten. I’ll call up those you credited to me to let them know.’

‘Yeah okay, I’ll call my friend.’

‘You do that and I’ll see you Monday.’

‘Okay bye.’

‘Bye Catlin.’ He smiled.

She returned his smile leaving the room. He picked up the receiver dialling the names on the list.

Joe placed his arms round Caitlin kissing her neck. ‘Joe.’


‘A little. You were still sleeping when I left this morning.’

‘So how did it go?’

‘Good, all of the slips are in, he’s contacting the others to tell them where and when.’

‘Good. Me and Mark will be leaving late Sunday evening to give them all a surprise when they arrive.’

‘Are you sure that’s wise Joe?’

‘If any one knows about Ghostly Hill it’s us.’

‘I guess.’

‘And we’ll make sure that Adam don’t slip up either.’

‘Oh okay.’

‘Come on lets get home. I’ll call Mark later. I’m sure he’ll tell Sass. But, first we’ve got some catching up to do.’

‘It’s been five hours Joe.’

‘Yeah five long hours.’

Caitlin closed the door of her flat. Joe led her into the bedroom closing the door behind them. ‘Now I’ve got you all to myself.’

‘You will have at Ghostly Hill.’

‘There’ll be others there it wont be the same.’


‘I love you Cat.’

‘I love you too.’

He placed his lips on hers kissing her hungrily, undressing, falling to the bed making love.

He pulled away. ‘I love you Cat.’

‘I love you too.’ She said slowly closing her eyes.

Mark walked into the bedroom ending the call on his mobile, looking at Sass, placing it on the dresser. ‘Who was that?’

‘That was Joe babe.’

‘Oh.’ Were her only words knowing Ghostly Hill was close now.

‘Nought to threat about. Just said it was all set. You’re to meet Caitlin at Lowestoft at quarter to ten Monday, and we’ll see you when you arrive at Ghostly Hill that afternoon.’

‘So you’re not joining us on the coach?’

‘No babe. Me and Joe are leaving late evening Sunday to surprise all of you, so act surprised.’

‘Okay. But we know you’ll be there.’

‘But the kids wont. Do it for their benefit not yours.’


‘Don’t worry Sass we’ve got till then to get under the covers, and get deep.’

He knelt down on the bed. ‘I love you Sass, and whatever happens remember that.’


He pressed his lips on hers ending their conversation, silencing her, kissing her hungrily. Placing her legs around his waist making love to her.

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