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Joe and mark return home for Caitlin who has been in a coma ever since their last night at Ghostly Hill Joe hopes by returning her to Ghostly Hill she will wake. As new students make the9r way over Ghostly Hill for another historical journey Joe fears the worst that Caitlin may never wake.. As the trip comes to an end Caitlin Opens her eyes but she’s not at home, but where is she? The answers come clear as the sight of his blue eyes sparkle in hers and their new adventure is about to begin to find the next of four books: The book of the damned.

Horror / Thriller
Emma Louise
Age Rating:

Chapter One

Reunited once again

Joe stood over Caitlin’s bed in the hospital she’d been on a coma since she’d collapsed on Ghostly Hill. None of the doctors were sure of what was going on with her, her heart beat regular in intervals, her eyes twitching every now and again it had been six months and nothing had changed. He had to take her back and see if that helped her recovery. Mark strode over to him. ‘So no change.’


‘So we’re taking her with us back to Ghostly Hill?’

‘What choice do we have Mark? She may never wake if we leave her here.’

‘She might not if we take her back there either.’

‘It’s a chance I’m willing to take to get her to wake up.’

‘So back to where we began.’

‘Yes we use the church.’

‘If you’re sure Joe.’

‘I am. I have to do something she sacrificed herself for me now. It’s time I payed her back and eye for an eye.’

‘Sure let’s get her out of here before they notice that she’s missing.’

They gradually lifted her placing her in the wheelchair a blanket over her a wig on her head. They slipped out of the room with their doctors uniforms on walking down the corridors into the lift.

‘I really don’t like this Joe.’

‘We’ve been in smaller spaces Mark.’

‘I know I just don’t do lifts.’

‘Me neither but it’s the quickest way out of here.’

The doors opened and they stepped out of the lift pushing her out of the exit binning the uniform before getting into the van driving away.

Joe pulled up on Ghostly Hill they opened the doors getting the wheel chair out and placing her in it pushing her over the uneven dirt track heading towards the church. They pulled her out of the wheelchair carrying her into the church up to the top of the church where they lay her down. ‘Now what Joe?’

‘We watch and we wait.’

‘You sure bringing her back here was such a good idea.’

‘It was he’s still inside her. He chose her we at least owe her her life she stood by us Mark despite of everything she stood by us .’

‘I know.’

‘I can’t let her die Mark.’

‘You’ve got it real bad haven’t you.’

‘She stood by me I can’t let her die we need her.’

‘Why Joe she’s nothing now everyone’s gone.’

‘But us I owe it to her Mark you wouldn’t understand.’

‘You have got it bad. Fine we do this with her.’

‘Thanks Mark.’

‘Hey she’s your shag not mine I just hope you know what your doing.’

‘I do.’

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