Ever Rain: Nine Kings Episode I

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What May Come

Sirens blared. Lights pulsed outside the back of the ambulance. A heavy woman in blue fatigues came into a hazy focus.

“Hey,” the EMT said. “You coming back around?”

Kell lulled her head to the other side. Tubes and wires snaked from her torn shirt. Damn. That was my favorite shirt. A guy pulled a clear bag of something from a chest and hung it on a metal hook above her. The girl turned back around and connected a tube to the bag. Her tag read: Lewiston.

“You’re damn luck to still be with us.” Lewiston hooked the other end of her tube up to an I.V. in Kell’s left arm. “Not many have taken that much voltage and still have a ticker that works.”

“Whuh happuh?” Kellerika’s face felt numb.

Lewiston swung a blonde bang out of her plump face and smiled. “Your neighbor heard the explosion. Said she came running over and peeked inside your bay window.” Lewiston ran a stethoscope over Kell’s exposed chest. “Saw you sprawled out on your living room floor and a TV that had blown into about a thousand pieces.” She shook her head. “Lucky that didn’t slit your throat, or take your head clean off.”

Kellerika’s vision blurred once more. “Huh?”

Lewiston’s voice slowed and dropped in timbre. “A sedative. You’ll be… fine.”

When Kell came back around, she lay reclined in a hospital bed in a private room. Light raps on her door brought her out of the fog. “Come in.” Her face lit up.

“Hey girl!” Deke bounded across the tiles and leaned in and gave her a long hug. “Scared the hell outa me!” He plopped into the chair next to her bed. “Don’t do that crap again.”

She grinned and inched up her mattress. “I’ll try.” Something in her right hip stung. “No promises, though.”

Deke laughed. “I dunno if my heart can take bein’ your friend.” His concerned eyes locked on to hers. “What happened in there?”

Kell eased onto her good hip. “Scarecrow.”

One of his brows raised. “He gone?”

Her face went slack. “The version that shouldn’t have been in there?” Kell looked to her lap. “Think so, yeah.” Her eyes met his. “How’s Evan?”

“All right. He messaged me in the Ever Rain server. Asked if you’d made it back.” Deke’s head shook. “Didn’t know what to make of it at first. Then, it hit me.” His eyes winced. “I thought I might lose you, Kell.”

She grabbed her plastic cup from her bed tray and sipped some soda. “Is Ever Rain still out?”

“Nah,” Deke said. “TycoSoft pulled it from all servers and promised they’d revamp the code and re-release it later.” He leaned up and sat a hand on her wrist. “How long ya in for?”

Kell rubbed his fingers. “Hopefully, not too long.” She watched a billowing cloud drift past her window.

Her best pal bobbed his head. “I don’t think there’s anything in this world that can hold you down for long.”

Kellerika laughed and raised her cup. “Not in this world.”

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