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A group of vampire hunters enter a large house which is occupied by vampires to kill them. The mission goes well for the first hour but then things begin to go south for the vampire hunters...

Horror / Thriller
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Chapter 1: The Spread

Felicity Harper sat in a bar scanning the whole room for and unusual behavior from any customer or worker. Felicity took a sip of her wine then from inside her pocket she felt her mobile buzz. She took it out and answered it.
“Felicity, It’s Alex...” A voice on the other end said.
“Hey Alex, what’s up?” Felicity asked.
“I found no vampires in my area I wanted to know if you found any...” Alex said.
“I haven’t seen any...” Felicity said.
“Okay well I’ll meet you at the bar and then we can head back to the base.”
“Sounds good, I’ll see you then...”
Felicity hung up then put her mobile back in her pocket and continued to scan the room just in case there were some vampires lurking around.
Out the front of the bar a man dressed in a business suit was finishing off a cigarette. Once he stood on the butt he was suddenly grabbed by a vampire hiding in the shadows and pushed inside. As soon as the door flew open the scuffle immediately caught the attention of every customer and worker including Felicity. The vampire had burning red eyes, pale skin and fangs! The vampire forced his victim against a wall the plunged his fangs into their neck. The man in the business suit screamed in pain then suddenly a long, polished wooden stake was stabbed through the vampire’s back and the tip came out of his chest directly where his heart was. The vampire fell to the ground and the man let himself slide down the wall and ended up in a sitting position holding his neck.
“We need an ambulance here...” A voice said.
Felicity spun around and saw Alex with his mobile up to his ear.
Two paramedics began to load the man into an ambulance when Felicity tried to get in. One of the paramedics stepped in front of the door.
“I’m sorry you can’t come in...” He said.
Alex stepped beside Felicity.
“We are vampire hunters and we have reason to believe this man was attacked by one, we have all rights to board...” Alex said.
The paramedic stepped aside and Felicity and Alex climbed in and another paramedic shut the doors. As the ambulance drove away The two vampire hunters kept an eye on he bitten man.
“You said there were no vampires Felicity...” Alex said.
“I said I couldn’t see any...” Felicity said.
“They’re spreading Felicity,” Alex said. “Natural and turned vampires are being reported every hour, Serge is thinking about expanding our red zones and putting us in groups to cover more ground.”
The man’s eyes cracked open and he hissed. Alex swiftly drove a knife into his heart killing him.
“Stakes are more traditional...” Felicity said.
“Knifes work just as well...all we have to do it destory or pierce the heart.” Alex said.
“Well I guess that’s one less to worry about.” Felicity sad.
“But hundreds left that need to be put down...” Alex said.

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