The Family

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A story about a boy and his family going on a family trip when things take a turn for the worse.

Horror / Mystery
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Chapter 1

“I’m so hot,” you moaned. “I’m so hot, I could just melt into a puddle.”

“It’s not that hot,” your mother replies.

It’s a hot, sticky day in the middle of summer. You plop down into a rocking chair on your front porch. Your mother and father come outside and your mother says to you, “get up and get in the car, we’re going to the beach.” You get out of the chair and walk down to the family station wagon. You climb into the backseat with your older sister as your parents pack supplies into the back of the car. Once they’re done they get into the car and pull out of the driveway. You and your family start driving down an old back road on your way to the beach.

As you’re driving down the road, your sister says “I don’t want to go to the beach, I want to go hangout with my friends at the mall.” Your mother turns around and replies “We haven’t done anything as a family in years, it’ll be good for us to spend some time together.” She turns back around and looks at your father. He looks at her smiling and says “Yeah, besides you’ll be eighteen next year and heading off to college, then we’ll hardly see you anymore.” He turns to face the road again and suddenly there’s a loud bang and the car starts to swerve. Your father loses control and the car goes off the road and crashes into a tree. You lunge forward and bash your head against the back of your fathers car seat. The supplies in the back fly forward and land all over the backseat, covering you up completely as the your vision starts to get blurry. Just before you pass out, you hear your mother screaming “Is everyone alright?”

When you finally wake up, you push all the beach towels and other supplies off of you. As your vision starts to clear, you notice its dark outside and your family is gone. You pull yourself out of the car and look around. In the distance, you see a house with the lights on and you stumble your way towards it. When you get to the house, you walk up to the front door and knock. You wait a few minutes for someone to answer but no one comes. As you walk away from the door you hear noises coming from around the back of the house. You start moving towards the back of the house, hoping to find someone to help you. When you get close where the noise was coming from, you don’t see anyone there. You take a look around and notice a cellar door with light shining through the cracks. You get closer to it and shout “Hello, is anyone there?“, but no one responds. When you go to walk away, you hear what sounds like the muffled voice of your mother coming from inside. You open the door and go down into the cellar. Once your inside you look around but the only thing you see is a makeshift tunnel with eerie green light coming from it.

You walk into the tunnel and follow the light to the end. You come out of the tunnel to a big open cavern and see a group of people standing around a bunch of machines and your family tied up nearby. You sneak through the cavern towards a pillar and hide behind it. As you peak out to look at what’s happening, a woman shouts ” grab the father and put him in the chair.” A man grabs your father and drags him toward a couple of chairs with helmets attached to the top. Around the chairs is a circle etched into stone with strange symbols around it. The man puts your father into the chair and straps him in to it. Then you see what appears to be an old man shuffling over to the other chair. He climbs up into the chair and the man straps him in. Then the woman shouts “Stand back, son” and she pulls a lever on one of the machines. The machines crackle with electricity and the circle with the strange symbols around it begins to glow an eerie green glow. Suddenly, your father starts screaming and you watch in horror as he starts to to get older and shrivel up before your eyes. You look over at the old man who appears to be getting younger and younger. Your father stops screaming and when you look back at him there’s a shriveled husk in the chair. The old man, who now looks like he’s in his mid twenties, climbs out of the chair. He walks over to the woman and kisses her and says “Alright honey, your turn now.”

As you’re watching from the distance, your foot shifts and a rocks scratches the the ground below you. The young man turns away from the woman towards you. He points at you and shouts "There's someone here, go get him son." and the man who put your father in the chair starts running towards you. You turn and start to run down the tunnel you came in through. You hear shouting and footsteps approaching from behind you as you make your way out of the tunnel and to the basement door. You burst through the door and slam it closed behind you and start running towards an open field and old barn behind the house. You duck behind an old tractor as the man who was chasing you comes out of the basement door. He starts shouting "Come here boy! I'm not gonna hurt you." as he moves around the the back of the house looking for you. You try to catch your breath as your heart races faster and faster as the man starts moving towards the tractor that you are hiding behind.

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