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With the Lights of the cities seems so bright even when the Sun has set hours ago, Yet this artificially illuminated City Forts hide much darker aspects which remain secured in the Forbidden Mentions of the Holy Texts. Those bright cities know well about those Occurrences beneath the Dark Moon of those Artificial lights, yet they remain silent. Those occurrences Haunt Human History.

Horror / Thriller
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Chapter 1 - Mysterious Palace

Ajay was a young history blogger. He used to go to many historical places, museum, old palaces. He talked with the people outside the spot and made blogs. He made the blogs in such a way that it seems to be real. This is how he earned money and lived.

One day, he heard about a palace which was now converted into a museum by the government. It was built beside a small river. Many tourists visited the place. There was not much information about the palace so Ajay decided to visit the palace as soon as possible.

He quickly packed his bag with all the necessary items and reserved a train ticket.

After reaching there he checked in a hotel which was near the station. He took the key from the reception and went into his room.

He threw the bag on the couch, took his camera and went to explore the palace.

He crossed the river within ten minutes to reach the museum.

When he entered the museum, at first he was amazed by the scenario. It was like winning a lottery for him. He was excited to see so many many portraits, paintings, sculpture and a lot more antic things. He started clicking pictures of all the stuff.

He went through the arms room and a big bedroom were many wooden things we're placed. A big wooden bed was in the centre, a curved mirror was hanging on the sidewall. The next room was a little smaller than the other rooms. After clicking some pictures he went happily from there.

He returned to his hotel room. He quickly took out the laptop from the bag and started transferring all pictures from the camera. He quickly took a shower.

After taking a shower, he sat down and started editing those photos. Initially, he had no problem in editing the photos, but as soon as he opened the picture of the bedroom, he saw a mysterious man standing at the corner, he was looking like a king. The man was clearly visible in this picture. In the next photo, a woman was sitting in the centre of the couch.

But in reality, Ajay was the only person present in the palace at that time expect the guards. But he wouldn't see anybody with his naked eye in the rooms of the room.

After looking all this thing, Ajay decided to visit the palace again. Ajay wanted to know what is going on there. What was the story behind all these mysterious people?

He left in the darkness of the night. When he wanted to hire the boat, the boatmen denied as it is dangerous to go there during the night. Ajay says "danger will be cured by paying money. I will give you two thousand rupees." The boatman was now tempted to carry him to his destination.

He just told Ajay that he would call him as soon as his work was done so that he would come to pick Ajay up.

Without wasting any time Ajay sat on the boat, he started clicking some pictures of the palace but as soon as he bowed he sees a soldier's face instead of his face. His blood became froze out of terror. He quickly put his hand to see if he has anything on his head but there was nothing, he took a relief breath.

Suddenly a hand came out of the water and pulled him inside. Ajay immediately fell into the water. The boatman was terrified that he left Ajay in the middle of the river and ran away with his boat. Ajay swam and managed to pull himself out of the water at the bank. The palace was now in front of him it looked scary but Ajay dared to go inside.

When he entered the gate he saw the same soldier, who was in the river, he was going downstairs. Ajay called him from the back " Hello, Hello". The soldier ignored him and still moved down the stairs. Ajay followed him.

He reached a room, he saw many skeletons were hanging there. The soldier he followed was nowhere in the room. He was alone, darkness surrounded him. He was now afraid, he started screaming " help, help..."

A frightening shadow came to him. His entire face was stained with blood. He looked exactly like him

Ajay was frozen in fear.

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