Night Terrors

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Chapter 2

James’s POV

I laugh to myself despite my situation I quickly collapse into hysterics my chest heaving with the effort of laughing so hard. I brace myself against the sturdy trunk of a tree and laugh myself silly as my mind slowly cracks apart gradually as if it was going to shatter. I clutch at my head clawing at my hair this was completely illogical and shouldn’t be happening but it was. I force myself to me feet five minutes later, hating my fucking life right now but deciding I didn’t want to be supernatural creature chow so I would have to make a move. If they were going to leave me here for a few weeks they would expect me to find a way to survive. I feel an odd sensation in my eyes as i walk its almost as if they are burning slowly but its gradually getting more and more painful. I trudge slowly through the forest and after about an hour and a half of walking i find a rundown but still cosy looking liveable log cabin which I enter scanning the interior it wasn’t much but it would do for a few weeks. By now my eyes are in complete agony I feel liquid running down my cheeks that at first I assume are tears because of the pain one look in the mirror corrects my hasty assumption. It wasn’t tears it was rivulets of blood please just be a freaky hallucination I think again nearly falling into hysterics as I raise my Right hand to my face gently touching the blood on my cheeks hoping that it isn’t real only for my hand to come away bloody. I quickly freak the fuck out I mean I am bleeding from my eyes of course I am gonna freak out that’s only one reason for the more recent development apparently my irises had changed from there usual green grey to a bright unnerving crimson red that must have been the source of the burning and the original pain I breath heavily trying to discern why such a thing might happen then it hits me whilst I was sleeping the night before Dark and Viruss must have done something to me. My head twinges painfully and my hand flies up to my head to try and sooth away the pain, I tear a piece of my black blanket cloak and wrap it around my eyes figuring that right now my eyes were apparently very sensitive to the light which would explain why they were hurting the bleeding must have been a more extreme symptom. I feel light headed and sick everything starts to become distorted and fuzzy and I blackout.

Dark and Viruss’s POV

Oh yep look at that he’s having a breakdown” says Dark watching James as he braces himself against a sturdy tree and cries hysterically. “Well shit that looks painful” states Viruss as he watches James bleed from his eyes and not realise what was happening “how long do you think it will take him to notice” asks Viruss “I give him another half an hour” Dark admits with a casual shrug and sure enough half an hour later James realises what’s happening and has another freak out session which Dark and Viruss casually watch from the large magic mirror that acted like a TV showing them the forest. Viruss demands more popcorn Dark rolls his eyes but summons the popcorn none the less handing the bowl to Viruss who grins and continues watching the mirror as if it were showing him his favourite TV show “ah he caught onto his sensitivity to light at least” says Dark with a roll of his eyes as he watches James tie a piece of his black blanket around his eyes. “He’s going” states Dark as he watches James’s gaze glaze over “going” says Viruss as he watches James teeter before regaining his balance “and he’s gone” states Dark as James falls backward towards the floor “TIMBER” yells Viruss gleefully like a child clapping his hands together.

Nate’s POV Nathaniel’s POV (James pov)

My eyes slide open slowly and my head feels like I have been hit with an anvil “urgh well I feel awful, damn human body well it’ll have to get used to me sooner or later” “I CAN STILL FEEL HIM HIS PRESENCE IS DISTORTED BUT STILL THERE” I yell frustratedly I slip into our currently shared mind to see him standing at the edge of the dark pit were I am usually kept with a look of stubborn determination mingled with clear confusion(“oh great I get a stubborn one fantastic, I thought he was meant to be in the upside down by now why is he still here we’re not both meant to be in here at the same time”) “W...WHAT’S GOING ON” says James as he snaps around to face the stranger who had invaded his mind “who even in the HELL are you I want answers now” growls James angrily his eyes blazing (“well time to give the final push over the edge”) “I am Nathaniel Nate (yes i changed my ridiculous name what else did you expect) for short and I am your demon counterpart and you aren’t supposed to be here right now time for you to leave and forget you met me” Nate raises a hand to James’s temple taking the memories of them meeting as it wasn’t the right time for James to know about him, James groans his body going slack and his eyes glazing over. “enjoy your time in the upside down James” states Nate with a smirk booting James over the edge and watching with interest as the human falls until he can’t see him any more. He grins and then stretches “ah now where was I oh right my turn” I back out of our mind grinning I have complete control this would be fun what should I do first, I look around the forest excitedly “I think it might be time for a hunt” I state as I sniff the air catching a clear scent of…. Witch “oooh this would be interesting” I state it had been awhile since I have hunted a Witch I grin as I sprint off into the forest following the scent of the Witch.

James’s POV

Urgh I groan in pain my head is pounding like a war drum I look around me and find nothing but an abyss of black hedged with red, white, blue and purple where the hell am I, I think frantically scanning around looking for something other than the endless abyss that surrounds me.... Nothing...... oh Fuck my life.......

