The Thing Within

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Chapter 1: London, England: 1947

Another night. The fresh air. The feeling of the temperature of the night. Not too hot and not too cold. But He didn’t have time to focus on the beauty of the night. He had to find His next target. The buildings are connected. Most look the same. Tan walls with black roofs. And there are some that have white walls with some red in between and red roofs. But that doesn’t really matter in His case. He climbed up to the top of a red roof and looked around. He was thinking, “Uh! Where is my next target?” Then He sees it. A stupid little human. He chuckles to Himself. He jumped off the roof and landed on His feet. He ran behind the human and just makes it into the shadows of an alley just as the human looks behind her.

“Hello,” He hissed in His raspy voice.

“H-Hello,” the human says in a very confused and frightened tone.

He started to walk out of the alley.

She gasps, and then she sighs.

“Oh, it is just you.”

“Oh, is it just me, though?”

She then gasps again, though this time she has a reason. As she gasps His body starts to change. First, His eyes turn red. Blood red. Next, His stomach starts opening up. Showing His insides. Then, His skin color changes. From tan to black. His skin turns blacker than the darkest time of night. Then finally, His face becomes deformed. At first, it looked as if His face started to melt, but that was not the case. His face then opens up showing not His skull or anything, but it shows something probably more frightening. Teeth. Lots and lots of teeth. Swirling around and around. But there is more. There are also tentacles. The tentacles fly out of His head and go after the poor, hopeless human. The tentacles wrap around her and she screams in agony.

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