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"Slaughter them all... I'll definitely... I'll change this world." Asami pledged upon this oath over her mother's dead body, overwhelmed by an extreme bloodlust for these creatures called POWAN. Back then she would never have thought she would encounter this moment in her life. Only if she had not left the house, she would not have ended up in this dark alley, bitten by and turned into the creature she despised the most.  With a mind shrouded in darkness, hate engulfing her heart and an identity that disgusts herself, she has to make a choice for her life and also fulfil her oath. But what if she is mistaken completely...

Horror / Fantasy
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Prologue: They do lurk at night

“Do you think it’s okay? I mean, we are not very experienced. And this area, it’s Green coded,” the man with silky black hair said.

“You coward. Just watch me, I will slit their bodies right through the middle,“, replied the one with rough brown hair.

The sombre air of the night choked the alley. A sinister silence jammed the entire place. Breezes that pierced like spears blew over the dusty lane. Moreover, the atmosphere itself was a bad omen and with such intimidate vicinity surrounding them, it was blood-curdling. The run-down houses were nothing like houses in Tokyo.

“But, they do not allow us to go on proper missions yet. And you can’t just kill them. Capture them alive. Or they would rip you off of your position. Everyone knows they are dangerous, but they are not demons or something, apparently, they don’t even remember what they are?“, said the man with silky black hair. Pair of wide, black strips crossed over his white shirt like an X-mark. A wide belt with something like a Katana drooped over his black pants. Something like a metal neckband reflected the light of the torch he was holding. He made an impression of a quiet man.

“What? You on their side?“, the other guy scoffed. A white shirt and a black pant, with the rest of the gear matching his companion enhanced his masculine body. Over confidence reeked from his words.

“No, but...“, he tried to resist but his companion cut his sentence off in the middle.

“Listen, I was in the special course of the P.E.D. I can take on about four like you with my bare hands. So stop whining and....,” the sound of approaching footsteps interrupted him.

“Let’s go”, said the loud guy, clenching tightly on the weapon like object on his belt.


Without a speck of noise, they drifted towards the bright gleam at the end of the alley. Jumping out at breakneck speed, they pulled out their weapons, which looked like broad and sharpened metal blades.


The blood lust in their eyes faded when their eyes fell on a woman standing scared to death, while holding a child’s hand. With her hair tied in a loose side pony,she wore a knee-length plain dress. A young child, about five years old, smiled.

“Oh, Man! A woman and a child?” the loud guy sighed as his expressions turned into a slight frown, “and here I thought I could go on a demon-hunt.”

The women trembled with fear. Her expressions wavered.

The guy with him laughed. “Now, now, stop pouting like women. Sorry for the inconvenience ma’am, P.E.F. at your services.”

The woman nodded as her face signalled relief,moving on ahead with her little child, who kept smiling for no reason.

Nevertheless, the two men started moving forward on their way.

“Damn. These people get on my nerves”. The brown-haired man ranted as he slid his hands behind his head.

The black-haired man chuckled.

“Yeah, who would have expected a woman and a child taking a walk in the middle of night.”

As soon as he finished his sentence, their movements stopped.

“In the middle of....“, the brown haired guy turned his head around in a hurry, when he experienced a sharp throbbing in his neck. As his head swung loosely in the air, he saw the same woman they met earlier; her face and dress stained in ominous red blood; her eyes, white like the moon.

His decapitated head thrashed on the ground as his blood splattered on the wall and around him. The beheaded body lied in a sea of blood, with a black-haired head beside it. The torch went out, turning the alley pitch black, like the night. The woman slipped her hands through the black hairs on the decapitated head and lifted it up, his soft hairs enthralled in her tight grip. Her porcelain face with pure white eyes, curtained behind eyelashes loaded with droplets of blood, shone in the little moonlight that could reach it, as her mouth overflowed with saliva. Picking the other one too, she dragged both heads which scuffed against the grounds as they left deep brushes of blood on the way. Their headless bodies, along with the went out torch, lied in a deep red sea of blood.

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