Authors POV

James awakens hours later (no your not gonna find out what Nate does just yet) he groans that was a seriously weird dream why was it set in a black abyss hedged in red, white, blue and purple and why did that place feel so final like it was dragging James down and imprisoning him in it forever. Whatever it was it was seriously unnerving to him for some reason mainly because it felt crushing and almost suffocating to be there. “But anyways” says James shaking his head “its probably nothing just my over active imagination because of the situation I am in its probably nothing to worry about” says James trying to reassure himself. What James doesn’t know is this isn’t just nothing and is going to be happening to him far more frequently than he would care for over the next few weeks. James takes in his surroundings and scratches the back of his head in confusion how did he end up way out into the forest. He could have sworn last he checked he was in a cabin. Its now that James sees that he is covered in old blood his hands his clothes his face even his hair. He shakes his head in frustration when his brain turns fuzzy when he tries to figure out what might have happened last time he was awake, he pauses noticing the body of an older lady lying mutilated on the ground his already pale face becomes tinged with green as he races unsteadily into a bush to vomit his guts up.

Not because of the body no he had a stronger stomach than that other wise he wouldn’t have chosen to study forensic science and criminology. No it was because of the combination of the fact that he had one hell of a headache a long with the fact he was hungry and thirsty and finally because he also felt like he had been in a fight for his life and he was very noteably injured. When James is done retching in the bush he stumbles unevenly over to examine the body the chest looks like it has been torn apart by either large talons or claws he paces back and fourth on unsteady feet trying to think of possible candidates for the killer. He recalls the werewolf he saw a while back but quickly rules that out as a possibility when he finds the words ”finally free” carved into the tree near the lady that was splattered with blood that he can only assume is hers. The werewolf didn’t appear to be aware enough to make any sort of cognitive decision and seemed far to gone in its animalistic nature to carve something into a tree with its claws. Also the word is far to precise to have been carved with animal claws the word is purposeful and precisely carved into the tree likely with a knife or some sort of blade. The lady wore some unusual attire James pulls on everything he knows that is linked with the supernatural and it hits him Witch this lady was very likely a Witch. Now he knew what she might be he could try to figure out what might have killed her seeing as it wasn’t a supernatural creature or even just a normal animal.

He figures it must be another supernatural being likely another Witch probably of a rival coven that had been subjugated by the dead Witch’s coven so they were angry and wanted revenge so they killed her to ‘free’ themselves that made honestly the most sense to him. Well as much sense as standing in the middle of the woods trying to deduce which supernatural creature or being killed this very dead Witch at 5 o’clock in the morning could make to a very ordinary human university student. He shakes his head and sighs he can place the time of death at some point yesterday as it looks like the body has been laying there for longer than a few hours, his head throbs painfully when he tries to remember what might have happened yesterday for him to be in this situation.

Well clearly he had got caught up in whatever was going on between these two supernatural creatures/beings and he got hurt badly enough that he had been left for dead when he passed out. James believes this because of the large gash across his right leg that nearly went down to the bone, the blood trickling from his temple and the deep jagged cut across his left cheek. Nothing else would make any sense to him at the moment he supposes when he is less injured he could try and solve the mystery of what happened to the witch. He finds a long relatively straight stick and tears some of his blanket cloak off to tie a tourniquet around his leg he then shakily uses a nearby tree to claw his way to his feet, he grabs a thicker nearby stick to help aid his walk through the forest back in the direction of the cabin.

He stumbles a few times but quickly regains his footing and continues onwards he walks for a few hours and finds himself back in front of the cabin. He sighs in relief hoping that who ever had lived in the house previously had a first aid kit lying around somewhere. James shakily walks into the cabin leaning heavily on his stick as he collapses down on a well used couch to rest, he melts into the couches warmth and rests breathing deeply and before he knows it falls into a deep slumber.

Dream State (Still Authors POV)

