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Creature in the clouds

I look up at the sky. Clouds swarm the once-blue ocean of air and swirl with the wind. The sound of thunder radiates throughout the field that I run in, hoping to get away from the lightning that is soon to strike down on me.

Running to my car, I pull open the door, and hop in. The rain starts there, first in large drops, and by the time I’m on the road, it’s pouring down in boat loads. Lightning crackles through the air and hits the road in front of me, causing me to jump and the wheel to spin out of control.

The slippery road and the tires don’t mix as I careen to the side of the street and into a tree. The crash resonates into my ears as I brace myself. Before getting punctured by a branch.

My side starts bleeding heavily as I panic and cry, yelling for anyone that would hear me beyond the lines and lines of trees surrounding the desolate road. My white shirt is soaked in blood as I scream and cry, causing me to jolt and stick more into the branch.

With my vision fading and my breath running short, I sit in my seat. After fighting with the branch for so long, I can’t feel the pain anymore. The adrenaline has run out, and I can’t feel anymore than a needle piercing my skin.

A thick glob of blood gurgles from my throat, staining my jeans, and making them appear plum purple. I can feel the small splinters run up and down my side as I breathe in.

Everything fades to darkness as I hear sirens in the distance, too late to be saved.

I thought I was done for....

But it turns out...

My life was only beginning...

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