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Chapter Seven - Week One




With everything packedall of the year elevens had arrived at school rearing to go.

‘Right class line up. When we arrive we will be setting up camp.’ The head said before reeling off the names individually.

They placed their luggage in the compartment under the coach then stepped on finding their seats.

The head, Caitlin, Spanner, Sass, Corplan, and Adam, placed their luggage in the component, under the coach, last boarding the coach. The head done a head count. ‘All present.’

The doors sooshed as they closed the driver screeched the hand break before pulling away.

They made one of many stops on the way to Ghostly Hill. The head counted all the heads once again. ‘All present.’

The doors closed. And the driver pulled away and they were on their way once again.

The coach pulled up on the outskirts of Ghostly Hill.

‘Right we’re here, one at a time. Stand next to the coach.’

They all leaped off the coach one by one their teachers and the archaeologist the last.

The head teacher reeled off their names in alphabetical order. Which in turn they replied. ‘Here sir.’

‘Collect your belongings.’

They opened the compartment under the coach pulling out their belongings. They turned holding their belongings, Joe and Mark stood casually waiting.

‘Who are you?’

‘We’re here to welcome you to Ghostly hill, and to show you around.’

‘We didn’t think anyone else was here.’

‘Well we are. So come on we’ll show where to set up camp.’

‘Oh okay.’

The principle, Caitlin and the others followed them away from the coach onto the outskirts of Ghostly Hill. The year eleven’s whispering, wondering how they’d gotten there, and why they weren’t told that they were going to be there.

They walked over to the stretch of worn wood land where Joe, Caitlin, Sass, Mark, Corplan, Spanner, and Adam had all once stayed. Caitlin and Sass looked at each other unsure this was such a good idea knowing what had happened there five years ago.

‘Right let’s set up.’

They all spread across the large space fixing up their tents.

‘I didn’t know your Principle was coming.’

‘Sorry. He only said this morning. He wanted to see what was so special about this place.’

‘Shall we show him?’

‘No Joe.’

‘Just kidding babe. Adam has been briefed, we’ll just add a little to it to make it a little more interesting.’

‘Call people dying on you more exciting?’

‘Made it while we were here daint it?’

‘I guess.’

They all sat around the camp fire. ‘So where do you guys come from?’

‘Yeah we’ve never seen you before.’

‘Long story.’

‘We’ve got all night.’

‘Yeah twenty seven of them.’

They laughed.

‘Okay.’ Joe paused. Taking a deep breath before continuing. ‘Well it’s sad really. Me and Mark got left behind when we came out here a few years ago. The coach left without us.’

‘So you’ve been living out here?’

‘We have.’

‘How did you know we were coming?’

‘We know everything.’


‘Right kids its lights out.’

‘Pooh.’ They groaned pulling themselves up.

‘We’ll tell you more about this place tomorrow.’


‘Cross my heart, hope to die.’

‘Come on kids its getting late and we have a busy day ahead tomorrow.’

‘Night Joe, Mark.’


‘Sir, Miss.’


‘Yeah night guys.’

They all headed off to their tents.

‘We’ll I’ll see all of you bright and early. I’m bushed.’


‘Eight am okay?’


‘See you then Caitlin, guys.’

‘Yeah night.’

Mr. Clunlits pulled himself up and headed to his tent.

‘Well we best be going Joe.’

‘Sure guys.’

Corplan and Spanner pulled themselves up walking away.

‘I’ll see you in the morning guys. I need to do some prep.’

‘Sure Adam.’

Adam pulled himself up walking away.

‘Well it looks like it’s just us four.’

‘Sorry to put a damper on it Joe but I’m bushed.’

‘Me too.’


‘In the morning.’

‘Sure Mark.’

Sass and Mark pulled themselves up her took her hand. ‘Night guys.’


They walked away. Joe turned looking at Caitlin. ‘Well it looks like it’s just you and me.’

‘I’m tired Joe.’

He leaned forward. ‘Come on Cat right here right now.’

‘What if someone sees?’

‘They’re all asleep Cat.’

‘I don’t know Joe.’

‘We’ll go back to our tents after. No one will ever know.’

He placed his lips on hers kissing her hungrily lowering her to the dusted ground making love to her.

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