James is prone to unusual dreams and in this dream he holds a similar appearance as Nathaniel (Nate) except the whites of Nathaniel's eyes were black were as James's were still white but his irises turn crimson red. James’s eyes burn and bleed heavily as they change same as what happened to him in reality . So James does what he did in reality and he ties a shredded piece of black cloth around his eyes because they are far to sensitive to the light, this comes with the disadvantage of removing one of his senses. James can hear the usual loud whispers of his dreams (they had been like this ever since he turned 16) as he moves through the eerie cold dark forest. James has to take care with wear he steps and he feels the usual chill run down his spine. James gets the feeling he doesn’t want to be in this specific area right now. So he begins to move faster as an urgent insistent bad feeling settles in his gut pushing him to move faster despite his lack of sight. James sprints through the forest branches tearing at his already shredded clothes and at any exposed skin it can get to. James just keeps running and running he could feel the shadows nipping at his heels, but he ran until he reached the large open oak doors of a castle. Which he quickly threw shut and that instantly locked the shadows out they growl snarl and scratch at the door before moving away the whispers moving away with them. James collapses to the floor exhausted breathing heavily. He rests his head on his knees for a few minutes before rising to his feet a removing the shredded piece of blood soaked cloth as the inner castle lights were dim and his new eyes were starting to adjust and become less sensitive and this would be the ideal light for them to adjust quicker. James begins to make his way through this large castle that is becoming more and more familiar to him. He keeps having the weirdest case of deja vu and when he walks into the large throne room he quickly realises why, this was the castle that most of his childhood fantasy dreams were spent in and because he hadn’t been there in so long it had fell into disrepair. James ponders why he ended up here of all places. He supposes its because of what is left of his inner child feels safe here because this is one of the places that the Monsters of his youth hadn’t managed to reach and invade. James climbs onto the throne and sits with his knees tucked under his chin. He had changed a lot since he had last been here and not all for the better surrounded by what was left of his childhood innocence (ignorance what ever you want to call it). James breaks down he falls apart he allows himself to let out everything he constantly had to hold in. He cries until there is nothing left in him and after he just curls up into a ball on the throne and sleeps. All the while not noticing the burning crimson eyes watching him from the shadows, Nathaniel watches with a malevolent grin as James sleeps within his dream and with a snap of his fingers the room distorts in a swirl of black red blue and purple dropping James back towards the nothingness of the upside down, James in the dream wakes up and screams soundlessly as he feels the empty nothingness of the void reach up and grab him tugging him down towards endless misery.

End of dream state (Authors POV)

With that James darts bolt upright on the couch breathing quickly and heavily, clutching at his head which had a searing pain running through it. What in the hell is going on he thinks his mind working at a thousand miles per hour, none of this makes any sense why was this happening to him. He was just sleeping but he feels like he has just run a marathon his heart was pounding rapidly and just wouldn’t slow down his breathing was uneven quick and heavy almost like he had been under water for too long and now needed to take in as much air as possible. James groans his head falling into his hands as he takes in large gulps of air and tries to calm his rapidly pulsating heart before it beats right out of his chest. It takes a few minutes but eventually his breathing evens out and his heart beat returns to its normal rate. Thank god he breathes raising his head from his hands to look around the room rapidly, he finds nothing amiss so his gaze drops down towards his feet ; and his gaze is immediately drawn to his leg which was completely healed much to his amazement. He poked at the faint thin pale line that was all that remained of the once horrific injury. A look of pure bewilderment and confusion flashes across his visage momentarily, before smoothing into a look of understanding tinged with paranoia. Whatever Dark and Viruss has done to him had led to this. It was the only thing that possibly made any sense other than one of them appearing to heal him themselves. Which according to what they had said before, didn’t line up with their motives; they had left him to fend for himself so they wouldn’t just heal his first injury on whim.

No so this was something to do with what James first heard them discussing when they broke into his student house. They had said he was like them and he had seen Viruss get hurt and rapidly heal from injuries that definitely should have left scars but didn’t. He hadn’t seen Dark get injured... yet, but he could assume that their healing worked in similar ways Right? So if he was like them then it makes sense that he would heal up quickly in a similar fashion. But he wondered what kinds of injuries he could heal from quickly, and how far he could push this healing factor, could it bring him back from fatal injuries ?. Ok he was getting off track here those were questions for now. Eventualities that James would experiment with later, when he had the time right now all he should be concerned with was his continued survival. Though James’s curiosity would definitely get him to revisit this topic at a later date. Maybe it could give him some insight into how to take down Dark and Viruss. Wouldn’t that be funny taken down by your own biology. James certainly believes that, that sort of defeat would be well deserved but only time would tell. If his experiments would prove fruitful.

Dark and Viruss’s POV

“Darki he’s awake get in here already” yells Viruss from the couch in the general direction of Dark’s study. I’m currently tied up in other affairs Viruss someone has to keep an eye on our allies and our enemies alike I don’t like how over confident Valur and his lot are getting they’ve started moving in on territory of ours in the north. They never seem to learn and someone has to pound it through those thick skull‘s of there’s, so some of us don’t have the time in our schedule to watch the latest asinine tv show”. “Uh first off ouch my taste in tv isn’t that bad and second I’m not watching any of my shows at the moment it’s Jimmy he’s awake just thought you’d want to know” replies Viruss in his usual Staticky but lilting tone “hmm I’d be inclined to disagree with the first statement as for the second give me a minute to wrap up business in the north and I’ll be right in” responds Dark in his Usual echoey but deep rich baritone. Viruss rolls his eyes Dark always seemed too concerned with how covert they were with everything they did. It was all precisely planned. If Viruss had his way more often then there would be a lot more risk taking, and coming up with plans in the heat of the moment and in his eyes it would be a lot more exhilarating. But it would also be a lot more uncertain and unpredictable which had gone wrong for them in the past. So he could in his own way he understands Dark’s need to plan everything out meticulously even if he didn’t approve and found it boring.

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