The Big fart

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Horror / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

The most horrific story to be ever told is about to be told right now of how I made the biggest fart in the whole world. First it started off with me being fed by my chef he is the worst at cooking I asked him to make me eggs with bacon for breakfast and it tasted terrible it tasted like poop and trash mixed with trash juice and that's when I made the worlds biggest, and most stinkiest fart on the planet first the whole house stinked everybody in the house was passing out by my fart they tried to turn on the ac and it still stinked they tried good smelly things to it smell better but it didnt work and then my neighbors could smell it and they were passing out then my fart went into stores,houses,cars,noses,buttholes,mouths, and then I realised they were some people dying from it. And my fart was also super hot everything was on fire my was itchy but my hand would get burnt off but somehow I was able to breathe my own fart and it smelled like roses.
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